February 2019 Influences - Don't Stop


The expression this month is DON’T STOP. 

The question is: Are you making strides to live the life of your dreams or are you stopping yourself through disbelief? 

The Tarot card is the Nine of Wands – Integrity. 

This is a card of unbending self-determination to know, value and be true to yourself. With the Sun in Aquarius, this is a good time to have the courage to walk your own path. Be utterly honest with yourself and have the integrity to be your own spiritual warrior. You possess everything within yourself to fulfill your highest destiny. Know, believe and breathe this into your being until it’s completely embodied. 

Bottom Line: You are complete, whole and perfect. Believe in yourself and your dreams. 


All planets are direct for the entire month. The energy is still moving – it feels swift and without footing. That’s okay – changes are coming in March and April that will slow the energy to a reasonable level - hopefully.

Week 1: 

February begins as January ends with the ability to make all of your dreams come true. On the 2nd, Happy Groundhog Day, it’s Mars square Pluto, both in cardinal signs, urging you to gain power, authority and control. Achievement in the outer world is a great channel for this energy, but not in the home or family. 

Continuing its cycle with Uranus, coming off of the Venus-Uranus opposition throughout the autumn, Venus now harmonizes the lightning bolt planet, both in fiery signs. Try something new in romance, love, finance, creativity; basically, any area in your life. Break up routines and have fun!

On the 3rd day of the month, there are two astrological events; Venus enters Capricorn and Aquarius Mercury excites Sagittarius Jupiter. It’s Earth, Wind and Fire! Venus becomes mature, committed and filled with integrity, so look at your relationships for issue resolution, soul-connecting depth and long-term commitment. 

With Mercury-Jupiter, good luck enters your learning, communicating and socializing. It’s also a great time for planning. Take a longer view and visualize your path ahead.   

The New Moon is in Aquarius on February 4that 4:04 pm EST. This New Moon sits at the midpoint of the Saturn and Neptune sextile to increase spiritual wisdom, dream reality and expression of your unique gifts. With the Sun, Moon, Mercury combination stimulating Jupiter, good fortune, generosity and happiness are available to you now. 

Week 2: 

On February 8th, there are two exciting aspects on this day. The Aquarius Sun and Mercury stimulate Sagittarius Jupiter and Aries Mars, respectively. This is an airy and fiery formula filled with inspiration, energy and power. 

The next day, Aquarius Mercury excites Aries Uranus, again with elements of air and fire. New discoveries, different viewpoints and unexpected directions are here for you now. This is an opportunity to attune to divine creativity. 

Mercury enters Pisces on February 10th for a time of intuition, perception and observation. This is not a time for linear mental activity, but creative, artistic and impressionable pursuits.  

On the 13th, Mars kisses Uranus in Aries allowing you to break free of any bonds or limits. Be passionate, instinctive and adventurous.  Embrace change. 

On Valentine’s Day, Mars enters Taurus providing patience, longevity and perseverance to your goals. There’s determination added to your passions and desires. 

Week 3: 

On February 17th, Capricorn Venus inspires Pisces Neptune for everything romance, sensuality and style. Get your fashion, creative and imagination going. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition.  

There are 3 astrological aspects on the 18th as Venus blends with Saturn in Capricorn and the Sun excites Uranus and then enters Pisces. The Venus-Saturn blend is hard, lonely and private, but is lifted by the Sun-Uranus stimulation of pleasant surprises, inventiveness and excitement. Push yourself to socialize and have fun. Welcome the shift of change. The Sun enters the last zodiac sign and is guided by the universal realm. This is an altruistic influence urging you to feel, imagine, and create. Dream.

The next day, Mercury blends with Neptune in Pisces to further this expression. Your thoughts align with the energy of the Sun. 

There’s another super Moon in Virgo on the 19th at 10:53 am EST and is another super-cuspy one. It’s also another Uranus pull, but this time, it’s supportive and connected to Mars. If there are any remaining limits in your life, you have the opportunity to break free. With the stimulation of Venus-Saturn and Mercury-Neptune, every part of your being is involved. 

On the 20th, Mercury energizes Saturn for open, honest and insightful conversations. It’s a great time to do anything business, organizational or administrative. 

Week 4: 

On February 22nd, Mercury confronts Jupiter, both in mutable signs, producing optimism, potential and positivity. Take your time in making decisions and keep your head on the ground and this is a very beneficial couple of days. 

There are two Plutonian events on the 23rd with Venus kissing and Mercury exciting the planet of Hell.  Ooo…what does this mean? You desire deep, abiding love, possess magnetic wonder and transformative self-love capabilities. Powerful intuition, intense conversation and mysterious topics abound. Form, structure and tradition meet the indefinable dream state of the heart. What do you want to make real in your life? Love? Intuition? Wonder? 

On the last day, the Sun arouses Mars. It’s time to tackle – anything! You have the energy, fortitude and stamina to do anything you put your mind to right now. Woo hoo – take full advantage of this transit!

This month is filled with supportive energy to create the life of your dreams. 

What’s stopping you? 

Monthly Stone:


Seek respite in the stone of the month: Cathedral Quartz. 

What makes a quartz crystal a cathedral one? Obviously, it’s a quartz and the most common ones are clear, citrine and amethyst and the combination of citrine and amethyst or ametrine. A cathedral quartz looks like a sand castle with its smaller points surrounding and merging into a larger one. They are not simply a one-pointed crystal nor are they a multi-pointed or cluster one. There are specifically many smaller points folding into the one larger one. The best descriptions are the comparisons with a sand castle or the turrets of an ancient castle. 

Cathedral quartz are very powerful crystals known as lightbraries, because they are full of wisdom. They are high vibration stones filled with access to the information in the Akashic records. 

As such, these crystals are stellar when seeking inner guidance, as well as creating a safe environment to explore the higher realms. Cathedral crystals are also excellent for group healing. 

Use cathedral quartz for developing or accessing your highest potential to live the life of your dreams. 


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,