March 2019 - The Heart.

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The expression this month is Heart Whispering. 

The question is: Will you embrace the unknown and dive deeply into your heart to hear its whispers?  Or will you fall prey to doubt, impatience and frustration thereby ignoring its wisdom? 

The Tarot card is the Rejoicer – Woman of Cups 

This card depicts pure joy, exultation and reverence for being fully alive. What makes a life fully lived? That’s a question for each person to ponder as the definition is as unique as each individual. 

Being fully alive involves engaging your heart as completely as your mind, perhaps even giving your heart the lead. What does your heart have to tell you? How can you hear its messages? Will you allow yourself to quiet long enough to grasp its whispers? 

This month, the cosmos present a yin or feminine energy with Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn being at the fore. Embrace the fullness the feminine has to offer by falling into her deep reverence of life. What life-giving influences jive with your being? How can you say YES to life again and again throughout the month? 

The offering with these energies is heartfelt, beautiful and loving. The softness of Pisces is given a steel spine with Capricorn and a grounding center with Taurus. The yin and yang weave supportively, tenderly and compassionately. 

Bottom Line: Will you follow the expansive lead the cosmos provide this month? 


The big hits in March involve Uranus entering Taurus, Mercury stationing retrograde and another Super Full Moon, this time in Libra, as the Vernal Equinox occurs in the northern hemisphere (Autumnal in southern). 

The biggest influence, that has been coming for months, happens on the 27th with Pluto blending with the south node in Capricorn. 

Week 1: 

Here’s another chance to gain independence in your relationships, especially of self, on March 1st as Venus squares Uranus and then enters Aquarius.  You’ve been through this during the autumn and gained support last month. This aspect is one of confrontation once again. Be honest with yourself.   In what ways are you limiting yourself due to societal norms?  Whose needs are you putting forth instead of your own? Why are you putting the stops on yourself by looking outward and not inward?   

This is a shake-up configuration – use it to your advantage. 

Mercury goes retrograde on March 5th until the 28th as he transits through Pisces. Here he is again, wreaking havoc on communication, travel, business and negotiations. His naughty tricks leave you hassled, frustrated and impatient. 

Yet, he also presents the opportunity to connect to your intuitive side, listen to your instincts and regenerate your creative pursuits. Being in Pisces, this is a deepening. It’s an invitation to use the Neptunian energy available to you this year to break free from your mental chatter and delve into your heart space. 

Sink into it. Breathe. Accept. Allow. 

On March 6th at 3:28 am EST Uranus enters Taurus until July 7, 2025 offering everyone an easing, quieting and stabilizing force for this chaotic planet. 

However, the entrance may be anything but… (No predictions here, just a comment. The weather headlines will illuminate this entrance if Mother Earth and Uranus deem it so.)

As you lean into the future as Uranus loves to do, think of the major changes Uranus in Aries has wrought in the areas of climate, weather, leaders, beliefs and norms, technology and money over the last 7 years (2011 – 2018). Taurus, a fixed earthly sign, creates lasting change from the Arian shake-ups. 

Grounding the genius of the lightning bolt planet with Uranus in Taurus is possible.  

Think for a moment of the opportunities in crafting actual solutions for cleaning up the environment and caring for Mother Earth. Contemplate the possibility of realigning money with true value, thereby eliminating greed and inequality. Ponder the safety innovations for animals, especially in the beauty industry. Lean into freedom around giving away possessions, especially in America, as more and more storage facilities are being built to house possessions no one is using. Welcome art and culture as a central theme into society again and watch as anxiety is reduced by this heartfelt expansion. Return to the renaissance as tradition is restored for the finer things in life built in quality and meant to last. 

Of course, these are all higher expressions of Uranus in Taurus, but if the collective doesn’t reach for the highest, it’ll never gain progress toward its full potential.  

New Moon:

On this same day, the New Moon in Pisces reaches her still-point at 15° at 11:05 am EST as this blend is combined with Neptune and excited by Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. 

Talk about making your dreams real! 

What does your heart truly desire? Can you stop and listen to its wisdom? What about following your soul’s yearnings? Do you know what your soul seeks and how to achieve it? Take action, make decisions and render choice. Mars and Saturn are here to help you. 

The Neptune conjunction reaches exact the next day for more of the Neptunian flavor. What illumination is the Sun giving to this big-hearted planet? Do you know how to drop into your heart to build on its influences? How can you use Neptune to be generous with yourself? 

Meditate, reflect, ruminate, review. 

Week 2: 

The exact aspects of the Sun’s stimulation with Saturn and Mars animating Neptune are March 9th and 10th, respectively. These energies reach full peak on these days. 

