Tips: 3 Ways to Drop into Your Heart


This month’s energy is all about the heart, so I want to give you a few tips on how to easily drop into it. 

1.   The quickest way is through the breath

-    Begin breathing mindfully. 

-    Pay attention to your inhale and your exhale. 

-    Now put your hand over your heart and bring your attention to this area. 

-    Focus your breath into your heart space. 

-    Feel your chest expand with the inhale and contract with the exhale. 

-    Breathe for a few moments. 

Notice you feel calmer and more centered. 

2.   Feel gratitude to expand your heart. 

-    Begin breathing. (It always starts with the breath.)

-    Smile, even if you don’t feel like it. 

-    Seriously, smile – no one’s watching. 

-    Think of something that you’re grateful for – in nature: sunsets, oceans, mountains, animals, flowers or the laughter of children, playfulness, wonder of them. Anything that makes you thankful. 

-    Fully envision it in your mind’s eye. How luck are you to be able to see, have, hear… this in your life?

-    Allow yourself to FEEL grateful.

-    Continue to breathe while feeling thankful. 

-    Fully feel the gratitude. 

-    Say thank you out loud while continuing to breathe and smiling. 

-    Your feelings lift as you accept this bounty into your life. 

-    Take a few more breaths. 

Notice you feel lighter, happier and perhaps more loving. 


3.   Walk your mind into your heart through visualization

-    Start mindfully breathing (see above). 

-    Now put your hand on top of your head. 

-    Focus your attention on your hand. 

-    Continue to breathe and begin walking your fingers down your forehead, along your nose, over your mouth, chin – down your neck and onto your chest. 

-    As you breathe, envision your hand acting as your mind and allow it to drop into your heart space. 

-    Take a few breaths envisioning your mind being one with your heart. 

 Notice your thoughts diminish and are replaced with the feeling body of the heart. 

These are 3 ways to drop into your heart. 

There are certainly deeper and more extensive ways of dropping into your heart, but these are the quickest and easiest. 

Also, they fit into your back pocket so you can access them anytime. 


Your heart loves it.