December 2018 - CHANGE


The expression this month is EMBRACE CHANGE. 

The question is: How do you welcome the change upon you now? 

The Tarot card is the Eight of Worlds – Change. 

The mutable signs of Sagittarius and Pisces give way to the cardinal signs of Capricorn and Cancer by the end of the month. For the first ½ of the month, it’s all about movement, adjustment and refinement. The only constant in life is change. By the end of the month as balance is achieved, these changes lead to new beginnings. 

The eight represents the infinity sign as constant movement is the key to abundance and blessings in life. This is represented in the physical sense, so it’s real. The changes in your life will be evident in your outer life. Yay!

Be flexible, versatile, adaptable. Keep yourself renewed, alert, creative and stimulated by changing things up. Call upon skills and resources that you have seldom tapped to grow through this change.

Bottom Line:There’s tremendous opportunity to make lasting positive change in your life as you enter the new year. Yes, it’s the holidays. Yes, it’s a busy time. Yes, there’s every reason to ignore the nudging to get through the holiday period. 


But, what if you don’t ignore the nudging? What if you choose to make space for your future? What if you start each day asking what else is possible? 


Week 1: 

On the first day of the month, Mercury retrograde enters Scorpio for deeper and penetrating mental construct.  Hanukkah begins on December 2ndas Venus enters Scorpio for the second time in the last handful of weeks. The Goddess of Love goes for another deep dive, but this time, she’s reflected outward. Watch the mirrors of your relationships to see what you dug up during the Venus retrograde. Always ask the question, what do I choose in relationship? It’s a powerful question and one you’ll get answers to after the latest retrograde period. There’s opportunity for radical honesty leading to intimate trust. With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, take care of your tone and words in communication. Be mindful of being too direct or hurtful. Celebrate the holiday with your heart full and mouth quiet. Deliver any messages after Mercury goes direct at the end of the week. 

Also on this day, the Sun squares Mars in the mutable signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. This pairing creates tests of character, so work off aggression and anger by turning it into positive movement forward. 

On December 5th, the Sun squares Neptune producing confusion about others, dissipation of energy and the desire to escape.  The lower expression is deception and delusion, while the higher one is creativity, intuition and imagination. Any volunteer or social service work is supported with this configuration. 

On the 6th, Mercury turns direct while its intense shadow remains for the next 4 days. Communication, travel and technological glitches should start to ease. Beginning new projects, signing contracts and making new deals all get a breath before the solstice. 

New Moon: 

The Sagittarius New Moon reaches still at 2:20 am EST on December 7th at 15 degrees.  As with the latest Full Moon on Thanksgiving, Mars takes center stage as he blends with Neptune and they both square the Sun-Moon blend. Yuck. Any residual anger from two week ago, flashes again, but now there’s a hidden, secretive or deceptive bent to it. Super yuck. But, this is VERY easy to avoid. 

With Mars combining with Neptune in Pisces, the energy supports romance, sensuality and tenderness. The passion of Mars softens into a more Venus expression. There’s sexual attraction and charisma available to everyone. 

If you’re self-aware and on the spiritual path, you have more energy and enthusiasm to chase your dreams and spiritual goals. 

Mercury is in the mix as he tones the True Node in Cancer and begins to harmonize Chiron in Pisces. This is the time to reflect on self-nurturance, to take action on any early childhood healing and lean into your intuitive and perceptive side. 

To successfully navigate this New Moon, stay grounded and choose to avoid negative people and environments. Take some time to meditate and reconnect to you. It’s the end of the week, perhaps wind down your work week early and spend time with people who lift you up. 

Week 2: 

On December 9th, Chiron stations direct in Pisces where he remains until February 18th, 2019. Mercury trines Chiron exactly on this day for watery mental construct. Dream, create, connect. Make an appointment for energy healing, the spa or a massage. Yum. 

On the 12th, Mercury reenters Sagittarius, turning thoughts upward and outward. Think back to the end of November with all of the energy movement and realignment of thoughts and perceptions. Is there anything you wish to revisit now that Mercury is direct? 

