November 8th - Jupiter in Sagittarius!


Jupiter is the King of the Gods. He brings blessings, abundance and faith everywhere he goes. He’s larger than life and wants everything to be fun, social and engaging! He’s generous, loving and filled with optimism.

As of November 8th, Jupiter enters Sagittarius, his own sign at 7:38 am EST. This big and beautiful planet becomes even more of himself! This happens every 12 years as Jupiter spends a year in each sign.

The Feng Shui Way bases its calendar on this magnificent planet as each animal represents how Jupiter reacts in each zodiac sign.

The Year of the Pig relates to Jupiter in his own sign of Sagittarius. This is an indulgent, pleasing, gregarious and loving being. On how it will make you feel, think back to 2007, 1995, 1983 and 1971.

On how it will affect your life, let’s look at the facets of Jupiter and Sagittarius and then refer to the house signatures.


Jupiter is the guide and the guru. He’s your key to social opportunity and reward. Jupiter brings hope and faith, even under the most dire of circumstances. He helps you overcome obstacles as he’s limitless. However, this planet expands EVERYTHING beyond limits, so overindulgence and excess are its downside.

In order to grow, Jupiter helps you fully inhabit your highest potential. He asks if you dare to claim your greatness. He shows where you may have settled for too little and points out how you’ve been chronically underestimating yourself.


 Sagittarius, the archer, likes to explore and experience – everything! This sign is known as the gypsy, the student and the philosopher. Think adventure, travel and entertainment. Higher learning, intelligence and lots of communication is also paramount. On your chart, Sagittarius illumes where you are willing to take risks.

The aim of Sagittarius is faith, so aligns beautifully with Jupiter. When Jupiter enters Sagittarius, brave new ideas and innovative ways of thinking happens. This combination creates an opportunity to broaden perspectives and form acceptance of many beliefs. It also expands the availability of excess, indulgence and disingenuous.

Houses are behavioral, so you want to look at your own chart to see where Jupiter transits it in Sagittarius. If you don’t have your astrological chart, go to and select free chart. Enter your date, time and place of birth and then select the natal and transits chart. Look at the green symbols outside of the circle. Jupiter’s glyph is ♃. Check out where it hits your chart. Here’s an example:


In this chart, Jupiter is transiting into Sagittarius in the 6th house. The 6th house is work, duties, responsibilities and routines. It’s also health and purity as well as mentorship and lineage. For this person, each of these has the opportunity to grow and be supported throughout 2019.

Jupiter in the Houses

1st  House

The first house is all about self-image. It’s how you’re seen and your general outlook of the world. The goal of this house is to master self-actualization, to be your own person and to take clear and decisive action. Positively, you gain a sense of control over your life direction and create a focused sense of identity. One the negative side, you only see defeat and become inflexible under the tyranny of other’s will. Jupiter here in Sagittarius will only expand what you are creating in your life. If you are independent, authentic and living with self-dominion, you will be unstoppable this year.   However, if you’ve been resisting your true nature, you may become more dogmatic and fixed in your interpretation of the world.

2nd House

Traditionally, the second house is the house of money, but it’s so much more than that. It’s also about values, resources and reactions to new things and experiences. It’s where you build your skills, competencies and connections. It’s how you gain confidence and self-esteem. When you’re positively expressing your second house, you have healthy self-worth and worry-free money management. When you are negatively expressing it, you may be too materialistic, lack self-respect or have limiting or over-indulgent issues with money. With Jupiter here, you have an influx of good luck and fortune. You have a boost to confidence and self-esteem. Make it work for you. Garner your resources, connect with others and find your true worth.

3rd House

The third house is a youthful house, one of siblings, neighbors and early environment. The traditional meaning is one of short journeys. It’s also one of learning and communication. It’s the one of all mental constructs – observing, teaching, speaking and logic. The 3rd house is about finding your voice and being heard in the world. When healthy, your mind is open and filled with curiosity and wonder. You can express your views clearly and enthusiastically. When unhealthy, your mind shuts down and you become defensive or disorganized and scattered. Your ability to communicate your views is stunted or muted. With Jupiter here in Sagittarius, ground yourself, dive deeply into your knowledge and express it in the world.

4th House

The fourth house is family. It’s security and roots. It’s your foundation and inner life. It’s where your most intimate needs lie and also the bonds to your core. It’s deep, emotional and quiet. Jupiter here doesn’t really fit. The social animal pushes your buttons to be outgoing, expressive and adventurous. You can use Jupiter’s support to engage fully and deeply with your family or to explore your innermost personal psychology. Jupiter likes to go big or go home, so make radical commitment to opening to your depths this year. Invest time and resource into your emotional health and that of your family’s.

