Realizing Power

Realizing power.jpg

One prospective client comes to me through one of my star parties. I know her from my daughter’s school and I’m super surprised. I’ve no idea she’s interested in the spiritual realm.

 I do a high-level reading of her Sun, Moon and ASC and during this time, I realize she’s one of us. She’s magically powerful beyond her imagining. I only open up her high-level astrology and wait and see.

 I don’t have to wait long. She attends one of my classes and then signs up to come into the reading room.

 She enters and by the look on her face, I know. I know she knows I’m going to tell her something life-changing, which of course, I do.

 She’s ready. Her children are beginning their transition into college and she’s out of sorts with her role in life. She wants more and has no idea what it is.

 I open her entire cosmic blueprint and focus on her life purpose. She beams. Well, she’s nervous and excited, but also beaming.

 She continues working with me to reveal all of her gifts, illuminate her path and ignite her steps. She attends classes, receives her seasonal readings (her expression, not mine), attends more parties, bring her friends into my world and fully embraces her own magnificence. In fact, she’s one of the few I’ve invited into my Cosmic Ninja program. 

 She’s on her way to becoming one of the most powerful healers we’ll ever know.

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