January 2019 - Dream BIG!

The expression this month is Dream big - make it real. 

The question is: Will you embrace your unique possibility or hang onto other influences? 

The Tarot card is the Inventor – Man of Crystals. The man symbolizes the mastery of manifesting ideas into physical form and the crystals represent the mastery of confusion, judgement and censorship.  This is an auspicious indicator, synthesizing new ideas, innovation and creativity with the ability to make it real. Be open to curiosity and bold in your thinking. You are both revolutionary and technician, combining the ability to expand your mind into unknown territory with the facility to handle the details. 

Bottom Line: Innovate, create and make your dreams real this month. 


Astrology can be so kind sometimes. It gives hints and glimpses before fully entering into strong energies, thereby allowing you to feel the influence before it pervades your life. Such is the case this month. You are awash in Capricornian energies to lend solid footing to dissipate the Neptunian confusion in 2019.

There are 3 big events this month: 

1.   Jupiter square Neptune

2.   Eclipses on New & Full Moons

3.   Saturn sextile Neptune

Additionally, all planets are direct after the 6th as Uranus, the last of the retrograde planets, stations direct on this day. Total forward motion creates momentum on any project or initiative. 

Week 1: 

On New Year’s Eve, Mars enters Aries, his own sign, putting him right at home in warrior mode. This is a burst of energy, providing drive, ambition and assertiveness in the face of any lingering holiday lethargy. 

The next day, the Sun kisses Saturn, both in Capricorn, illuminating Saturn’s natural serious and stoic expression.  

On the 4th, Mercury tones Uranus and the Sun excites Neptune. The Mercury-Uranus blend gives you great new ideas, good news and sudden positive surprises. The Sun and Neptune lends a boost to your intuition, dreams and insights. The Sun with Neptune provides a glimpse of the 2019 energetic influences.  Check in with your feelings, journal your dreams and make note of your insights. 

New Moon

The New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse on January 5th @ 8:29 PM EST at 15° placed between Saturn at 11° and Pluto at 20°. The stellium in Capricorn is heavy and deep, yet is offset by the stimulation of Neptune. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto comprise the Capricorn energies. Neptune, in Pisces, gives loft, sensitivity and tenderness to all of the other planets. Neptune gets a boost from Jupiter, expanding its influence, as it readies itself for its first conflict of 2019 with Neptune on the 13th.  

The overall influence asks you to begin new projects, commit to fresh ideas, people or experiences and turn dreams into reality. The New Moon is also a partial Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse is just like a regular New Moon where the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. However, a Solar Eclipse is more powerful because the Moon darkens the Sun. The astrological impact lasts until the next eclipse on July 2nd. 

Set your intentions for the next 6 months. Pursue creativity, spiritual pursuits and service to others for the best results. From an astronomical perspective, the Partial Solar Eclipse will be visible over Europe, Asia and Australia.

On the 6th, Uranus in Aries stations direct and Venus asks Uranus for adjustments. Sudden change in relationship, self-love routine or definition of core values is up for movement now. As Uranus doesn’t favor reflection or introspection, this is about actual change in your life. Accept it as it’s upon you anyway. 

On the 7th, Venus enters Sagittarius and when she’s here, she establishes relationships to help you widen your perspective on the world. Venus urges you to restore faith and pagan delight in love. Revel in expanding levity and fun in your love life. 

The mantra for this first week is ‘Get going to create your biggest possible life!’ 

Week 2: 

The second week is relatively quiet with the exception of one of the BIG outer planetary aspects of 2019. The 1st of 3 Jupiter-Neptune squares hits exact on the 13th. 

But first, on the 8th, Mercury confronts Mars, making you impatient, frustrated and short-tempered. Don’t make any big or long-term decisions today. 

Then, on the 11th, the Sun blends with Pluto giving you power, depth and the ability to investigate any of your darker tendencies. Get deep healing to let go of control and reclaim your true personal power. 

Here it is. On the 13th, Jupiter squares Neptune asking you to change your perspective, open your heart and discern your truth.  This is a test of your faith and for this first square, the cosmos are kind as there’s also a Mercury influence. As Mercury excites Neptune, it’s easier to intuit, create and communicate. This gives you a much-needed burst to fulfill your destiny. Make no mistake, this is a quest and the first of three in 2019.

The last time Jupiter squares Neptune is throughout 2006 as Jupiter in Scorpio confronts Neptune in Aquarius. These are fixed signs versus the mutable ones of 2019. The fixed signs lend stability and depth to the energy that’s not evident now. 

