New Moon Scorpio – Compassionate Power


Happy New Moon.

The Moon wanes to her still point at 11:01 am EST at 15-degrees Scorpio, so the intensity continues with the Sun-Moon combination here in the passionate, powerful and deep sign.

The Sun makes a bid for bringing your identity and life force into the spell of Scorpio and with the Moon here too, your heart yearns for it as well. This is hypnotic. Where Scorpio is on your natal chart is where you want to work on transforming your life. It’s where you will deal with the darkest and most misunderstood energies. Refer to and input your date, time and place of birth to see where Scorpio is on your natal chart. Scorpio’s glyph is  (the M with the arrow at its foot). If you’re part of the Cosmic Magic Membership, I’ve already done this for you. Stay tuned today at noon.

With the Sun-Moon combination at 15-degrees Scorpio, the illumination of everything Scorpio is quite strong. Take advantage of this healing, honest and purifying influence. Look to your house to see where in your life you want to get real.

This is intense, yet, there’s harmony available now as Neptune tones the Sun-Moon blend and Venus soothes Mars. The watery aspects of Pisces soften those of Scorpio making compassion, understanding and intuitive knowing at the fore in relation to the mystical, strong transformative properties of Scorpio. Neptune is here to help, in other words. Scorpio can be unforgiving, penetrating and determined. Neptune can be in alignment with Scorpio as he asks where do you surrender too much? He does so spiritually, however, as he asks how do you develop your psychic abilities? Lean into the spirit realm for the answers today. Meditate, sit quietly in contemplation or take a walk out in nature and allow the Earth to speak to you as the stars bring this magic to you today.  The Venus-Mars combination enlivens all of these energies.

Additionally, Jupiter comforts the True Node in Cancer, so there should be even more water available. The North Node is unknown, however, so the expressions of nourishment, love and support are not on the surface. The stimulation of the Capricornian expressions are readily available in the forms of effort, drive, focus and determination. These are at odds with the dreamy, spiritual and creative qualities of Neptune. Jupiter asks a lot, yet in a sextile, he should be supportive. In this case, Jupiter is REALLY supporting Capricorn, not Cancer. There may be comfort for some as it’s a familiar refrain – work hard, be successful and most importantly, gain more power and authority.  Try to divorce yourself from this today. Fight the urge to ignore the subtle and gentle energies. Scorpio drips with power as Neptune lends awareness and understanding in dreamy and creative ways. Use her to get to your knowing. Use her to open your heart. Use her to be loyal to the deepest parts of your soul.

The tightest aspect, other than the New Moon, is the Jupiter-Uranus quincunx. A quincunx is when each planet asks the other for adjustments, so the big guy is asking the shock and awe dude to revolutionize the way people deal with each other and cross-cultural situations. Uranus urges change on the big picture, spiritual nature and foreign relations – domestic and abroad. So, globally, there’s a lot going on. Appreciate it and if it calls to you – answer. If not, be selfish. Go inward on this New Moon. There’s beauty, power and depth beyond all imagining.


As always, wishing you joy,