February Full Moon - Step into the New


Hooray for another Super Moon, the 2nd of 3 this year as it happens on Tuesday, February 19th at 10:53 am EST. This one is super cuspy too with the Sun barely in Pisces, tugging on the Moon, barely in Virgo.  This pull involves Heaven on Earth as Virgo wants to plant every dreamy imagining of Pisces. 


Yum? The duality of the Full Moon can be difficult as it yanks your heart from your being into its farthest reaches. Your feelings are out of whack with your personality and with Pisces-Virgo, it’s all about acceptance - acceptance of yourself and of the world. 

That sounds like a lot. 

Well, it is. 

Virgo remedies the absentmindedness, escapism and delusion of Pisces and Pisces corrects the fussiness, insecurity and perfectionism of Virgo. 


How does this translate into Heaven on Earth? 

Looking at is another way, if you allow yourself to relax, play and surrender, you access Pisces (Heaven) and if you require groundedness, practicality and organization, you reach Virgo (Earth). The two, as with any opposition, balance each other. 

Allowance. Center. Breath. Work. Being. Doing. 

This sounds a lot like the nurturance theme of the Capricorn-Cancer eclipses this year. 


Hence the ‘Yum’. 

Imagine everyone accessing this flow.  Think of the infinity symbol – relax, effort; dreams, analysis; inclusive, discriminating. All for the purposes of acceptance of self and the world by being in service to the same. This seems idealistic and perhaps, unattainable.  

Let’s lean into the other cosmic signatures for help.  All of the planets are still direct and provide forward momentum for creation of the life you desire or to rid yourself of unwanted energies. That’s helpful, but there are other supportive influences as well. 

Following the Sun-Moon opposition, there are two aspects within 1° orb and therefore still hold the strongest influence. Mercury is blended with Neptune and Venus is combined with Saturn. On the surface, this adds confusion of distorted isolationist feelings. That doesn’t seem helpful. Yet, let’s dive below the surface and look at the integration of these two combinations. 

The highest expression of the Mercury-Neptune blend is to sink into your intuition and your heart’s knowing. The Venus-Saturn merge provides commitment and maturity in the interest of love. The stimulation of these two arrangements offers true love, psychic awareness and healing. 

Creative visioning, dreaming, compassion and spirituality are at the fore during this Full Moon.    

Hmm…that’s a YUM. 

Additionally, all of these energies are pulled toward freedom with Uranus-Mars confronting the Sun-Moon opposition. Your feelings and being are drawing you to trust your instincts and follow your heart’s desires. Basically, move beyond any limiting constrictions and embrace newfound opportunities.   

What does your heart know about your future? How can you lean into your instincts and trust your intuition about your forward path? What dreams are you creating right now? 

This is another supportive lunar cycle. 

Heaven is here – on Earth. 

How will you use it to live the life of your dreams?  

What ‘new’ do you need to do so? 


As always, wishing you joy,