5th House

The fifth house is one of love affairs, children and pleasure. It’s about self-expression, creativity and joy. It’s romantic, playful and fun. Positively, you’re joyous of the anticipation of each day and love to express yourself creatively. Negatively, you’re self-destructive, uncontrollable or overly indulgent. So, Jupiter here? There’s opportunity to increase your joy and creativity or to easily giving into temptation. Avoid escapism and embrace your personal expressive qualities. Allow yourself to fall in love all over again.

6th House

This is the house of service, lineage and mentoring. It’s the one of work, duty and responsibility. It’s all about productivity, projects and techniques. The 6th house is also health, daily life and attitudes about health. With Jupiter, you may achieve fulfillment through development of personally meaningful skill that is of value to others or it could be filled with more meaningless and mundane tasks to keep you busy. The 6th house thrives on humility and that’s not Jupiter’s natural expression, so balancing these energies is not as straightforward as it may seem. Invest heavily into becoming healthy, developing your method of being in service to the world and/or aligning with your mentoring lineage. Keep Jupiter on track by living in the big picture.

7th House

The traditional house of marriage expands to include partnerships, intimate relationships and social contracts. Basically, this is the house of commitment. It represents equality between partners and establishment of unique rapport. Healthily, it’s a commitment between individuals who are loyally interdependent. Unhealthily, it involves fear of intimacy or extreme dependency. Jupiter passing through the 7th house urges you to seek healthy commitment, improve your long-term relationships and welcome opportunities to engage in business partnerships. Again, negatively, if you have commitment phobia or submit to others in relationship, Jupiter is going to turn up the volume.

8th House

The 8th house is everything uncomfortable. It’s sex, death and the occult. It’s transformation, healing and deep intimacy. It’s attachments, shared resource and inheritance. This will feel similar to this past year as it relates to Scorpio.  Here, the King of the Gods expands your ability to accept death, let go of dishonest attachments and healing obstacles to intimacy. Jupiter here can create many gifts for you – infinite spirituality and potential for rebirth. In the lower expression, Jupiter may expand drama or crisis with intimate partners, blocked sexual functioning or denial of yearning for the mysteries. Be brave – Jupiter here will follow an entire year of being in Scorpio. You get two years instead of one, so courageously embrace it. Double down and go for it!

9th House

This is the trifecta as Sagittarius, Jupiter and the 9th house align in perfect unity. This is conventionally the house of long journeys, where international perspective, cross-cultural beliefs and philosophical exploration are pursued. With Jupiter entering this house, each expands exponentially turning life into a quest. It’s a meaningful search for truth and meaning. It may even be a connection to the divine through a religious practice. Negatively, it’s dogmatic, narrow-minded or undisciplined. Lean into Jupiter’s support to accept shocking perspectives, experience wanderlust and be limitless in your world view.

10th House

Life mission, reputation and standing in society is the role of the 10th house. So, imagine Jupiter passing through this house. Want success, prosperity and recognition? Now is the time. Jupiter loves investment and risk, so lean into your leadership, assume authority and take responsibility. It’s all here for you now. Say YES. The only hesitation is an unhealthy hunger for power. Be humble and you’ll do just fine!

11th House

The house of the future and tribe. This house is filled with goals, hopes and wishes. It’s the way people see you from afar. It’s the house of acquaintance, like-minded groups (or tribes) and overall humanity. It’s also the house of angels. Jupiter shines a light on your future, your aspirations and your network. This big planet provides luck and good fortune to your sense of direction in life and support to realize your goals. Or Jupiter creates idealistic dreams and increases your vagueness of purpose.

12th House

The house of transcendence, letting go of ego and secrets. This house is about spiritual life, karma and soul growth. It represents the hidden, private and everything behind the scenes. It’s a place for past lives, spiritual insights and cosmic development of your inner self. The goal of this house is letting go to achieve freedom. Healthily, connection to ALL THAT IS, presence of the divine and higher levels of consciousness are available to you this year. Alternatively, confusion, escapism and self-destructive habits will also get support from Jupiter. Spend time in meditation, in solitude and with others who support your soul growth. Avoid self-limiting behaviors.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is going to feel good, so enjoy this year. You can use a boost. Take advantage of the energies to reach for the highest expression of both the planet and the sign. It’s signature can bring good fortune and luck to anyone who says YES.




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