February New Moon - Highest Potential


The New Moon is in Aquarius on February 4th at 4:04 pm EST. With the Sun-Moon and Mercury in Aquarius, there’s opportunity to create your own rules and structures, particularly of the mental variety. So, think and believe to make it happen. 

During any New Moon, it’s a time of pure potential and this one is filled to the brim with it. Jupiter is exciting this entire combination. Good luck, richness, confidence and triumph is available to you during this New Moon. Manifestation is the signature for the waxing Moon (right after the still point of the New) and this influence is perfect for this function. 

The New Moon energy is enormous, expansive and filled with the goodness in life. Jupiter wants you to fully inhabit your highest potential. Embrace this. Seriously, take a moment and sit with this. Fully inhabit your highest potential. What is you highest potential? What would it look like in your life?  

Jupiter also brings your greatness if you dare to claim it. Do you dare? What’s your greatness? How will it feel when you embody it? 

Let Jupiter help you. This King of the Gods is benevolent, generous and kind. Be all of these things for yourself. 

This Sun-Moon also sits at the midpoint of the Saturn and Neptune excitement as it occurred on January 31st, but is still within a 1 ° orb. This has the power to produce actual, physical manifestation of any of your intuitive imaginings. It lends strong impact to your spiritual wisdom. It brings your dreams to life. 

There are additional stimuli, as if they’re necessary. In the two days prior to this New Moon, there are 3 astrological events: 

1.   Mars square Pluto

2.   Venus enters Capricorn

3.   Mercury sextile Jupiter

Each lends support by generating depth, commitment and planning. You can literally create the life of your dreams right now. What’s holding you back? 


-    Break free of any limitations – thinking or otherwise. 

-    Get healing to release any energy no longer supporting you. 

-    Dream big. 

-    Set intention (if you didn’t during the eclipse). 

-    Make success plans. 

-    Do ceremony. 

-    Create ritual.  

Let the cosmos support you right now to embrace your highest potential.


As always, wishing you joy,