Full Moon October - Last hurrah?

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This Full Moon is the last hurrah before the sobering energies of 2020. People have a window of opportunity for bad behavior before upcoming consequences bring them back to reality. 

Is this good news or bad? 

You decide. 

Think of the spending before the bill payments. Feel the party elation before the hangover. Know the vacation bliss before getting back to work. 

So, good? 


This is collective energy so the highs are super high, but the lows are super low. 

This type of energy has been at play on the world stage for a handful of years. You only have to refer to USA’s impeachment inquiry, the #Metoo movement and the Syrian crisis to recognize bad behavior with adverse fallout. The underpinnings of the rules of law, morality and safety are at the root of these crises. As for the general public, watching from the sidelines has been the modus operandi for now, but won’t be acceptable next year and beyond. 

Let’s get back to the Full Moon to demonstrate how this looks on a personal level and then return to the global perspective. 

There’s massive opportunity with this Full Moon. Your key to success and reward is placed perfectly to excite your entire being. Your heart swells with hope as your mind floods with confidence. Good luck seems to be within your grasp, so you extend yourself to reach for it – entirely sure this is not only possible, but probable. You know that exhibiting your highest potential is at stake, so you say a big and bold YES. 

At the same time, you’re being tested by others with power struggles, control issues and jealous feelings. As you reach for your brass ring with self-determination, you recognize your need to cooperate with others to achieve success. Uh oh. How can you rely on others as you’re facing deeply rooted issues?  

In intimate relationships, openly communicate to work through your problems. Brutal honesty, maturity and self-awareness make it easier to transform any destructive behaviors into positive exchanges. 

In business connections, take a mental step back to determine whether the problems are real or based upon a warped perspective you’ve been carrying for years (maybe even your entire life). If your perspective is warped, it’s time for self-analysis to let go and forgive the patterns of behavior you’ve been creating your whole life. If the issues are real, it’s time to stand up and claim your power. Say what you need to say; succinctly and honestly. Remember to be objective. This is business. It’s not the place for drama. 

In the greater community, think of the role you want to play to make the world a better place. (Notice how I slipped this in again.)

On the wider stage, the tension of struggle is less obvious, but it still remains. Think of how you react to the news as an example. 

The shenanigans of the world’s ‘leaders’ are too numerous to mention. The emotionally dramatic and fear stirring headlines shock the system. So, it’s a good idea to avoid the sensationalized and opinionated news outlets. However, your role is to be informed about world events. (3rd pop-in if you’re keeping track.)

Opt to get your information from objective sources. For example, I read The Economist and offset this slightly conservative skew through The Guardian. Also, whenever possible, I read versus watch the news. I find the silence of the words on the page lend to the understanding of each event and I can do quick research when I ask questions, “Is this true? Has it happened before? If not, is this a big deal?” 

2020 is pushing you to define your role in community. If you know your role, perfect – make sure it aligns with your soul purpose. If you don’t have one – you will. You are not going to be able to avoid it starting in December. (#4 - click here)

The big, expansive energies of this Full Moon feel lawless. They’re super intense.  The 20 ° pulling energies of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Pluto represent your being, heart, success path and transformative drive to make it real. They all explode with force and this explosion creates crisis or opportunity. How you handle it is up to you. 

Also, did you notice the 20°? As in 2020…

I just love the cosmos! (wink, wink)

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 


As always, wishing you joy,