Who Am I?

I am a revealer of your truth, potential and magic. ™ I connect to the cosmos and my inner knowing to give you the information and energy you need to live authentically, unapologetically and unstoppably.

My lineage goes back to John Dee, astrologer to the Queen, who devoted much of his life to studying alchemy, astrology, astronomy and divination.

I honor my lineage by advising you.

I reveal your truth, potential and magic.  ™


Come to me to discover yourself through astrology readings on your life purpose, love relationships, heart’s desires, success criteria, wealth signature and ways to find joy.

Join me for monthly magical rituals, Goddess collectives and programs on super powers, intuitive business, abundance and crystals & stones.

Read books on calm, abundance and magic.

Connect through guided meditations and my Get It Done series.

My Value Proposition

  • I reveal your truth, potential and magic. ™
  • I discover your past lives through astrological charts and inner knowing and uncover your future through progressions and transit readings.
  • I reflect your heart’s desires and soul’s yearnings to uncover the unknown to make it real.
  • I bear witness to your awareness, growth and healing.
  • I tell stories, make presentations, write books, perform rituals and guided meditations.
  • I share my wisdom to help you live a magical life, create abundance, discover your super powers and run an intuitive business.
  • I teach magical tools for astrology, Tarot, and crystals & stones.
  • I unfold the power of the initiates through the mystery school.
  • I bridge the practical and the magical every day.
  • I model intuitive living and demonstrate holistic parenting.
  • I celebrate strides and milestones with co-creators and initiates.
  • I envision and embody the new world to bring Heaven on Earth.
  • I form collectives through my Goddess, star parties and on-line communities.
  • I connect experts with seekers to form a web of awareness, energy and transformation.
  • I co-create with healers and energy workers to deepen and expand teachings.
  • I design intuitive business leader, Goddess and initiate groups.

So Thankful

I love weaving the practical and the magical to create solutions to help you transform your life.

Thank you for inviting me on your journey.

Let’s create some magic in your life!

Schedule a reading today.