May 2019 - Compassion


The expression this month is See with your heart. 

The question is: Will you allow your heart to lead or will you allow your mind to cloud your better judgment? 

The Tarot card for May is: Compassion - Three of Wands. This represents the healing spirit of the Empress. It suggests being open to helping all, including yourself. It knows that everyone is suffering in some way and allows space for that suffering. 

This oracle asks you to commit yourself with unconditional love to help others and yourself to become whole. You have ability to heal through your understanding love as well as your healing hands. It recommends being gentle and patient.

According to the dictionary, the definition of compassion is:

-> Sympathetic consciousness or awareness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

Parsing out this definition, consciousness is deeper than feeling, it’s a knowing. Combine this knowing with the sympathetic feelings involved with the desire to heal another makes this heart-centered. Having the awareness or sight is another factor. So, knowing + heart + awareness. Hmm…

I think compassion means seeing with your heart. This is deeper than listening with your heart. It adds another layer of trust. Closing your eyes to follow your heart’s direction is more difficult than dropping your focus into your heart to hear its knowing. 

So, this month is asking you to expand on the heart openings of February and March.

Bottom Line: Allow your heart to equal your mind. Accept that your sight is more than your eyes, it’s also your perceptions, observations and instincts.

Have faith in your inner knowing.

See with your heart. 


There are two major astrological events this month as Mars opposes Jupiter Rx on the 5th and Neptune tones the True Node on the 22nd. These, as well as martial actions with Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx, all occur under Venus as the primary ruling influencer of the month. So, the overarching energy is about compassion, discernment and peace. 

Week 1: 

During the first week of May, Mars gets to work immediately as he confronts Saturn Rx on the 1st and tussles with Pluto Rx and Jupiter Rx on the 5th. Both of these events bookend the New Moon on the 4th. 

It’s an active week as Mercury gets into the mix by exciting Mars, confronting Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx, toning Jupiter Rx and then entering Taurus. 

The Mercury activity is fast and airy, but the Mars action is heavy and edgy. Taken together, you’re going to question your thoughts, actions and feelings about all of your past decisions and deeds. 

The Jupiter Rx triangle with Mercury and Mars provides lift, energy and faith just in time to help you deal with the pulls and tugs of Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx. 

All of these aspects continue the work of the retrogrades and nodal conjunctions of April to help you get ready for 2020.  Remember the overall energy of this year is supportive, compassionate and healing. Additionally, with Taurus as the Sun sign for the first 3 weeks, Venus provides further love, discernment and peace in all of your dealings. So, take action now. It’s much easier under these influences than it will be next year. 

Allow your mind to wander, your heart to open and your will to energize. You can totally look at your past, see with your heart and open yourself to nurturance. Nurturance is forgiving yourself. Forgiveness is giving yourself room to grow. Growth is recognizing you are perfect in your imperfections. 

This is an excellent healing formula for every part of you. 

The New Moon

On May 4th, the New Moon in Taurus reaches her still point @ 6:45pm EDT. 

Taurus can soften the other planetary activity surrounding this New Moon and thank goodness, because Mars doesn’t. Nor does Saturn Rx or Pluto Rx. 

Let’s start with the bookends – the quincunxes between Mars and Saturn and then Pluto Rx. Mars yanks on Saturn Rx, giving Saturn Rx energy as he’s just coming off of the exact blending with the south node. This is like having the weight of the world on your shoulders and Mars comes in, as he’s out of bounds and in Gemini, and asks Saturn Rx, “So what else have you got? No, I mean, WHAT ELSE HAVE YOU GOT?” 

Gemini is all about the mind, so in addition to your will being activated, your mind gets into the game. As Mars is out of bounds, this is crazy thinking. Try not to get caught up. When your mind goes nuts, take a breath and distract it. Give it something else to do. Then enter your heart. Your heart is really the only sane one in town right now. 

The day after the New Moon, Mars tugs on Pluto Rx with the same effect – “So, Pluto Rx, what else do I need to transform? How else do I need to be honest? What else do I need to unpack?” 

