April Energies - Celebrate You.


The expression this month is Celebrate You. 

The question is: Can you celebrate yourself in your quiet depths or do you need external input to accept yourself?

The Tarot card is the Major Arcana – XV - Devil’s Play

At the surface, this is joyful and filled with laughter and recreation, but you know, I don’t play on the surface unless that’s all there is. There is so much more to life than the surface. Its depths hold the keys to Heaven, yet here is the Devil’s Play card – the Law of Celebration. 

My notes on this card include: “Live fully with a sense of vitality and originality. Laugh your fears and sorrows away. Lift your spirits by passion and play. Recreate yourself through recreation. Realize passion and joy bring about a new awakening. Free yourself and become natural, spontaneous and original.”

Hmmm…key phrases: Recreate. Awaken. Free yourself. Be natural, spontaneous and original. 

Yup. Devil’s Play. 

It should be said that April comes in like a lamb and exits as a lion. Yes, completely backward and the wrong month for the saying, but it encapsulates the cosmic energy of April perfectly. 

Celebrating yourself is not going to be easy and yet that’s the task. Every time you explore your depths, you have the opportunity to uncover treasure. No matter the finding, it’s a treasure. Fault? – prize. Wrong direction? – riches. Fear? – pure gold.  This doesn’t seem reasonable, but it’s true. Your journey into you and discovering your depths leads to your fortune. You are perfect in the eyes of Heaven and the sooner you know this, the better your life. 

This month is a celebration of you – ALL of you. It’s not going to feel like a party, but the heavens are singing. You’ve said yes and keep saying yes. At the very least, celebrate that. 

Bottom Line: Your mantra for this month is: “I celebrate myself.” 


There’s a pause moment right now for the 1st part of this month as all of the planets are direct and there are no major planetary configurations.  Then it’s retrograde time once again. 

Three planets station retrograde this month, Jupiter on April 10th, Pluto on 24th and Saturn on the 30th. All retrogrades have the ‘re’ in common – review, renew, refine, reflect, reconsider, realign and reawaken to name a few. Things will slow down as the planets appear to move backward and with this year’s expansive energy, this will be a relief for many. 

Week 1: 

This first week is super quiet on the planetary plane with Mercury playing around with Neptune and Saturn and the New Moon in Aries. Yup – quiet which I’ll get to in a moment.  You see, there’s another effect and that’s Pluto opposing the North Node on the 4th. This is a nodal axis, so not actually a planetary configuration. If you’re reading those who only speak of the planets and not the nodes, this isn’t going to come up. The planets are quiet this week, but overall not breezy. Let’s first speak of the actual breeziness of Mercury. I just love this little guy (even though he wreaks havoc on my personal chart during his retrogrades.) 

On the second, with Mercury direct again, he takes another pass at Neptune by kissing him for the second time in a little over a week. Welcome the ambiguity today. Once again, it’s a dreamy day and Mercury being direct doesn’t materially affect the overall essence of this configuration. It’s a great time to meditate, connect and do ritual. But not so much for getting anything mentally challenging or business-oriented done. Enjoy the pause. 

On the 4th, Pluto tugs on your ability to know yourself deeply and intimately. Have you built a rock solid internal foundation giving you unrelenting inner authority, absolute authenticity and unwavering commitment to your highest good without any interference from the outside world? Yeah – a mouthful. I urge you to read it again. 

“Have you built a rock solid internal foundation giving you unrelenting inner authority, absolute authenticity and unwavering commitment to your highest good without any interference from the outside world?”

You – deep, knowing, unwavering. In the silence. Without any influence from others. In other words, can you celebrate YOU? 

You are amazing – a unique gift to the world. Do you know it? I mean REALLY know it – without anyone having to tell you? Without having to perform, produce or otherwise do anything other than just be? 

Have you fully integrated this into your core? Can you look at yourself in the dark and see your light? Can you embrace your wholeness? 

Honestly, I don’t know a single person who’s achieved this level of being. Yet, it’s something to strive for and the opportunity is here – right now. 

This month is a HUGE celebration of you. Of your ability to reach deep within to gain understanding and awareness of your intimate heart, your inner knowing and your soul’s path. To drive out all that doesn’t support or serve. To make personal change as you reach for the stars. 

