Finally. The Pathway Reveals.


“Healing through revealing,” comes to me in a meditation a few weeks ago. 


I’ve been working on clarifying my client’s journey for over a year now. I’ve asked repeatedly in meditation only to be met by resounding silence. I’ve explored my best strategic solutions to no avail. I’ve pondered, allowed, pushed and pulled. 

Last year, on my polarity therapist’s table, we channel the revealer and that’s been activated for over a year. 

But, the pathway has been covered all of this time. 

Clients ask me, “What’s next?” 

“Where do I go from here?”

“When should I see you again?” 

I answer each individually and direct them along their own journey..

Yet, I work with a social media consultant and she wants me to streamline my process to provide my offerings to many – all at once. 

It makes perfect sense, but has alluded me for so long. 

It’s ridiculous, of course, as I’ve been actually doing this work the entire time and I don’t usually have to wait so long to glean awareness.  

Nothing has worked – until now. 

The gift of clarity arrives without any prompting. 

Each of the steps unfold even faster than I can notate. I look at this rushed writing and know, with certainty, the pathway has landed. 

I invite you to travel along your own revealing journey.  

In the meantime, enjoy these others. 

~ Realizing Power ~ 

One prospective client comes to me through one of my star parties. I know her from my daughter’s school and I’m super surprised. I’ve no idea she’s interested in the spiritual realm. 

I do a high-level reading of her Sun, Moon and ASC and during this time, I realize she’s one of us. She’s magically powerful beyond her imagining. I only open up her high-level astrology and wait and see. 

I don’t have to wait long. She attends one of my classes and then signs up to come into the reading room. 

She enters and by the look on her face, I know. I know she knows I’m going to tell her something life-changing, which of course, I do. 

She’s ready. Her children are beginning their transition into college and she’s out of sorts with her role in life. She wants more and has no idea what it is. 

I open her entire cosmic blueprint and focus on her life purpose. She beams. Well, she’s nervous and excited, but also beaming. 

She continues working with me to reveal all of her gifts, illuminate her path and ignite her steps. She attends classes, receives her seasonal readings (her expression, not mine),attends more parties, bring her friends into my world and fully embraces her own magnificence. In fact, she’s one of the few I’ve invited into my Cosmic Ninja program. 

She’s on her way to becoming one of the most powerful healers we’ll ever know. 

~ All of Her Gifts ~  

One of my first clients looks at me while I’m teaching a workshop on passion. She glows under my spell as I reach into the past, capture the future and weave it together into the present.  She immediately signs up for my next workshop on Clarifying Your Vision and at that workshop, she schedules her first reading/consulting session. (At that time, I hadn’t come fully out of the spiritual closet to do readings only.)

We open her cosmic blueprint and know she needs to open her own accounting business. A few months later, she does just that. 

This woman radiates joy and light as she does accounting for most of the businesses in the area. She’s won multiple awards and her business is growing at a rapid rate. 

She loves the magical realm and attends all of my classes and even has a sideline of mediumship. Yet, her life mission involves her accounting business.

Her 1-on-1 sessions involve many aspects of my experience; astrology and psychic knowing, but also business strategy and finance. We tap into the intuitive side to define long term plans, make practical decisions and gain market share. 

I’m thrilled to be able to combine all of my gifts for her and she continues to shine in her business and her life.  

~ Business Shifts ~ 

 One of my class attendees decides to come into the reading room and once she does, her life mission explodes into being. She’s a doctor and beyond helping her patients, she wants to begin teaching.  Yet, she’s holding herself back and one of her ‘reasons’ is she wants to build a stronger foundation by increasing her number of patients before she unveils her teaching aspirations. 

So, I go into her office and we do an energy manifestation to do just that. I want to remove her ‘reasons’. Her business explodes and she has trouble keeping up with her patient load for the next handful of months. 

However, she does get into teaching by working with another company to explain some of their products to the healthcare community. 

This is the perfect solution for the time being. 

These are just a few of the stories of the many people who are revealed in my reading room. We do important work together to bring each one to their highest potential. 

I invite you to join this illustrious group to create magic in your life. 

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Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

As always, wishing you joy,