New Moon of March - Dream Manifestation


In the early morning hours, Uranus enters Taurus again for its final pass until 2026. The last time Uranus spends copious time in Taurus is 1934 – 1942 as the world’s values need adjustment. As history reflects on the depression and WWII, the underlying expression is value.  The distribution of money, the respect and boundaries of world financial affairs and equality of the races and religions are acted upon with Uranus in Taurus. On the world stage, this same leveling of value can be acted upon again over the next 7 years. Has the world learned anything since Uranus is last here? There is much to discuss in the collective, however, when looking at the Moon, personal aspects of the heart’s knowing is up for review.   

This major astrological event of Uranus in Taurus is joined by the New Moon at the midpoint of Pisces as she reaches her still point at 11:05 am EST on March 6th. Pisces is feminine, soft and compassionate, while Taurus is also feminine, but filled with strength, fortitude and fixed boundaries. 

The cuspy nature of Uranus in Taurus at 0° represents the planting of the seeds of reformation as Uranus passes through Aries. Think about your life from the years 2011 through 2018. Then think of your 2019 intentions. What shakeups and changes have you made through the last 7 years? What areas are you focusing on this year? How do you want to make lasting change to step into your future?  Uranus in Taurus embraces the physical aspects of any wish or change and solidifies it into your life. Use this energy when leaning into the New Moon energy for manifestation. 

The New Moon in Pisces fills with the potential of entering your heart – deeply, completely and absolutely. Pisces is the intuitive sign and the Moon is the intuitive one. These get the additional boost of Neptune, in his own sign, to unify your intuition with that of the cosmos.  

Pisces is aware of the whole breadth of the universe, using Jupiter to extend out to the far-reaching areas and Neptune to imbue the watery flow of the undiscovered.  This sign senses all that is known about fully living as it penetrates the compassionate level, extends into the arts and beauty and reaches onto the depths of the spiritual mysteries.  

Pisces recognizes the need to let go of attachment, to view life as an experience beyond intellect and to connect to the greater cosmic energy. In other words, this is an excellent time for connection, meditation and reflection. 

Pisces can be the pent-ultimate of the zodiac as it gathers all of the wisdom from the other signs and brings it to the fore for rebirth in Aries as the cycles begins again. 

If you enter this sign through your heart, the energy available is much more powerful than through your mind. 

Are you connected to your heart? If so, perfect – meditate during this New Moon. If not, check out the article for tips on dropping into your heart. 

Once you connect, speak to your heart and hear its wisdom. What is your heart whispering to you? What does it want you to know? How can you reach into its depths and gain its direction? 

Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn excite the Sun-Moon-Neptune blend, bringing practicality, physicality and manifestation ability to all of the wonders of this New Moon. 

Your heart knows and can dispel any confusion wrought from Mercury in retrograde or disturbance of Uranus entering Taurus. 

Go deep. Be quiet. Find solitude.

This New Moon is magic.  

Let’s go get some. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends.

As always, wishing you joy,