This deep dive is contrary to the seasonal energies and is going to sound antithetical with the New Moon’s explanation. But bear with me. As the month unfolds, so does its celebratory meaning.  

New Moon

Here’s a relatively quiet New Moon on the 5th as the Sun-Moon blend rests on 15º Aries at 4:52 am EDT. 

In Aries and I’m saying quiet – yes, a bit of a surprise. A better description may be pure, but quiet can describe it too.  I’m purposely leaving out the Pluto-nodal axis for a few paragraphs to parse out the energy of this New Arian Moon. 

Aries is fiery, outspoken, forceful and prickly, but looking at this New Moon configuration, I’m just not feeling it.  There are 3 planets in Pisces, Mercury, Venus and Neptune adding softness to communication, tenderness of feelings and deep intuition connection. There’s a stimulation approaching between Mercury and Saturn giving clarity after the cloudiness in Mercury’s interaction with Neptune a few days prior. Other than that, zippo. Yup – zippo, nada, zilch. Crazy, right? 

How do you act and feel in Aries? This would be a time to look at your own natal chart to see what sparks with the Sun-Moon in Aries. If you have major planets at 15 ° in Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you would be prone to pulls and tugs on this New Moon. Your bravery would be triggered in self-care, family, committed partnership or in position of authority. 

However, without the natal chart interaction, this New Moon is asking for initiative and renewal in ways that you desire – simply and purely. There are no other planets getting in on the action. It’s all about the Sun – your being and the Moon - your heart; both in Aries. With the New Moon being in this first zodiac sign, there’s HUGE opportunity for manifestation. 

Yay, that’s cause for celebration. What would you like to begin in your life? Is there something you’ve been putting off? Do you need a nudge to get it going? This is an EXCELLENT time to start. 

So, Aries – alone in your being and in your heart. Double or triple yum. 

Now, let’s fold in that Plutonian nodal opposition. What does your internal compass desire? What nurturance do you require? If all external input and trappings are removed, what does your heart whisper to you? 

Let’s reset that listing based on your inner knowing, your intuitive nudging and your heart’s sighs. Take a breath and connect to your heart. Do you hear it? It’s telling you what you really desire. 

Now begin. Initiate. Innovate. It’s springtime in the Northern Hemisphere and this start aligns with the seasonal push to begin. But remember, spring is the season of planting as just a few brave souls peek above the surface. Thus, the depth actually does make seasonal sense. 

From this deep place, go make something amazing happen in your life. Peek above the surface. Activate, create, launch. You only have a moment before the retrograde season begins in a handful of days. Take this breathful moment to reach the surface from the deep. Now is the time! Celebrate you in some special and momentous way. 

On the 7th, the Mercury excitement of Saturn brings good judgment, excellent business arrangements and focused long-ranging planning. Also, communications are on point, open and honest. Your mind is happy to be able to latch onto its natural capabilities. 

Week 2: 

This second week begins the retrograde season with Jupiter on April 10th and doesn’t end until Uranus turns direct on January 11, 2020. Here’s the snapshot from my Astrology 2019 e-book (I’ve added Mercury into this listing as he turns retrograde twice during this time): 

-     Jupiter in Sagittarius, April 10th– August 11th

-     Pluto in Capricorn, April 24th– October 3rd

-     Saturn in Capricorn, April 30th– September 18th

-     Neptune in Pisces, June 21st– November 27th

-     Mercury in Leo/Cancer, July 7th– August 2nd

-     Chiron in Aries, July 8th– December 13th

-     Uranus in Taurus, August 12th– January 11th, 2020

-     Mercury in Scorpio, October 31st– November 20th

The dive into yourself begins as it does every year. You’re accustomed to this energy, you’ve got this. There are few zodiac sign changes in the transpersonal planets from year to year and actually it’s only Jupiter this year. 

Let’s get back to the day. 

April 10th is a busy astrological day as 4 configurations occur. Jupiter stations retrograde in Sagittarius as he travels between 24 - 14 ° and then he stations direct once again on August 11th. When Jupiter is retrograde, you want to gain insight from a philosophical perspective. It’s a good time to reassess your life in the areas of seeing the big picture, realizing your dreams and having faith in yourself. It’s also a good time to review where you overextend. 

