Happy Spring 2019 - Welcome the Possibilities!


On March 20th, the cardinal energies begin another zodiac year as the Sun enters Aries at 5:58 pm EDT, signaling the Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the Autumnal in the southern.  

As with any Equinox, the key is balance and with Pisces giving way to Aries, the apex feeds the highest evolution of consciousness into the fire to spark new growth.  It’s a stunning moment as everything is possible at this time. Imagine birthing the seed of life in the highest expression the world has to offer. 

Ponder that as the Full Super Moon reaches its maximum point @ 9:43 pm EDT with the Moon in Libra opposing the Sun in Aries @ 0 °. What an explosion into the Arian energies with this extra crispy super cusp!

The sign of risk, adventure and courage gets a power boost upon the Sun’s entry as the Moon dives deeply into the charismatic, gracious and harmonious Libran influence. At the balance point, the channel opening provides genuine identity of self in every aspect of relationship.  In the interconnected web of life, this is nirvana. You, as your authentic self, in each and every connection in your life. Courageous, yet courteous. Daring, yet diplomatic. Energetic, yet elegant.

Picture yourself reaching in and out in equal measure. You heart engages in other as your being recognizes yourself – intimately and compassionately.  

The cosmic energies support your quest of possibility. The beautiful earthy energies of the Mars-Pluto harmony drive you toward your passions, depths and strengths. The Mercury Rx-Saturn encouragement brings clarity, judgment and honesty in all communications. This is helpful in light of the other configurations. 

The following two days, as the Full Moon relaxes into her initial waning position, the planets continue the theme of you and other with a Venus-Mars-Jupiter trifecta exciting your need to prove yourself independently and practically.  Value of independence and freedom is the underlying theme for Venus. This may be in relationship, but also in finances. 

Additionally, Uranus and the Moon have an awkward arrangement as Uranus urges freedom and your heart yearns for connection. This bid for freedom may be in relationship, finances or both. Your heart’s needs are strong adding emotion to this mix.  

Relax, even though you don’t feel relaxed. Have faith, even though you’re being tested. Say YES even as you don’t know the answers.  

This FULL MOON is filled with possibility if you can maintain a balanced approach. Remain in equanimity – emotional and mental awareness. 

Look inward and outward. Watch the mirrors in your life. Meditate and manifest. 

The possibilities are endless. 


As always, wishing you joy,