Pop Up Post: Delegation

Okay, this has come up 3 times in the past 24 hours, so time for a pop-up post - DELEGATION. 


You’re smack in the middle of the holidays with Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner. How many of you are already feeling the stress of all of the extra work? Planning, food shopping, preparing meals, setting tables, getting flowers and candles, decorating, buying and wrapping presents, sending cards – the list seems endless. It happens every year and each and every time, Mom’s seem to do the yeoman’s amount of work. 

Oh, and if you own a business? You have the additional effort of planning for next year, launching sales and meeting client’s increased needs. Here’s the thing – there are ways to handle all of the additional activities and this year is bigger than ever. Jupiter is in Sagittarius and his mantra is more, more, more. Ugh!

You know I’m all about the magically practical, so magically lean into getting support. Say YES to receiving. Open up to the abundance of Jupiter by saying a great BIG YES to yourself. Fill yourself with his magic. Practically? In practical terms, delegation is the key. It’s your main ingredient. 

Here are the steps: 

1. Lean into support. Stop the stress in its tracks by taking a DEEP breath and smiling. Yup, even if you’re madder than hell. Even if the story spiral is all about how no one helps, no one cares and everyone wants everything…STOP. Take a deep breath and smile. Fake it. You’re stopping the bad juju spiral to let the Universe know you’re shifting and opening to allow support into your life. You want to make things better, right? Breathe and smile. 

2. Now, be thankful. Gratitude is the fastest and easiest way to move bad energy into good energy. Think of something (anything) to be grateful. Tell the Universe you’re so happy, thankful, grateful for…the Sun, stars, flowers, your dog or kitty. Anything. Say thank you. Take another deep breath. 

3. The practical? Delegate!You need to delegate the stuff. At home, give your kids jobs.  They can fold napkins, fill or empty the dishwasher, bring laundry into your laundry room, make a grocery list, help with dinner, set or clear the table, bring out the trash – seriously, kids want to help when they’re young and can really do things in helpful ways. Now for those teenagers, do they want a ride, phone time or money for times with friends? If so, they have to earn it. They have to do chores around the house – period.  If not, take their phone and hide it for a while. Most effective remedy – EVER. 

During holiday events, when someone asks how they can help? Give them a JOB!  No matter what. Make something up if you have to in order to let the Universe know you’re willing to accept help. You’re letting the universe know you’re open to allowing support. Yup – it’s practical and magical. Love that! 

For business owners, you can delegate all over the place – to your employees DEFINITELY, to your vendors and even to your clients. Your employees are there to serve you. Let me say that again – they are there to help YOU. You pay them, teach them stuff and give them feedback to make them better people and they respond by being there to support you.  They should be anticipating what you need, not the other way around. 

For your vendors, outsource stuff. You shouldn’t be doing more because you’re paying others to help you. Sure, sometimes you have to get stuff together, respond to questions and have meetings. But ultimately, you should have less work, not more. And your clients? Perhaps they need to do some things to make progress. I have a saying, “You can’t care more than your clients.” Make sure you don’t. 

So, breath, smile, be grateful and delegate. 

The holiday season is upon you. You want to make it through in the best way possible. Choose you today – delegate!