Pop Up Post: Express-mas.


It’s the holidays – things are busy. Everyone is just SO BUSY!

Typically, I become Mrs. Claus at Christmastime. I decorate my window boxes, make a wreath and beautify a kissing ball with bows, flowers, greens and berries. I have a fresh boxwood miniature tree as a centerpiece, put up a 9-foot tree and get out all of the trimmings. 

I have a spreadsheet for gifts to purchase those perfect presents throughout the year. I wrap well before the holiday to make the tree festive for the entire season. As for indoor decorations, it looks like Santa’s workshop in my house. I choose the best images for the holiday cards, write notes on each one and send them out early. 

I get SO into Christmas. 

But, this year? This year, not at all. Perhaps it’s life with teenagers or perhaps it’s because I’ve given myself permission. 

I’ve given myself permission to go with the flow this holiday season. 


Yup. I’m going with the flow. 

I have a pretty wreath and kissing ball in front of my home that someone else decorated and my window boxes have been put away in the greenhouse. I have a 3-foot Christmas tree with colorful lights. My house is decorated reasonably with those extra special decorations. I actually like it better as it doesn’t look like Santa threw up in my house.

And my sacred gift spreadsheet? Not opened. Nope. There are no presents under the tree yet, as I’ve recently ordered them and am awaiting receipt. As for the number, that’s pared down to a practical amount.  

I also pared down the holiday card list and am addressing the cards this evening. Hand-written notes are important to me, so those will be written. I can take more time with each one as the volume is much less. 

Guess what? 

I am loving this. I’m actually leaning into the holiday season with more enthusiasm each day. This is not my norm. My norm is an escalation of to-do’s that reaches a crescendo as the holiday arrives. Then, there’s the post-holiday let down. 

This year? This year, I’m going with the flow. 

I made time to have lunch with one of my best friends and it was the most magical day. I’ve had time to go to that special new age book store and choose significant stocking stuffers for my family. I’ve gotten individual special Christmas cards and am going to write deeply felt thoughts for each one too. 

I’ve had time to have important discussions with my teens. They feel the pressure of the holidays with the increase in school work before the break. I’ve been able to alleviate some of that this year. My senior has been hit with the college bound changes coming upon him. I’ve been able to sit down and have a valuable sharing moment. I wouldn’t have changed that moment for all of the Christmas festivities in the world. 

I’m leaning in. I’m leaning into the true magic of the season – caring, sharing and love. 

I didn’t expect it when I let go of my tightly-held reins. I expected disappointment, guilt and perhaps resentment of a ‘less-than’ holiday. 


Instead, I’ve been given an absolutely magical holiday season so far. 

What an incredible gift.

I feel so unbelievably blessed. 

How about you? 

Will you give yourself permission to let go a little and go with the flow? 

If so, I envision the very best holiday for you. 


As always, wishing you joy,