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My Exclusive Cosmic Magic Group

Join me on the 1st Tuesday of every month as I discuss how the planets will influence you during the month.  

I’ll tell you how to work with these energies to get the most out of your days and weeks.

I’ll also harness these monthly celestial influences by combining them with crystalline energies and Tarot divination powers to boost your personal power.

I always include bonus information for parents of teens & young ones.

I unlock your potential through my Get It Done Series™ on the 2nd Monday of the Month. I integrate the celestial energies into the Earthly realm and provide practical exercises to make magic real in your daily life. There’s extra support for parents, targeted strategies for life mission and intuitive activities for business owners.


NEW MOON – Manifest your magnificence.

I perform ritual with crystals, flower essences and tuning forks for healing and intention setting to harness the magic of the New Moon.

FULL MOON – Celebrate your abundance.

I embody the Goddess to draw on the energies of the Full Moon to celebrate the harvest of your life!

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“Be humble for you are made of the Earth. Be noble for you are made of the stars.” – Serbian Proverb