Tips: 3 Spring Rituals

Spring early_k12942128.jpg

Let’s celebrate as the Earth wakes up to begin anew. 

Here, in New England, as I watch the first blooms struggle against the harsh weather, their tenacity pays off as the colors burst onto the scene brightening the dull landscape. 

As I watch this opening, I ponder the meaning of the Equinox, the perfect balance of night and day – dark and light and see this reflected in these first blooms – the life of spring against the death of winter.  

The light will out as the days get longer and life bursts forth with more blossoming flowers, growing grass and singing peepers. 

Spring is here!

In Pagan cultures, spring heralds fertility and new beginnings.  The Equinox symbolizes the union of the God and Goddess in sacred marriage and the next Full Moon signifies the beginning of new life. There are festivals to celebrate this new life and the moniker, Ostera, originates from the German Goddess of Spring, Eostre, and conventional traditions of Easter and Passover stem from these pagan rituals. 

If you’re looking for other ways to celebrate this Equinox and the beginning of new life, here are a few ideas. 

1. Plant an indoor herb garden or seedlings for your outdoor garden. Or buy daffodils, hyacinths or tulips to brighten your window sill. Welcome spring into your home.  

2. Gift a friend or yourself with a crystal or two. Spring time crystals such as sunstone, peridot or moss agate are perfect for this time of year. Sunstone represents joy, happiness and creative expression. Peridot is a stone of vibrancy and new beginnings. It also symbolizes balance. Moss agate is known as the gardener’s stone with its’ earthly energy. This stone encourages fresh starts and space for inspiration. 

3. For a more formal ritual, light a few pink candles at this Full Moon and do celebration to welcome the longer days and new growth. Here’s a chant to say, or even whisper, by Selena Fox:

We Honor the Fertile Earth. We Honor the Warming Breezes.

We Honor the Waxing Light. We Honor the Nurturing Rains.

Welcome Spring, New Life to Bring, to Land, to Us, to All.

Welcome Spring, Rebirth we Sing, Within and 'Round Us All.

You can meditate on the Full Moon that’s filled with possibility this month. Welcome all of the new life and inspiration available to you right now. 

Over the next handful of days, try to get out in nature as often as you can. Revel in the glory of the Earth coming back to life. 

Spring is in the air!


Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

As always, wishing you joy,