POP UP: Money Programs, WTF?


“Bill wants to know why you’re suddenly posting about money,” my friend Tricia states about her husband at my last Goddess class. She laughs, “And I can’t believe he’s reading your posts!”

We all giggle. 

“He knows you’re kumbaya,” she continues, “so he wants to know what’s going on with all of this money stuff.” 

We all giggle again. 

As the laughter dies down, I know they’re both right. This money stuff seems out of character. 

“During last year’s abundance program,” I begin, “we spent the entire time diving beneath the surface and getting to the root of any money issues.” 

“However, I’ve had many other people come to me lately saying they have issues with money, so I thought about and realized I want to address this directly.” 

I continue to explain my reasoning and then we shift to resume our Goddess class. 

Yet, over the next handful of days, the conversation lingers and bubbles up a few other times and once this happens, I know – a post on the topic is afoot. 

So, what’s up with these money programs? 

Put simply, I love money. I really do and I’m lucky because money loves me too.

I’ve grown up in business, having an extremely successful career, and my shift into the spiritual world hasn’t changed my relationship with money. In fact, it’s enhanced it. 

As I review my mission to help people live to their highest potential, my abundance program makes a great deal of sense. This program delves into core issues limiting abundance as you ultimately realize living in true authenticity positively impacts the abundance in your life. 

Yet, the issues with money are strong and deeply held, so targeting money directly as another layer helps speed up this abundant process. 

Further, the cosmos in 2019 are amazingly supportive of expansive growth and I love leveraging the cosmic energies. Launching a money campaign right now is perfectly aligned with the stars.

So – money? Check. 

Abundance?  Check. 

Cosmic energies? Check. 

Helping to reach your highest potential?  Check.  

My money programs are rolling out this month. Check out my POP UP: I Love Money! group on Facebook and view the FREE 3-day Challenge completed last week. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1578212018948035/

Join us for the 1st webinar scheduled for Thursday, March 7th. https://magic.kecfreedom.com/money-money-money-webinar

Then stay tuned as more money webinars are being scheduled, along with an intensive at the end of the month. This all leads to a combined Money-Abundance Program launch happening in April.  

Yay - money, money, money!

Yes, I do love money. 

How about you? 

 Thank you for reading and sharing with friends.

As always, wishing you joy,