The 2000-Year Cover Up


“The world is unearthing itself as is all of its inhabitants.” – Kim E. Woods

This seems a monumental statement, yet these are monumental times. 

Some have said “It’s a time of great awakening.” Others speak of “The end times.” And still others comment about “The paradigm shifts.” 

These are also monumental statements, yet what have they elicited? 

For those who read these words, perhaps there’s further interest as they evoke curiosity, doubt and fear. 

That’s not my purpose here. My purpose is to speak to these monumental times and list ways for you to effectively participate as you’ve chosen to be here at this time, in this place, knowing these people, with these gifts. 

I’ll say it again, “You’ve chosen to be here – at this time – in this place – knowing these people - with these gifts.”

1. You have chosen to be here.

Yes, it’s a choice and what you do during these times is also a choice. Lately, I’ve been railing about spiritual people saying, “I don’t read the news because it’s too upsetting. I’m an empath and I can’t handle all of that energy. I’m too sensitive as I carry a high vibration and I don’t want to lower it by getting involved.” 

I’m just going to say it, “F#$% that.” 

If you are on the path to spiritual mastery, you’re actually on the path to service in the world.  Does the Dalai Lama turn his back? Did Jesus? Buddha? Mohammad? 

Get off the spiritual path right now if service is not your goal. Just get off of it because you’re not really on it anyway. 

Also, if you’re so spiritual, you can absolutely handle the energy as you can use your ‘spiritual power’ to create safe space for yourself. 

You could be using your spiritual powers to help others – physically and energetically. 

You could be saying “Yes, I will get involved and help anyway I can as I am lucky enough to be on this spiritual journey right now. I’ve chosen to participate and I’ll be as active as I can. What’s happening in Syria is atrocious, I’ll send healing energy. What’s going on in Hong Kong is scary, but important – I’ll talk to people about it to get them informed. What’s continuing with climate change is frightening, I’ll send money to my favorite charity or speak to my friends about becoming active.” 

But, nope. So many on this spiritual journey are separating themselves, burying their heads in the sand and putting up ‘protective’ barriers.

That doesn’t seem so spiritual to me. 

2. At this time

Every single soul on this planet said YES to being here NOW. 

Yes. Yes. Yes. 

Millions of souls clamor to come here to help - especially now, at this time of awakening, unearthing and paradigm shifts. 

But you were actually chosen by God to be here at this time. 

You were chosen. 

By God. 

And you said YES. 

How often do you say YES now? 

Think about it. When you said the great big YES to being here, did you think you wouldn’t have to say YES ever again? 

Hint: You do actually. You have to say YES again and again. 

How do you say YES now? 

I wake up every day asking, “How can I add value today?” This is my offshoot of Oprah’s daily question, “How can I be of service?” 

Your soul wants to make the world a better place and either question gets you to your soul’s purpose.  

The universe aligns itself to help you, so you actually gain support in pursuing your unique soul’s purpose too. 

Your life becomes better as you work on making the world better. 

It’s win-win. 

3. In this place

What’s happening in your particular location? What are your country’s concerns? What’s important in your state? What’s going on in your community? 

Being informed and engaged in your location is natural and helps you get into the infinite flow of the universe.

That seems a bit far-fetched. Yet it’s not and here’s how. 

Gaining clarity about what’s happening in the greater world brings relief to your mind. Your mind is a processor using known information to determine what you should do. When the mind doesn’t have enough information, it makes it up. When your mind makes up information, it’s always way worse than reality. Gaining clarity alleviates worry.  (Refer to my Full Moon post about ways to be informed without the drama or misinformation.)

Knowing what’s happening in your community engages you and when you’re engaged, you’re happier. It’s a scientific fact.

To get involved, ask yourself these questions: 

-     What do I like to do? 

-     What do I care about? 

-     Do I like to volunteer on occasion or on a regular basis? 

Do a search online, read your local paper or talk to friends & neighbors about what how they’re involved. Join something. Get involved. 

Being involved lifts your spirits, expands gratitude and creates the flow of generosity. 

Tuning into the infinite flow for you and your community. 

This is also win-win. 

4. Knowing these people

Who do you spend time with and what do you do together? Do you lift each other up and support each other in good times and bad? 

Make sure you spend time with people who do these things for you and that you’re completely happy doing for the same for them. 

Pressing this further, do you use your uplifting and supportive friendships to make the world a better place? My best friends are either spiritual, generous or connected with others. We spend time anchoring the light for places and people in desperate need, giving time and money to important causes or connecting with others to educate them on pertinent topics.  

Carve out some of the time you spend with your friends to help others. 

Generosity heals so many wounds – yours and others.  

When you give, you receive.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Psst. You’ll feel better too. 

Again, win-win.  

5. With these gifts.

Every single person has unique gifts to bring into the world. 

Firstly, you have unique gifts. 

You do. 

Take a moment to breathe this into your being.

Say to yourself, “I have unique gifts to bring into this world.”

Here are a few steps to claim your gifts. (If you need help, this is at the core of what I do.) 

Believe in yourself. 

Recognize you are unique. 

Take steps to realize your gifts.

Secondly, are you using your unique gifts? Do you express them to the world on a regular basis? 

Clearing the pathway to utilize your unique gifts requires everything and more from you. But it’s so worth it!

Your soul is here to make the world a better place by using your unique gifts. 

The time is now.

The awakening.


Paradigm shifting.

The energies in 2020 align you to get real about how you operate on the planet. Bringing your unique gifts into this world is the key to this alignment.

Also, it ignites your heart and soul. 

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN. 


Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 


As always, wishing you joy,