Week 3: 

On December 16th, Venus sexes up Saturn – there’s a statement! Imagine Saturn being all groovy and sexy. Well he can be actually, he just does it in Saturnian fashion. He wants commitment in relationships, seriousness in creative pursuits and a common sense approach to every relationship. This is also a good combination for business and investments.

The next day, Mars stimulates Pluto increasing energy, passion and power. You can reach every objective and goal right now. What do you want to achieve? 

On the 19th and 20th, the Sagittarius Sun is squaring Chiron and then toning Uranus. 

Winter Solstice!

On the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, the cosmos are active as Venus tones Neptune, Mercury kisses Jupiter and the Sun enters Capricorn. 

Around noon EST, Venus-Neptune and Mercury-Jupiter astrological events occur and then a few hours later at 5:23 pm EST, the Sun enters Capricorn. This is a romantic, sexy, dreamy, relaxing time filled with optimism, belief and buoyancy. Happy Solstice. 

Week 4: 

The 4th week of the month begins with the Full Moon on December 22nd at 12:48 pm EST in Cancer at 0 degrees. The Sun-Moon opposition in Cancer and Capricorn juices the new nodal axis energies. This is a great activation of this combination to gain appreciation and understanding of the opposition before the eclipses begin on January 5th.

With oppositions, it’s the opening of the channel between each end that rectifies the energies of the two. Cancer is the collective soul destiny and Capricorn is the unresolved karma. The 18, 36, 54 and 72 year olds are revisiting their own personal issues as everyone else gains in the collective. 

The world has the opportunity to relieve the hold control, rigid authoritative construct and stoicism has in its grip. Welcoming gentleness, vulnerability and nurturance into daily life provides the most healing. Opening the heart and striving for integrity in equal measure is pure perfection. Imagine if everyone opened their hearts and did the right thing during this 18-month transit. One word – wow. 

This Full Moon offers support through the energies blooming on the solstice. Say YES to all of the tender, loving and quiet cosmic activity.  The lunar signature gives energy where the nodes do not. Make time to feel, understand and appreciate on the 21st and 22nd and nodal activities over the next year-and-a-half will be MUCH easier. 

On Christmas Eve, Mercury squares Neptune putting communication on the fritz. Keep to basic dialogue with family, avoid any last-minute business dealings and stay mentally flexible. Your views and perceptions are distorted right now. Drink some eggnog, gaze at the tree and smile for the family pictures. Keep it simple and procrastinate. (It’s not often I say this – take full advantage!)

On the 28th, Venus excites Pluto. Existing relationships get a deepening of love, passion and companionship. Love can evolve into the spiritual plane. New love could greatly change your life and intimate friendships get a boost of the need to gather, share and care. 

Mars blends with Chiron in Pisces on the 29th. Any woundness gets a jolt of assertiveness. Open your heart and mind to see the possibility in forgiveness and accepting yourself in wholeness. 

On New Year’s Eve, Mars enters Aries, his own sign. Here’s a blast of energy! Due to its retrograde motion over the summer, Mars has not been in Aries since February 2017. Here, the planet of passion, vitality and action is boosted by the spark of life zodiac sign. How do you stand up and act in the world? What areas of your life require bravery? Growing and expanding keep you young. How can you say YES to yourself?  

2018 – the Year of Authenticity comes to a close. As you reflect on the past 12 months and lean into 2019, take stock. What are you proud of? How can you celebrate your choices, actions and decisions? Where do you want to make course corrections during 2019? 

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Thulite. 

Thulite feels like rubellite, but has more oomph. It’s both gentler and harsher. It connects to your third eye and heart chakras, creating heart-level discernment. This stone promotes self-love and gives you a more loving outlook on life. 

Thulite invites you to celebrate your strengths and embrace your flaws. You gain an appreciation and trust of yourself, while removing self-defeating attitudes.

It has a joyful and happy energy allowing for acceptance of new or different situations – making it perfect for this month. 

Most importantly, this stone helps you be seen and heard. Well, that’s just delicious. It helps you be inspirational to others. 

Happy December. Happy Holidays. Happy Solstice. Happy New Year!


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,