POP UP: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.


Happy April! 

Who can believe it’s April 1st? Yikes – where has the time gone? It seems just yesterday I was doing the 2019 astrology forecast and here we are in Q2. 

Three months or ¼ of the year has passed. Crazy, right? 

How are you doing? How’s your year going? Are you taking advantage of this stunning energy?  

In my forecast, I talked a lot about all of the POSSIBILITY available this year. I also spoke of setting intentions to frame all of this goodness.  Let’s assume you set your intentions. (I even held a 4-day challenge to help you do just that.)

In my 4-day intentions challenge, a lot of people loved my “healthier and wealthier in 2019” intention. 

So, how are you doing? 



If so, yay you! I hope you’re crushing all of your goals. 

If not, what’s holding you back? 

“I know! I know!” I think as I hold my arm up high as if in a classroom.

“It’s change”, I want to shout, “that pesky thing called change.” 

And why is that the immediate answer? 

Because it always is actually.

By definition, change means ‘to make or become different’. 

Being different is not something the mind loves to embrace. The mind is programmed to reject new things automatically. The mind operates to protect, not to venture; to comfort, not too risk. 

So, change? 

Change is not something the mind welcomes with open arms. 

Therefore, change is something that needs force. It needs focus and determination to overcome the immediate and automatic reaction of the brain saying NO. 

“No, absolutely not!” the brain cries.

And if not that forcefully, then the mind runs rationalizations, stories and reasons for NOT doing something different. 


Different – Umm, no - definitely not. 

Change? Umm...maybe?

Then the questions arise. What does that mean? How will I respond? What will happen?

Change equals different and let’s face it, that can be uncomfortable. 

Also, it’s can be kind of scary. 

So, change? 

You may dip your toe in or flirt with it, but to make lasting positive change – that takes COMMITMENT. 

And committing to lasting positive change makes the brain go wonky. 

So, what about that healthier and wealthier intention? 

Do you really want it? 

Healthier? Sure – always. Wealthier – absolutely. 

So, you actually do want to make lasting positive change. 

How can you do that? What does take to make lasting change? 

Lasting positive change involves a formula. It’s one tried and true (perhaps with different words, but the process is the same.)

Lasting positive change = flood + yes + routine.


The first step in making lasting change is to be flooded with information and activities. With the flood, the mind wraps itself around data, exercises and things to do. The mind releases its initial negative reaction and starts to become positive about the new and different. 

Once the mind engages, then it’s time to get yourself to say a proactive yes. 


Saying yes – actively and repeatedly wires the brain to go for it. The mind actually becomes a cheerleader and strives for the change. 

Once this happens, you want to create a routine to form a habit or a ritual. 


A routine becomes regular and mundane, thereby making it safe for the brain to accept and normalize. 

So your job? 

Develop a routine to become healthier and wealthier in 2019. 

The healthier – seek a fitness instructor, nutritionist or health professional. 

The wealthier – well, I love to help people and with the 2019 energies and my intentions challenge, I said yes to doing money programs. 

Have you noticed the flood? 

That’s not my normal. I’m not typically flooding the airways with messages, quotes, gifs, images, polls, challenges and programs. 

But, I know lasting positive change and that requires a flood. 

Flood? Check. 

The yes? Honestly, I don’t know what else to do to get you to say yes. 

I’ve offered FREE challenges, advice, daily thoughts, webinars and gifts. 

I’ve prompted you with YES messages and quite frankly, now it’s up to you. 

Yes? I say YES – you? 

The routine?  

My Cosmic Money program will have modules rolling out every 2 weeks. I’m responding to the need of routine by setting up a steady and continuous program to build your big money signature

So routine? Check. 

For the complete formula - Flood? Check. Yes? Check. Routine? Check.

It’s April. 

How are you doing? 

The energies support expansion, growth, healing and change through November. 

That’s 8 months from now. 8 months with the energies helping you make all of your intentions come true.

What intentions did you set in January? Do you want to achieve them?

If so, let’s go make them happen!

To check out all of the money programs, click here.

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends.

As always, wishing you joy,