November – The Month of MORE


The expression this month is MORE.

The question is: What are you creating more of right now?  

Damn, I think as I pull the Tarot for the month. It’s the Four of Cups – ANGER. It’s red and gnarly and filled with angst and frustration. Crap. So, I pull a card for rectification to get to the solution of this anger. It’s the Magician card, so it’s filled with knowing and the pursuit of your unique skills for the alchemy you bring to the world.

Four of Cups

There’s a great deal of rage in the world right now. The Tarot speaks of it in the form of the Four of Cups. This is the Emperor’s emotional nature.

It’s not surprising when you think about it. On the world stage, the anger may not seem as evident, but here in America, it’s all over the news. The current model for reporting on CNN and other ‘temperate’ news stations is combative with pundits taking sides and escalating the conversation. The American President is holding rallies and maligning segments of the population. People are bullying each other on social media. Anger, anger, anger – expressed in destructive ways.

Here’s the thing with anger –it can be used as fuel to create change, achieve a goal or breakout of a stale situation. Anger applied correctly is purifying, catalytic and effective.

How does one use anger productively?


The rectification is the Magician. Know yourself. Believe in your skills. Recognize and acknowledge your accomplishments. Then, lean into your future as you manifest your desires by expressing your inner resources.

You are an alchemist. Believe all things are possible. Create the life of your dreams. Use your anger, if you have it, to motivate yourself to make positive change.

Tell others to repurpose their anger. Invite them to use theirs positively. Imagine a world where people are motivated constructively, instead of lashing out aggressively.

Astrological Highlights:

November brings change with Jupiter entering his own sign and the nodes moving into the Cancer-Capricorn signature.

Mercury gets into the mix by going out of bounds and then retrograde. Venus stations direct again mid-month and stresses Uranus throughout the month.

Jupiter lays the foundation for the entire month as he makes everything bigger. Remember the saying, “Be careful what you wish for as it may come true.”

Week 1:

On the first day of November, Jupiter tones Chiron, creating an opportunity for healing any early life or inner child wounding. The watery signs of Scorpio and Pisces lend transformative and transcendent energies, so take advantage. You’ve gone through 26 days of Venus retrograde in Scorpio and anything that’s surfaced has ripened to be released and purified.

Mercury goes out of bounds on the 2nd and stays there until the 20th. When a planet chooses to exit the gravitational pull of the Sun’s influence that planet becomes unpredictable.

Mercury in Sagittarius is already much more of himself. Sagittarius makes everything bigger. It exaggerates, expands and pushes beyond the limits and here comes Mercury out of bounds. Thoughts, ideas, observations and perceptions all get another boost. If you’re grounded, this can have positive impact. Your mental constructs become limitless. If you’re feeling off kilter, however, this influence causes jitters, anxiety and doubt.  So, ground and center yourself with yoga, meditation or a quiet walk in nature.

Quick note:Remember to move the clocks back after midnight on November 4th. Gaining an hour of sleep can make for happier times!

On the 6th, there are 3 interrelated astrological energies all around midday EST. Uranus challenges the True Node as it moves into its new sign of Cancer just as Uranus retrogrades back into Aries.

The nodal axis enters Cancer and Capricorn establishing nurturance as the underlying foundation for the next 18 months. The opposition of female versus male, work versus family, outer world versus inner life, indulgence versus austerity all enter into the mix.  A few moments after entering the new nodal signature, Uranus challenges the nodes with a bid for freedom, independence and revolution. Then an hour later, Uranus reenters Aries generating bravery, ambition and innovation to fuel the fire.

New Moon:

The New Moon on November 7th occurs at 11:02 am EST at 15-degrees Scorpio.

Nurturing, nourishing, loving influences flood the sky as the New Moon gathers in Scorpio. Neptune complements the blending of this Sun-Moon combination. It’s water, water everywhere.  So, it’s deep and passionate which is so Scorpion, yet there are harmonious aspects making it dreamy and soft. Not words typically used with Scorpio.

Neptune in Pisces tones the Sun-Moon blend and Venus harmonizes Mars, both in air signs. This is a time to gain awareness and understanding. It’s compassionate, loving and creative. It’s social, fun and romantic. Yum, yum, yum.

Jupiter harmonizes the True node at 30-degrees Cancer and Scorpio. It’s a burst into the new energy of the Cancer-Capricorn signature everyone will be living for a year-and-a-half.

The tightest aspect, other than the New Moon, is the Jupiter-Uranus quincunx. A quincunx is when each planet asks the other for adjustments, so the big guy is asking the shock and awe dude to revolutionize the way people deal with each other and cross-cultural situations. Uranus urges change on the big picture, spiritual nature and foreign relations – domestic and abroad.

Week 2:

On the 8th, hail, hail – Jupiter enters his own sign of Sagittarius. A few hours prior, Uranus asks Jupiter for adjustments urging change in your belief system. Opportunities abound, but you feel uncertain and perhaps, anxious. Slow down, take a deep breath and contemplate your choices. With reason and deliberation, positive change and success are here for you now.

So, Jupiter in Sagittarius. Oh, bliss, everyone says. Both are signatures of good fortune, luck and optimism, so they boost each other. Hail, hail – everyone can use some right about now.

It’s true Jupiter is the God of the Gods, larger than life and filled with the generosity and spirit of Santa Claus. He makes everything so much more than itself and everyone loves bigger and better. As I write this, the automatic thoughts are more money, abundance and success. Or more love, joy and ease. These could be absolutely true. However, Jupiter makes EVERYTHING bigger. Do you want more work? More debt? More challenge? Ah, there’s the caution. If Jupiter makes everything bigger, what is he making bigger for you? Where does he transit your chart? (I’m going through this in my cosmic magic group. For information to join us, click here.)  