Shining a light on Saturn provides the ability to reach for the summit and with Pisces, this summit has to do with spiritual connection as a way to gain success and reach your full potential. Sounds like nirvana to me, you? 

Mars in Taurus wants strength, security and safety and strives to achieve long-term goals. So, how does this relate to Neptune?  Neptune is gentle, soft and sensitive, not sounding like Mars or Taurus at all. Yet, what is the blending? Dropping into your heart (yes, I sound like a broken record) and connecting to your true self gets a boost of comfort and stability from Mars in Taurus. It can create a solid foundation for you as you reach for the heavens. The tenderness of Neptune makes your heart opening more accessible. Even a whispered ‘Yes’ is good here. 

The Sun electrifies Pluto on the 13th as it does twice a year. This combination asks you how deeply you’re willing to dive into your possibility? There’s power here and with the Pisces-Capricorn flavoring, it offers power of the heart and soul by delving genuinely into your wholeness.  

There are two astrological events on March 14th as the Sun confronts Jupiter and Mars harmonizes Saturn. The Sun-Jupiter confrontation pushes you to overextend, boast or take things for granted, yet it’s Jupiter – so can easily be positive. Temper yourself and this is an extremely beneficial influence. 

The earthly toning of Mars and Saturn, occurring approximately twice every other year, allows you to reach your goals, provided they feed your passions and desires. 

Week 3: 

On March 15th, the Sun kisses Mercury Rx as this combination squares Jupiter, all in mutable signs. The wise and knowing expression is challenged by the Great Benefactor, bringing good fortune, faith and optimism. This is complicated by the retrograde energy of Mercury. The wise and knowing may lean toward doubt and uncertainty. Keep the faith to enjoy this interaction. 

Over the next few days, Mercury Rx is busy stimulating Pluto on the 16th and Mars on the 18th. With Mercury retrograde, these influences are different than they are when he’s direct. With the Mercury Rx – Pluto acceleration, depth of intellect asks you to re-access your thoughts, mental constructs and test your intuition. The Mercury Rx-Mars stimulation pushes you to take action, have the conversation, enter into the negotiation. Discussion, review and reassessment is perfect – just don’t sign or kick-off anything new. Wait a few weeks. 

Full Moon /Equinox:

On March 20th, the Sun enters Aries at 5:58 pm EDT, signaling the Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the Autumnal in the southern. 

A few hours later, the Full Super Moon reaches its maximum point @ 9:43 pm EDT as the Moon in Libra opposes the Sun in Aries @ 0 °. This is extra-super cuspy at 0° and 9’. This Aries-Libra pull reminds you of the 2018 eclipses. This is the same energy of expressing YOU in relationship. What is your true expression? How are you free to be yourself in the presence of others? What efforts of bravery are available to you as you reach for your authentic self? 

The striking of a match is the best analogy for a 0° entry into a signature. The explosion of expressive energy of this SUPER FULL Moon is at the heart of the equinox. It’s all about striking the balance of being yourself inside of your relationship. Picture yourself reaching in and out in equal measure. Be selfish, yet giving.  This seems antithetical, but it’s not as you peel beneath the surface. At the core, being your most and best self may appear to be selfish, yet it’s the most generous act you have to give yourself, others and the world. BE uniquely you. What a gift you are to the world! Imagine saying YES to yourself and actually taking action. It’s here upon you – right now – during this Super Full Moon. 

It’s completely supported with the Mars trine Pluto and Mercury Rx sextile Saturn this same day. The beautiful earthy energies of Mars-Pluto harmony drive you to pursue your goals, reach for practical mysteries in prefect union and impress others with your power and strength. The Mercury Rx-Saturn encouragement gives you a glimpse of clear thought, sound decision-making and honest communication. With Mercury Rx, this is a breath of fresh air. Enjoy the loft. 

The next day, there are 3 astrological events – Venus squares Mars and stimulates Jupiter as Mars ask Jupiter for adjustments.  The Venus-Mars-Jupiter combination leans into the fixed signs of Aquarius and Taurus and is offset by the mutable sign of Sagittarius. Mars in Taurus and Aquarius in Venus are the anchoring put of these aspects, yet Jupiter is the biggest influence of the three. Let’s say the zodiac sign energies are of equal measure, even though the aspects and planetary influences are not. 

This is a complicated setting with Venus tugging at Mars to practice her discernment, select her values and reach for her own desires against passionate drives, stoic assertiveness and physical tension. At the same time, Venus is energized by the loving and benevolent Jupiter making everything fun, social and romantic. Cool, right? Well, Mars-Jupiter adds something to prove and strives for unrealistic expectations. Yuck. 