Yuck. Yes, I love Pluto Rx, but seriously, this is sticky, weighty and crazy-making. Go get healing. Come in for a reading. Get on your therapist’s couch. Talk to a very dear friend. Confide in your intimate partner. This is not to be left alone or ignored. Actually, I don’t think it can be. 

Let’s talk about the Moon – that beautiful New Moon at 14° Taurus. I’m so glad it’s a New Moon and not a full one. There’s possibility with the New Moon and only energy with a full one. Right now, adding energy is not the answer. Softening into yielding is the answer.  

The New Moon offers this possibility. 

Taurus is stubborn, fixed and determined, so how is this energy helpful? With Venus in rulership, there’s opportunity to stay connected with your heart and see things from its perspective. There’s occasion to receive love, healing and ease. There’s prospect of seeking wisdom from others. Allow Taurus’ sensual and simplistic view to take over by removing your mind from the equation and following your instinct. 

2019 is the year with Neptune at the center. Neptune urges everyone to connect to the heart and rely on intuition. May is a month to gain tremendous ground in this area if you allow it. Yield to your heart. Lean into your intuition. Soften into your knowing. 

Jupiter Rx is super helpful as he pulls on Mars on the 5th providing enthusiasm, optimism and drives toward faith. Have faith in yourself, in your intuition and in your knowing. Let Jupiter help you. 

On May 6th, Mercury enters Taurus to satisfy your mind through all of the senses. Mercury loves to perceive. Let him. Fall into the observing and listening sides of Mercury. 

The next day, Venus squares Saturn Rx bringing feelings of isolation, distance and fear about relationships, happiness and finances. The big trifecta is being tested. Don’t fall prey to the negative aspects of this configuration. Instead, get to work, extend yourself, make yourself vulnerable. 



Saturn Rx loves effort, hard work and striving for the summit. Venus loves the heart. Your heart gets a cleanse with this combination. Take strides to give it a boost by focusing on the long term and not taking anything personally right now. Ignore the negative triggers – these aren’t real. Look toward your future goals by centering on the long view. 

Week 2: 

The Sun is the main action this second week as he stimulates Neptune, tones Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx and asks Jupiter Rx for adjustments. Venus also gets into the action by harmonizing Jupiter Rx, tugging on Pluto Rx and exciting Mars. 

This is a supportive week after the wallop you received during the later part of April and May’s 1st week. It begins with Mercury kissing Uranus. Here’s brilliance – plan and simple.  Your mind suddenly accepts all new realities, loves change and actually wants to switch things up. Embrace this as change is happening. Let your mind catch up to the rest of you. This is a brief respite, but a needed one. 

On the 9th, the Sun plays with Neptune as Venus tones Jupiter Rx and confronts Pluto Rx. Be mindful of any power and control issues that arise as these will override the good cheer and pleasure this day has to offer. This relief is also much needed, so ride the wave and say yes to socializing and having fun! Take the day, if you can. There’s an offering of caring, insight and awareness combined with love. You can mend any fences under this influence as well, so if power and control threaten your bliss today – get to work on communicating your vulnerabilities to allow for relationship healing. Otherwise, plan to enjoy today. 

Let’s get your reward for all of your hard work and endeavors over these last many weeks and months. May 11th is the day with the Sun toning Saturn Rx. These earthly energies make for accomplishments, recognition of hard work and rewards for your efforts. 

On the 13th, the Sun asks Jupiter Rx for adjustments. With Jupiter Rx, there’s always the ‘Hooray for Jupiter!’ impression. Yet, this is a time of review and you may be sensitive to the places you’ve gone overboard. Be kind to yourself. You’ve taken risks and be grateful to yourself for taking action and striving for your best life. Any places you’ve left yourself vulnerable to overextension, take note and make a plan for correction. Then, take a moment to bolster your self-esteem. Jupiter’s got your back. 

The last day of this supportive week doesn’t disappoint. On the 14th, the Sun tones Pluto Rx and Venus excites Mars. Yum and yum. Get ready to be super charged. You have charisma, magnetism and charm. You have influence and power. This is a great day to start a new project, ask for a promotion or fall in love. 

