January SUPER Moon - Get Ready.

blood moon-869185504.jpg

This Full Super BLOOD Moon is also a Total Lunar Eclipse. It will actually be visible in North and South America. The timing for the eclipse begins on January 20th at 10:33 pm EST, reaches maximum at 12:12 am EST and completely ends at 1:50 am EST. The Full Moon is right after the maximum eclipse at 12:21 am EST. 

So, it will be beautiful and powerful. It’s also the most elegant stitching of the 2018 energies with these of 2019. 

For those of you who say ‘phooey’ to 2018 - yup, right there with you. The clanging of Mars-Uranus, the exploding of Jupiter-Pluto and the sheer depths of Venus retrograde – yup, glad they’re all GONE. 

But, but. 

The results are phenomenal. You’ve been forced to define your wants and needs, you’ve been brought to your most authentic self and you’ve been shown your true value.  It didn’t feel good, but man, what power you now hold. 

2019 is the year of possibility and with this Full Moon/eclipse, you have the opportunity to define your future – completely the way you want it to be. What is possible for you? How amazing can your life be? What dreams will you make come true? 

There are complications, of course. This Full Moon comes with Venus challenging Neptune as Mars confronts Saturn. You’re being asked to step into your own creativity and to recognize your inner beauty. You’re being asked to evaluate your role in relationships and take ownership of your finances. You’re being required to make choices between yourself and others. 

You’re also being triggered by these others, so make time for you this weekend. When someone angers or frustrates you, ask yourself, “What is inside of me that makes this an issue?” This isn’t about them, it’s about you.  Let’s repeat that - It isn’t about them, it’s about you. It always is.

Uranus is like a lightning bolt and Mars-Saturn pulls and tugs. The emotions bubbling up can actually support you right now. Use them – for good. 

The biggest event, besides the Ecliptic Super Moon, is Uranus as he squares both the Sun and Moon. He’s pushing your future into your hands right now. Think over the last ½ year as he opposed Venus and squared Mars. What has he electrified for you? What explosions happened in your life? Where can you point to shocks and surprises? That’s all Uranus. He loves the shock-and-awe campaign.

Right now, he has the flavor of Aries. What openings did he create for you? What freedoms do you now have that you didn’t before? What new things, situations or people are upon you?

The Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo underscore expression. How do you express yourself in the world? What can you do to bring your unique gifts to others? Why do you deserve attention, devotion and applause? 

Remember the Jupiter-Neptune square is still at the fore, making you dreamy, reflective and cloudy. You also want big movement. This contradicts the other energies. Slow down and lean into the BIG energy of this weekend to take a breath. Allow the cosmos to support you at this moment. There’s a pause in the energy with Mars-Saturn. Be thankful for it as it’s preventing you from moving forward without contemplation.

A recommendation for this eclipse? Take a step back, clear your mind and stay centered. The energy is trying to get you to the right place in your life. If you’re close, this will be a blip. If you’re not, notice what aspects of your life are affected. Open to your fullest self, stay flexible and breathe. 

The Universe is ready for you to step into your very best life. 

Are you ready? 


As always, wishing you joy,