The Astronomy and Astrology of Eclipses

Eclipses are an astronomical phenomenon with astrological significance. 

First, the astronomy. 

There are two main eclipses – solar and lunar.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse occurs during the phase of a New Moon as the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun.  

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse occurs as the Earth casts a shadow on the Full Moon. The Moon does not project light, it reflects the Sun’s. Therefore, a lunar eclipse happens when the Earth blocks the Sun’s rays.

Types of Eclipses 

There are three types of solar eclipses: 

o  Total - Occurs when the Moon completely covers the Sun, as seen from the Earth. 

o  Partial - Occurs when the Moon only partially covers the Sun. 

o  Annular – Occurs when the Moon appears smaller than the Sun and passes in the center of it to form a ring of sunlight around the Moon. 

There are three types of lunar eclipses: 

o  Total – Occurs when the Earth obscures all of the Moon’s surface. 

o  Partial – Occurs when the Earth obscures part of the Moon’s surface.

o  Penumbral - Occurs when the Earth’s shadow obscures part of the Moon’s surface.

Total eclipses are more intense than partial or penumbral. 

The time of the year matters as the zodiac signs become factors in the energies of the pull of the Sun and Moon.

Ecliptic Meanings

The eclipse signifies the orbital nodes of the Moon, known as the two points the Moon’s orbit intersects the ecliptic (the path of the Sun travels over one year). 

The Moon's orbit is inclined about 5.14° to the ecliptic; therefore, the Moon can be up to about 5° north or south of the ecliptic. The Moon takes approximately 18 years to reach its maximum point of 28.6° from the equator, making a complete celestial spin through zodiac signs. 

The ascending node is when the Moon moves into the northern ecliptic hemisphere, while the descending is the southern movement. In evolutionary astrology, the north node represents the soul destiny and the south is the karma up for resolution. 

Each of the nodes are in exact opposition, making the healing dependent upon the healthy expression of each of the dual zodiac signs. 

For 2019 and until May 2020, the nodal expression involves the Capricorn-Cancer relationship, where Cancer is in the north node position. The soul destiny is to understand the role of nurturance in pursuit of worldly goals. 

The other opposition nodal quests are as follows: 

From May 6, 2020 – Jan 18, 2022, the nodes will inhabit the Gemini-Sagittarius opposition, making the quest one of open minded experience based on faith and filled with wonder. 

From Jan 18, 2022 – Jul 18, 2023, the nodal axis is Taurus – Scorpio, urging appreciating reality by going inward and finding the balance of wisdom in simplicity versus complexity. 

From Jul 19, 2023 – Jan 11, 2024, the soul quest of Aries versus Libra is to understand the role of self in relationship based on self-determination versus cooperation. 

From Jan 12, 2024 – Apr 27, 2026, using love in service for all based on Pisces versus the perfection of self in Virgo. Total acceptance of self is key to transcendence. 

From Apr 28, 2026 – Mar 26, 2028, Aquarius is in the north node position making individual personal expression the key to the development of personality.  

Eclipse Schedule for Next Few Years


Jan 5th Solar eclipse in Capricorn

Jan 21st Lunar eclipse in Leo

Jul 2nd Solar eclipse in Cancer

Jul 16th Lunar eclipse in Capricorn

Dec 26th Solar eclipse in Capricorn



Jan 10th Lunar eclipse in Cancer

Jun 5th Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius

Jun 21st Solar eclipse in Cancer

Jul 4th Lunar eclipse in Cancer

Nov 30th Lunar eclipse in Gemini

Dec 14th Solar eclipse in Sagittarius


May 26th Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius

Jun 10th Solar eclipse in Gemini

Nov 19th Lunar eclipse in Taurus

Dec 3rd Solar eclipse in Sagittarius


 As always, wishing you joy,


Kim Woods