Also, this year each planet is in his own sign, making him bigger and more pronounced than when in other signs.  Make note of any major life changes in 2006 and revisit these to gather the golden kernels. Only bring forward the goodness and discard anything no longer serving you. Your heart is asking you to make adjustments now – listen. 

On the 14th, Mercury excites Neptune giving creativity, communication and intuition the aforementioned boost. This is the 2nd in as many weeks, the first being from the Sun on the 4th. 

The 2nd week’s mantra is ‘Release the past to embrace your own creativity.’

Week 3: 

On the 18th, Venus tones Mars and Mercury kisses Pluto; again, a boon for creativity and brilliant insights. The stars sprinkle these throughout the month. Innovate, create and dive deeply to make profound discovery. 

On the 19th, the Sun challenges Uranus for the first impact of the Full Moon energies on the 21st. The Uranus influence is so familiar after last year’s Mars-Uranus dance. You’ve got this. Open your mind and be flexible to possibility. Ride the wave of change to create your future. 

On January 20th, the Sun enters Aquarius and illuminates everything technological, idealistic, innovative and nonconformist for these next 30 days. 

Full Moon

The Full Moon on January 21st @ 12:21 AM EST is also a Total Eclipse and Super Moon. This is the last vestige of the Leo-Aquarius ecliptic energy before you fully enter the Capricorn-Cancer one for the next 18 months. This is an opportunity to be absolutely authentically, unapologetically and unstoppably YOU. 

Uranus is here to help you in a big way as he gorgeously squares the Sun and Moon in their opposition positions in Aquarius and Leo, respectively. It’s another super-cuspy Full Moon (December’s was too). So, yay! Embrace your future – it’s here right now. In fact, you can’t say no. Stay calm and ride the wave of rapid change if you held too tightly last year. If not, enjoy!

Complicating matters are two other astrological aspects as Venus confronts Neptune and Mars challenges Saturn. The Venus-Neptune square is in the mutable signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, so expect reevaluation of relationship, self-worth and finances. However, this is confusing and a tad debilitating, so don’t weigh in to insecurity or doubt. Additionally, Mars and Saturn bring frustration and anger, so don’t be confrontational with others. 

Instead, allow your feelings to flow and take heed. Bite your tongue, breathe and take note of your feelings. What’s coming up for you right now? What do you want to adjust? How do you wish to explore the healing aspect of any difficulty? Neptune takes center stage this year and is a great glimmer of what’s to come. Be thankful for Mars-Saturn as they’re helpful to you right now - inhibiting you from making the wrong move.  

The 3rd week’s mantra is ‘Open to your future.’

Week 4: 

On the 22nd, Venus kisses Jupiter, relieving the Full Moon’s intensity and negativity. This is all about love, happiness, money and harmony. Yum. Enjoy this time as it’s fast-moving. 

On the 23rd, Mercury challenges Uranus as he enters Aquarius the next day, signaling sudden change. The upside is excitement, new perspectives and original ideas. The downside is nervousness, upset and unsettling communication with others. Allow the bookends of the 22nd and 25th to harness any negative influence of this aspect.

On January 25th, Mars harmonizes Jupiter, both in fiery signs. Exercise excellent judgment and altruistic intention to glean success, good fortune and charismatic influence. 

On the 30th, the Sun blends with Mercury as it does several times a year, pushing everything mental – thoughts, communications, observations and perceptions. Take advantage to get ‘all things administrative’ done. 

The last day, the 2nd part of the trifecta of outer planets reach exact aspect as Saturn stimulates Neptune for the first time since 1995. Get to work to make your dreams come true. Pursue spirituality through hard work and discipline. Create ritual to increase your intuitive awareness. Find your tribe and commune with them. 

The last week’s mantra, ‘Make your dreams real.’

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Blue Owyhee Opal. 

This beautiful and calming stone is given its name due to the location of its discovery - near the sacred Indian springs of Owyhee, Oregon in 2003. 

This is a dream stone as it opens intuitive abilities, strengthens the connection to the divine and widens the communication channel with higher guidance.

This blue opal lends clarity and confidence enabling you to claim your personal power. It assists you in achieving your goals as it brings calm and focus. This stone also balances the throat charka to improve your expression and communication with others. 

2019 begins with mostly positive influences to create the life of your dreams. Be brave, drop into your heart and listen to your intuition. 

2019 could be your year! 


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,