New Moon December - Choice.


Higher. Lower. It’s always about choice. 

This is the perfect glimpse into 2019. Mars energizes the lens into the Neptunian expressions available to everyone in the New Year. 

The Sagittarius New Moon reaches still @ 2:20 am EST on December 7th at 15 ° as this blending confronts Mars, who is fused with Neptune. 

On one side of the square, there’s the Sun and Moon hanging out with Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is a fiery, happy and expansive energy. This combination urges you to make bold moves, socialize with everyone and go everywhere. It’s about excitement and adventure.  Super fun!

On the other, there’s Mars and Neptune in Pisces, hanging out with Chiron – not in any aspect, just with similar energy. This is a tad schizophrenic. There’s dissipated energy frustrating forward motion. Mars loves activity and movement, yet in Pisces, his vital courageous fire evaporates under the depths of the watery element. Pisces yearns for solitude and deep inner reflection. It’s a meditative and dreamy energy, yet loves connection. Pisces wishes to dissolve into the vast sea of life. Not so fun. 

As is everything, it’s about choice. With squares, it’s just more complicated. 

Choose higher. 

The higher expression of this square is to allow kindness and compassion to flood your heart and mind to connect in goodwill with others. Socialize, entertain, host – make merry with close friends. Observe them with appreciation and gratitude. Then return home to drift into romance and tenderness.  

Go lower. 

The lower expression is to give into the urge to go out and socialize, yet hold onto a deep-seeded anger or resentment of yourself compared with others. This hostility doesn’t have a relief valve, so will devolve into blame and judgment. Your mind plays tricks and tells stories about how you’re being victimized in life. Your energy will embrace this wholeheartedly and you’ll actually attract deceptive and depraved people into your sphere.  Secret agendas abound solidifying your position. You’ll harden into your righteous indignation. 

This is augmented by Uranus continuing his tug on Venus pulling her toward her future. Out of the depths of drama, complexity and emotional intensity and into bravely living an authentic life actively choosing to be true to oneself. 

Mercury plays a supportive role of inner life reflection and childhood healing, yet this is out of quality with the Sun-Moon and Jupiter signature in Sagittarius. Reflection? Solitude? Connection? No way, you’re too busy having fun. 

Suggestion? Lean into Mercury by taking a few quiet moments out of your day to relax, unwind and connect to the silence. This will help open you up to yourself in honest and meaningful ways. Ask penetrating questions and you’ll find the answers freely available. Embrace Mercury’s curiosity and wonder to change your perceptions of self and observations of others. Open your mind to open your heart. 

So, either harden or soften. It’s your choice.  

Welcome the Neptunian energy as Mars strongly presents it to you. Mix it up. Go inward, do hard work, then go out and have fun with uplifting people. 

Happy New Moon. 


Wishing you joy,