Your feelings are at a high and may mask reality. If you feel good, go with it. Ride this wave of fun for your relationship. However, if you’re feeling put out, disgruntled or otherwise, unhappy. Walk away for a few days. Seriously, take a quick trip or go to the gym. Arguments, impatience and frustration are better served this way than in the bedroom. 

The next day, Mars tones the South Node @ 22° Capricorn and excites the North in Cancer. Here’s a flash of energy for this otherwise elusive yearning. The earthly energies of Taurus and Capricorn offer an opportunity to realize the balance of work-play, be-do, act-rest. Focus your energy on self-nurturance instead of the possible distractions in relationship. 

Week 4: 

Mercury Rx blinds himself again on the 24th by kissing Neptune. There’s no hope for serious discussion, big negotiations or anything business. Give it up. Relax, reflect and surrender to the softer, ambiguous and amorphous energies of Neptune.  Creativity, imagination and intuition are the only games in town right now. 

On the 26th, Venus enters Pisces and she likes it better here than Aquarius. Venus in Pisces is exalted as she loves others more than herself in this sign, but she’s not going to forget herself just yet. 

The next day, Venus excites Uranus, so the Piscean energy is masked as Aquarian for a few more days. She may be softer in her zodiac sign, but this aspect makes her strive for freedom just as hard as she has over the last handful of weeks. No worries, this is familiar and gives you healthy boundaries for a few more days.  

This is helpful as Pluto kisses the south node @ 22° Capricorn on this same day. This is heavy. It’s filled with amazing opportunity, but GOD, it’s going to feel absolutely horrible. Pluto wants to drive out every single aspect of the horrid soul-wretching deaths the soul has experienced throughout its earthly incarnations.  Yup – that’s it. Oh, and it’s the middle of the week, so a work day for most. But, remember, this energy has been building for months, so is not new. It’s just the exact point. 

Okay, breathe. 

You’ve got this. 

In Capricorn, there’s doubt, judgment and denial, but there’s also determination. DETERMINATION is better stated in capital letters. So, go for it. Be brave, stoic and unyielding. 

Pluto helps so much as she (yes, I’m committing to she from now on, even though most astrologers would disagree). She is such the embodiment of the full feminine, I’m no longer going to deny it. 

So, Pluto – she yearns for the destruction in order to create new life. She fully embraces the unknown to make sense of the unknowable and she’s filled to the brim with heart. Pure and simple. The heart, yours & Pluto’s, knows. It already knows – EVERYTHING. It’s your mind that isn’t up to speed and that’s okay. Pluto is here for you giving you the strength, power and desire to delve deeply. Neptune is also here for you all year long too. What an amazing gift the cosmos are giving you right now. 

Drop into your heart. Your heart already knows and is totally okay with everything. It knows, accepts, allows and LOVES. 

Your heart aligns with Pluto as she’s of the same heartbeat. Pulse with her. Adopt Jupiter. Laugh with Mercury and love through Venus. Each one these planets is here for you right now. Use them. Work with them. Lean into their knowing. Allow their wisdom into your heart. Beat together. You’ve got this. 

Mercury Rx supports this completely as the heart has greater awareness than the mind this month. However, this dodgy little guy goes direct on the 28th. It’s totally fine as he’s done his job for you already. 

On the last day of the month, Mars enters Gemini giving the mind a boost and after the last few weeks with Mercury Rx, this is welcomed. You’ve been given a few days of relief from the Pluto-South Node combination. Enjoy it. Let the ideas flow. Enter those negotiations. Get back to work.

This month offers so much heart. Take some time to sit quietly and enjoy it.

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Nirvana Ice Quartz. 

These beautiful stones are discovered in 2006 as the glaciers high in the Himalayas recede due to global warming. These crystals have triangular facets on the surface and come in odd shapes, most commonly in clear white. 

Nirvana ice crystals remove any blockages you have placed upon yourself to reach your fullest potential. They also dissolve the spiritual barriers you have placed upon yourself in your connection to the spirit realm. This quartz focuses your energy on your heart to connect, instead of your mind. This is the true spiritual development you seek and this crystal eases your way. 

Mentally calming, these crystals help you accept yourself just as you are and silences the inner critic. It truly assists in changing your perception of yourself. 

Emotionally forgiving and accepting, this crystal melts emotional wounds to change negative behaviors and cease self-sabotaging patterns. 

Activating your entire chakra system, this crystal sinks into you bringing gentle, peaceful and subtle healing energy. These magic crystals deepen your meditation. 

Finally, this crystal provides equanimity, giving you an awareness and understanding greater than yourself. 

Work with this crystal daily to gain remarkable changes in your life. It’s the sweetest energy, even as it’s a bit mischievous. (That’s been my experience. Sweet and irreverently fun.) 

Always know, you are loved beyond measure,