Full Moon - November - Relieve the Tension


The Full Moon chart on November 23rd at 12:39 am EST is a sea of red – oh, Happy Thanksgiving. Mars is all over this lunar signature and he’s somewhat out of control as he confronts Jupiter and challenges the Sun-Moon opposition. Here’s the anger Tarot for the month – all bottled up with nowhere to go. Can you picture a scene of flying turkey bits due to high family tensions?

Let’s not have that. Let’s explore other options with this Waxing-to-Full Moon on late Thursday evening. 

Experience is the key as Sagittarius and Gemini have this as a common goal. Let’s ponder experience – what does it mean to you? 

Some people like robust adventure while others prefer subtle and quiet experiences while even others are attracted to a wide variety of encounters. What have you learned about yourself over the years? How do you like your experiences? The Sagittarius-Gemini blend urges you to have multiple levels of experience. Gemini loves mental abstraction and Sagittarius loves the social tangible kind. You’ll be pushed beyond your comfort zone, especially with Jupiter and Mars in the mix. 

Jupiter wants you to make things bigger and better. His mantra is more, more, more. Mars loves confrontation, aggression and warrior-like feats. His chant is GO GET ‘EM.  

So, you’re pushed and pulled while under the family holiday influence. This is not a formula for success. Let’s fold some in. 

It’s about experience, so, let’s look at the type of experiences you love and see if you can book something over the holiday weekend. With that glimmering prize, think about another type of experience, something you’re a bit less comfortable doing. How can you invite that into your weekend? 

The best way to navigate this lunar signature successfully is to lean into experience.  It’s also being able to open your mind and heart with kindness and compassion. 

Never fear, yes, you’ll be with family, but it’s not about dissolving your boundaries. It’s about allowing. There’s strength in the acceptance and openness to wonder and curiosity. 

How can you open your mind to explore other opinions, options and discoveries? How will you demonstrate faith and belief without any answers?

The remedy for any triggers is curiosity, openness and wonder. Say, “Hmmm…that’s curious…,” when your relatives start driving you crazy.” Think, “Wow, that’s a thought, opinion or belief! I’m thankful it’s not mine.” And, open your heart with compassion and kindness through equanimity as you observe your relatives around the table. 

Be grateful for your strength. Be thankful for your self-dominion. Be appreciative of the love you have for yourself allowing you to show love to others.  

Happy Thanksgiving weekend. 

Enjoy your experiences. 

As always, wishing you joy,