January New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse - Make It Happen

It’s another eclipse – the first in the cycle for 2019. Have fun with this one! 

It happens at 8:29 PM EST on January 5th, so get your intentions ready as you have the opportunity to set your dreams in motion. This is great energy for you to begin the life of your dreams! 

Let’s talk astronomy first. 

The New Moon occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun and during a Solar Eclipse, the Moon also darkens the Sun. This one happens to be a partial eclipse, so only a portion of the Sun will be blotted. Those in Europe, Asia and Australia will be able to see this one. 

Now for the astrology. 

This New Moon is in Capricorn with the Sun kissing the Moon. Every New Moon, the solar and lunar energies blend allowing you to open your identity and your heart to similar influences. In Capricorn, it’s about your GREAT work. Capricorn asks you to shed fear and restraint for honest self-expression and break through hesitancy and caution to be fully known in society. Capricorn wants you to make sustained effort and achieve mastery to express your unique gifts to the world. 

WOW, what a magical way to start 2019! 

Seriously, this entire year is about possibility and on Day 5, the cosmos are completely supporting you right now with a New Moon/Solar Eclipse. 

Yes, this is how Jupiter in Sagittarius works. He gives you gifts to make sure you get it, so take FULL advantage. He’ll be working for you throughout 2019, but this is the first boost and a big one. You don’t want to miss it! 

The Sun-Moon combination is at 15°, smack in the middle of Capricorn and placed between Saturn at 11° and Pluto 20°. Mercury completes the stellium at the cuspy 1°. This gives seriousness to your thoughts, a heaviness to your dreams and a soberness not felt for a few weeks. 

So, why is this good? 

Here’s the deal, 2019 is going to be fuzzy, dreamy and spacey. This New Moon isn’t. It’s grounding, practical and logical, giving you the opportunity to plant seeds to ensure your success this year. 

So, let’s get to it. 

Saturn and Pluto give you the integrity and intensity to delve deeply into your dreams. Remember, the theme for this year is DISCERNMENT. What are YOUR dreams? Who are YOU and what do YOU want? What would make your life the ABSOLUTE BEST? 

Ignore what’s going on for others. Do this alone. Capricorn gives you the focus and discipline for it to be just about you. Use this energy – it’s here – in spades. 

Again, dreams and goals are different for everyone. This is about YOU and you alone. Use the Sun-Moon-Neptune stimulation to be kind to yourself and to lift this heavy energy. Take a few moments to ponder, reflect and rejoice in the glory of you. Get creative, intuitive and imaginative. Nothing is too big or too small right now. Bring it all out. 

I’m serious. Get a pen and paper and get going. Make a list, take notes, write it all down. The fuzziness is knocking, so do it now. 

What do you want to begin? What projects have stagnated? What wishes have you boxed up due to lack of time and resource? 

Get them out, review them. If they’re still relevant, make a plan. If not, be ruthless – discard them and begin anew. 

This New Moon is about new beginnings – projects, commitments, people, experiences and dreams. So, in a word, EVERYTHING. 

If you don’t know, ask the Universe to show you your dreams. Each morning, ask how you can be in service to the world. Then, be watchful. There will be signs. 

This is an eclipse, so any intention or plan has legs for 6 months. The next ecliptic cycle starts on July 2nd. This is 6-month energy – let it work for you. 

Gather yourself, make note of your dreams, write your intentions. 

Then right AFTER the stillpoint at 8:29 PM EST on January 5th, set your dreams in motion. Give them over to the Universe in ceremony and ritual. 

Welcome to your dream life. 


As always, wishing you joy,