The other planetary actions on this day are Venus blending with Neptune, the Sun confronting Saturn and Mercury exciting Pluto. That’s just the ticket, adding depth and intensity to Pluto as the big gassy guy goes retrograde! Yikes. Let’s look at the positive. Venus is lazy and filled with daydreams, filtering love with rose-colored glasses. So, romantic partners aren’t the triggers.  The Sun-Saturn pattern tests your character. Oh yippee. Be patient, slow down and get to work. With Mercury-Pluto, drop into your intuition – let the mind rest and connect to your knowing. Seriously, this is the only way. 

On the 12th, Mercury pulls at Jupiter Rx and Venus energizes Saturn. With Mercury-Jupiter Rx, the benevolent planet gains energy making you think everything is going great. If it’s true, ride it! If not, this is a supportive energy to make plans to change it. 

With Venus-Saturn, you want companionship and to feel loved and valued by someone. You’re looking for reassurance from your partner and perhaps close friends. Don’t look too hard, unless this is a chronic signature in your close relationships. Instead, get to work – this is a great day to make business connections and commitments. 

On the 13th, the Sun confronts Pluto as it does twice a year. This is a bit different with the recent Pluto-node opposition. Pluto in Capricorn wants power, control and authority, yet she’s a transformative energy. How can you use this configuration to move beyond control into sovereignty and beyond power to influence? This may seem like semantics, but not at all. Sovereignty and influence are bad-ass, but forgiving. They’re much more evolved than the weak and tight reins control and power offer. (Hint: it’s just like vulnerability makes you stronger.)  

This also brings up past traumas. Yuck. It’s a glimpse into 2020, so get healing, release – forgive. 2019 is so much more supportive than next year will be. I SOOOO urge you to deal with this stuff now. Honestly, do it now. As my mentor Steven Forrest says, “Either you work your planets or they work you.” Get to work! 

On the 14th, the Sun harmonizes Jupiter Rx and Venus rouses Pluto. This is a loving, social, fun and on top of the world kind of day. Mark it on your calendar! Take FULL advantage. Opportunities abound for growth, fortune and fun. This is a happy energy – Say YES enthusiastically!

Week 3: 

The next day, Venus tugs on Jupiter Rx for a let’s play and have fun today. Let’s not do any work at all! If you don’t have any hard work commitments, push them off for another day. This is not the day to attend to serious matters. 

There’s a shift from the Piscean energy as Mercury enters Aries on the 17th and Venus on the 20th. Your thoughts, communication and travel plans get a burst of take charge and get it done energy as Mercury shifts from the soft and nebulous to the new and fiery. 

Full Moon 

To break free is the order of the Full Moon at the cuspy 29º of Libra on April 19that 7:12 am EDT.  Break free from bad habits, negative people and low energy. Reach out to touch Heaven as defined by you. (This is the same as self-care. Seriously, I could go on a rant about how all self-care methods are universally applied to everyone, but I won’t as this post is long enough as it is. There’s another challenge in the making as we speak. Stay tuned.) What does Heaven mean to YOU? What would you do if anything is possible? Anything, everything is possible in this moment – what do you do? Who are you? What surrounds you? Who’s with you? Take a moment to celebrate you in your life’s dreams. 

On the 20th, the Sun enters Taurus, leaving the fire’s inspiration in preference for the Earth’s stability. The season of growth is fully in place now. Firmness, security and natural order are afoot. Yet on this same day, Venus enters Aries and Mars goes out of bounds (oob) until June 12th. The love planet takes on the mantle of courage, risk and adventure as the God of War becomes wacky and so much more of himself. Thankfully, the Sun has entered Taurus to temper the love and war planets. 

Week 4: 

On the 22nd, the Sun blends with Uranus as the effects began on the Full Moon a few days prior. Embrace unexpected change, rebel against stifling routine as you reach for the new and improved you. This is an active energy, so take action – make something happen for yourself. 

On April 24th, Pluto stations retrograde until October 3rd as she travels in Capricorn from 23 to 20°. Pluto asks so much from you, but she gives completely and deeply of herself as well. Her heart is deep and abiding as she watches you struggle into the depths of the dark to welcome your light. She wants you to trust deeply in yourself and to look in the areas of your life you need to regain sovereignty. Let go, forgive and bask in your wholeness. This is a time to have faith in yourself and your transformation – reach for the Heaven within. Celebrate your depths and know all is well. 