The actual trine aspect between Venus and Mars occurs on the 9th in Libra and Aquarius. These air signs lift your desire for socializing, entertaining and loving. Anything beautiful, charming or creative gets positive energy today.

On the 11th, the Sun excites Pluto to give you power, ambition and purpose. Take advantage if you’ve felt at loose ends about your life mission.

November 14th adjusts Mars’ relationship with the True Node. It’s super cuspy to give you energy for nourishing yourself in healthy ways. Are you taking care of your body’s needs? Do you move regularly? When do you set aside time for relaxation?

Week 3:

Mars enters Pisces on the evening of the 15th. Mars lights the fire of creativity, spirituality and the mysteries. Here’s another dreamy and intuitive influence. Mars then stimulates Uranus making you feel spontaneous, unique and adventurous.

On the 16th, Venus and Mercury exchange retrograde status. Venus turns direct in Libra in the early morning and Mercury, in Sagittarius and out of bounds, stations retrograde mid-evening, where he’ll remain until December 6th. Venus feels so lovely in Libra. This has a refreshing, easy and creative expression. Mercury, on the other hand, is bouncy, fritzy and clunky. Your communications, technological devices and travels may be spiky for the next few weeks.

If you’re patient with the glitches, you may be able to reach the brilliance out-o- bounds Mercury in Sagittarius offers. If not, take a deep breath and let it go as Neptune challenges Mercury the next day. Confusion, doubt and fog enter your mental world. Don’t concentrate too hard, sign any big deals or make any important decisions.

On November 19th, Mars squares Jupiter, creating opportunities to start new initiatives with incredible energy and verve. Infuse reason and thoughtfulness into this mix and you could achieve tremendous success.

On the 20th, there’s beautiful trine between the Sun, Chiron and True Node. This is another watery signature and you can tap into the usually elusive North Node expression and access relief for any wounding you experienced as a child.

The next day, the Sun and Uranus adjust each other. There’s a build-up of energy for change, but it doesn’t feel comfortable. You sense it, but don’t accept it – yet. Uranus will bring it and is giving you clues, so get ready.

Week 4:

In the wee hours of the morning of November 22nd, the Sun enters Sagittarius. Having the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius expands any desire for experience.  This is righteous, illusionary and sometimes rigid influence. With Mercury back in bounds, your thoughts are stronger, bigger and perhaps careless.

Full Moon:

On the 23rd, the Moon waxes Full as she enters Gemini at 12:39 am EST. Gemini can remedy Sagittarius’ dogmatic opinions and Sagittarius can ease Gemini’s tendency for defensiveness. These are the lower expressions of the signs where I don’t typically dwell.  However, this Full Moon is a sea of red with the confrontation of Mars to both the Sun and the Moon and the continued Venus-Uranus opposition.

On the evening of November 24th, Neptune turns direct, leaving Uranus the only outer planet retrograde until the first of the year. Your intuitive connection deepens as does your yearning for being versus doing.

Over the 26th and 27th, there’s a lot of astrological activity. The first set involves the Sun blending with Jupiter and Mercury and then the merging of Jupiter and Mercury. These 3 planets are almost fused in their expression for a few days. So, the Sagittarian influences for loft, optimism and joy should be evident. I’m hopeful the aggressive energy of the Full Moon is lifted by this mingling.

The other activity reengages Mars as he confronts Mercury and excites Saturn. This is excellent as the tendency to be short-tempered, impatient and argumentative is offset by determination, focus and perseverance.  So, look toward the future and engage in a long-term project, commit to strong and loyal people or pursue any passion you desire. You have the energy, mental construct and fortitude to succeed in anything.

Venus is active on the 28th as she adjusts Chiron and confronts the True node. What have you learned from the Venus Rx period? Did any elements of self-nurturing come to the fore for healing? Have you made any strides toward healthy interaction with your roots and family? Venus is here, direct in Libra, to ask similar questions. These are surface ones (that doesn’t mean shallow), it just means ripened for easy access.

The last opposition aspect of 3 between Venus and Uranus occurs on the next day.  What fresh perspective have you gained these last few months? Here’s another chance for a new appreciation of love for yourself and others.

Overall, the month is positive if you keep your feet on the ground, your heart open and your head in the stars, instead of the clouds.

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Magnesite.

Magnesite has an impressive vibration for calm, love and happiness. This stone attunes to your heart, so you align with your hearts needs and desires. It also opens your heart chakra to bring personal joy into your world. It urges your mind your mind to connect to your heart, creating unity between your mental and emotional bodies.

Magnesite promotes self-love and increases self-esteem. It assists in creative visualization and imagination. It provides clarity and aids you in creating amazing changes in your life.

This stone releases unconscious thoughts for awareness and healing. It helps with honesty as in you being honest with yourself or in communication with other people. It also turns up the capacity for listening.

Physically, as magnesite relieves tension, it’s an excellent healer for muscle spasms as well as menstrual cramping. It also relieves headaches and migraines and helps with teeth and bone problems.

It aids in relaxation and sleep.

Magnesite is a wonderful stone – soothing, connecting and healing.

The month is about more. What are you creating in your life? What MORE are you attracting? The Universe shows you every day. Watch the mirrors of reflection in your daily life.


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,



AstrologyKim Woods