POP UP: Potential

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“I do this everyday,” I explain to a client a few days ago, “I see your highest potential and then hold it as a reflection for you until you realize it in your life.” 

“It’s the same as parenting,” I tell another client a week or so ago, “A parent should see their children’s potential and then build the foundation and support structures to get them there.” 

“I do exactly the same thing as I’ve done in business for a few decades,” I inform a business client this morning, “My definition of leadership is holding someone’s potential and leading them to it.” 

To top it off, I just finished February’s energetic influences and they’re all about potential. 

Okay, sometimes it takes a while, but when I’m repeatedly smacked in the head by the Universe, I stop and listen. 

So, here is a pop up post on potential. 

What is potential? 

- Potential is defined as the latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.

Latent qualities or abilities are typically not known to the person. 

So, as a leader or parent, you can see what your child or employee cannot. You can know their potential and help them see it too. 

Also, as a leader or a parent, you can help them develop these latent qualities or abilities by guiding, advising, training or supporting. 


Parents and leaders have a lot in common and if you’re both a parent and a leader, there’s a lot of overlap in your function for both of these areas. 

Cool, right? 

What about for those who aren’t part of an organization with good leadership or have aged out of direct oversight by their parents?

That’s where people like me come in. 

As a strategic consultant, my entire role was seeing the 30,000-foot view of the business and its leaders and consulting with them to get them to their highest potential. 

I lovedalmosteverything about my role. The key word here is almost.

The one thing I didn’t like was the number of meetings and amount of effort it took for me to convince people of their best selves. I would hold their potential for them until they got there, but the effort was enormous in some cases. 

Then, I said yes to using astrology in my business and discovered I could cover in one session what would have previously taken 8 or 9 using typical consulting methods. 

In just one session, you can see, hear and know your highest potential. 

How amazing is that? 

When your natal chart is put in front of you, there’s an opening that happens allowing you to accept the highest version of yourself. 

I can’t explain it, but it happens again and again. 

After one hour, people walk away wearing their highest potential, biggest dreams and best possible life

It’s absolutely breathtaking. 

How luck am I that I’m able to play a part? 

I’m always amazed at the synchronicity and elegance of the universe. I play almost the same function as an astrologer as I did as a strategic consultant. 

Who would have guessed? 

Talk about highest potential! (There’s another whomp on the head. Thank you universe!) 

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As always, wishing you joy,