On April 27th, Gemini Mars oob squares Pisces Neptune at 17º. The energy dissipates, confuses and defeats. Here’s a yucky configuration. It’s suspicious and may lead to lies and deceit. At its best, it’s discouraging. Take a pause moment. Don’t make any swift moves. I won’t even say go within as that’s just as misleading. Spend time in comfort, with good friends or doing something relatively quiet you really enjoy. 

The last day of the month is a picnic (yes, Sheldon, that’s sarcasm).Saturn stations retrograde as he kisses the south node. Honestly, could it be any worse? Yes, but that’s next year. The best question to ask at this moment is: What wouldn’t I do to heal? Yup – what wouldn’t you do, not what would you do. 

Saturn, in Capricorn, as he’s his strongest, wants accountability for your actions, pushes you to review the strides you’ve made against your goals and wants to accept complete and total responsibility for every single one of your actions. That’s not too, too bad. Here’s the thing though, it’s during the moment he explodes all of the karmic energy of your being. All of it – regardless of your astrological karmic signature. God damn it. 

Where have you made mistakes since forever? What responsibility do you have to take for your life (and all of your others)? What lessons have you learned throughout your soul’s history? This is a reckoning pure and simple. A great big karmic reckoning. Now, you can smack me as I convey – it’s still the time to celebrate you. 

Yup – doing it. Celebrate all of you. Celebrate all of it – every lifetime, every move, every moment, person and thing you’ve ever done. 

Heaven celebrates you. Mother Earth celebrates you. The cosmos celebrate you. Don’t you think it’s time you celebrated you?

You are magnificent, glorious and a reflection of the Universe, spirit or God, (whatever you are comfortable using). You are magnificent in your imperfection. You are glorious in your mistakes. You are a seed from Heaven in all of your wholeness.

You are absolutely loved beyond all knowing. You are loved, valued, cherished and treasured. You are the glory of God and when are you going to accept it, embrace it, wear it? 

Now, is the time. Now, is your time. Now is the time for everyone on Earth to recognize he/she is unique and a perfect reflection of the Heavens. 

This is a month of healing, celebrating and glorying in you – all of you. 

Yes, you make mistakes. Yes, you are not always doing everything perfectly. Yes, you are dark as well as light.

So, what? 

You are human. 

Yeah, human. You said yes to being here at this moment and it’s not easy. Remember that – you said yes when others didn’t. 

You said YES. 

So, you get the prize, the celebration, the forgiveness and all of the love for saying yes. 

You said yes.  

Celebrate your yes. 

Celebrate YOU. 

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Lemurian Jade. 

There are two types of Lemurian Jade, one is greenish and the other deep midnight. Both are shamanic stones, yet the greenish one is more for journeying and the midnight is for diving into the feminine. The midnight journey is through the darkness and into the light to provide the pathway to your destiny. The shamanic involves the Earth and her inhabitants.  Both are extremely helpful for this month’s energy. 

I’ll be honest, I’m writing this post way later than I normally do (it’s the 30th) as this stone and the Tarot come through a few weeks ago. I didn’t want to know about this month’s energy as Lemurian Jade presented itself. Knowing an over-soul stone that traverses the soul’s entire journey came up as respite for the monthly energy – gulp. But, it’s HUGELY helpful. 

In either case, this Peruvian stone, as an over-soul stone, holds ancient energies and wisdom.  It illuminates the master plan of your soul so you can access this knowing to guide you on your way into your soul’s true purpose.

It helps connect you to your soul’s destiny, giving you the courage, purpose and power to manifest the life of your dreams. 

If you want movement, connect to the greenish ones. These are somewhat playful. Well, playful as in they’ll take you where you need to go and give you messages that will surprise. (Yup, been getting my ass kicked, but actually wicked funny too.)

If you want to dive into the deep, the midnight ones are pure Heaven. These are vast, infinite and filled with yin. It expands the unknown of the feminine and doesn’t provide any information, but conveys awareness and understanding of this energy.  It’s a being in that constant movement of stillness(also ass-kicking, but in a different way. Deep, mysterious, filled with questions; not answers.)

I repeat – celebrate you. 

You are absolutely loved beyond all knowing. You are loved, valued, cherished and treasured. You are the glory of God and now is the time to accept, embrace and wear it.  


Remember, you are always loved beyond measure,