April Full Moon - Break Free

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Uranus is on the scene for the Full Moon on April 19th at 7:12 am EDT as the Sun and Moon oppose each other in Aries and Libra, respectively. Once again, this lunar opposition is super cuspy at 29.6 °. Uranus makes this signature resemble the eclipses of last year as it asks you to regain any freedom you have given any to another person, situation or mental construct. 

The exact aspect between the Sun and Uranus hits on the 22nd, but the Sun’s approach illumes the characteristics of Uranus while the Moon is waxing into full. In other words, it’s growing and building to form fully while the Sun and Moon pull at each other. 

Uranus is your key to aliveness. Uranus wants you to operate under your own motivations, desires and yearnings. Uranus pushes you to disregard any conditioning to express your true nature and to follow your own path. To be fully, feistily and ferociously alive. To be unapologetically yourself. 

How do you apologize? 

You’ve been tugged, jolted and shaken by these same energies throughout 2018 with the aforementioned eclipses and the Mars-Uranus squares.  

What did you learn about yourself last year? What came up for you for healing, resolution and change? These influences are transformative and want you to reach for your core self. 

Who are you at the core? 

Uranus comes in right now like a lightning bolt ignited by the Sun and conflicted by the Moon. You can strip yourself to the core, rip apart any pre-conditioning and oppose any relationship constraints. You can even express it in the world, but your heart’s not going to be in it.  Your heart’s going to want peace, romance and balance. The Moon may reach for freedom in this sign of Libra under other conditions, but not this time. Venus complements the Moon, even as she asks the Moon for adjustments. This is a tender, compassionate and gentle ask. She’s asking you to open your heart to other people’s realities. This complicates your quest to be liberated. 

How do you apologize? Venus and the Moon give you permission to be kind to yourself as you answer this question. 

Let’s expand on this by explaining what apologies look like: 

-     Making yourself smaller, quieter and less powerful than you really are. 

-     Sitting on the sidelines instead of getting into the game. 

-     Holding back your energy, enthusiasm or input. 

-     Sanitizing your responses or emotions to ensure everything and everyone is copasetic. 

-     Looking to others for their reaction before you enter into the forum. (This can be online as well as in person.) 

-     Telling yourself stories about why you can’t be fully yourself. 

-     Rationalizing going against your instincts or intuition. 

-     Protecting your feelings by not becoming completely invested. 

-     Hiding behind duties, responsibilities or tasks. 

-     Making yourself busy, distracted or apathetic to avoid becoming involved. 

-     Giving more value, admiration or authority to others instead of taking it on yourself. 

-     Dissembling instead of telling the truth. 

-     Forgetting who you truly are. 

Uranus wants you to be fierce and the Arian Sun helps you on this Full Moon. Like the last New Moon, Aries offers to burn through all of your weaknesses, fears and rationalizations.  While Venus provides kindness and sweetness and the Moon brings harmony and cooperation. 

This isn’t a blast. It’s a tug. 

Allow yourself to be tugged – into your core, into your truth and into your future. 

As always, wishing you joy,