Week 3: 

On the 15th, as Venus enters Taurus, she asks, “What makes you happy?” She wants to know how you feel safe, loved and secure. She desires whatever you desire and is ready to make it real in Taurus. Has anything come up in the areas of love, relationship, finances and security while Venus’ transits Aries (April 20th– May 15th). Here, the Saturn Rx-Pluto Rx-nodal conjunction may help you answer this question more readily. 

Whatever the answer, Venus in Taurus slows things down a bit and allows you to take a moment to make a reality out of your desires. Carve a few moments out of your day to do just that.

On the 16th, there are 3 astrological events; Mercury stimulates Neptune and tones Saturn as Mars enters Cancer. Mercury contradicts himself. He wants relaxation, creativity and dream time with Neptune, but also wants to get to work, clean up anything administrative, make deals and sign contracts. I say go whichever way speaks to you. 

As Mars enters Cancer, he gives up his racing thoughts and zany communication style for a more tempered approach. But he’s still out of bounds, so he pulls beyond his own borders. In Cancer, this makes him softer, certainly, but also moody, indirect and easily discouraged. It’s a deflation of his usual exuberance. It doesn’t feel good for the next few days, but as the Sun enters Gemini on the 21st, you’ll be glad Mar’s out of Gemini. Your mind may have spun off of its axis if he remained in Gemini along with the Sun. 

The next day, Mercury asks Jupiter Rx for adjustments. This pull is less intense than the Sun’s, because, hey – the Sun, but it’s a pull none-the-less. This time, your thoughts and conclusions are up for review. Jupiter Rx loves giving you a broader perspective. He thrives on expanding your viewpoint. With Mercury, his senses once again, include perceptions and observations. How can you invite your senses to lead you, instead of your mental processes? Will you take the leap into your listening mind and knowing instincts? With you expand your perceptions into the unseen? This is perfect timing as Mercury enters Gemini in a few days and will invite you to fill yourself with wonder. Let this configuration provide the stepping stone to go beyond your usual. 

The Full Moon 

Hello Full Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon on May 18th at 5:11 pm EDT. 

The Moon in Scorpio drips with power, depth and intensity. She kind of loves it here. It’s watery and securely placed in the YIN of the feminine. She’s transformative, determined and in full reflection of the sweet Taurian Sun. What is she asking of you right now? She’s probative. What does she want you to discover about yourself? With Mercury beautifully supporting Pluto Rx, you can dive deeply into this conversation. Scorpio won’t allow Taurus to deny or deflect and Taurus won’t allow Scorpio to over-dramatize. Get back to basics, simplify and accept the natural flow of life, while being courageous to heal your shadow side. 

Mercury-Pluto Rx gives you the ability to be successful as you ask for whatever you want. It makes you a powerful influencer. How can you use this energy out in the world AND in your inner life? Venus is also conjunct Uranus prompting you to generate change in your relationships and finances. It gets you back to using your instincts to create value in your life. 

On the 21st, it’s all about Gemini as the Sun and Mercury enter and then blend together here. This combination blows your mind wide open. Go with it. You’ll have a rush of ideas, solutions to problems and easy flow of communication. This is an excellent time for quick thinking, learning and taking mental action. Your intellectual faculties are at an all-time high. Use them. They’ve been eluding you for the past several weeks. 

Week 4: 

On the 22nd, there are 2 astrological events. One is flashy, so I’ll start there. Mars excites Uranus urging you to be impulsive, to seek fun and excitement while boosting your ability to tackle any difficult task.  You’ll feel this impact. It will be strong and obvious. 

Yet, there’s another more potent event as Neptune harmonizes the True Node making you sensitive to seeing the connectedness of all things, understanding the universe’s synchronicities and gaining major strides in spiritual advancement. This will be easy to overlook as it’s soft and elusive.  But, you don’t want to miss this. Make a note. It lasts for a few weeks as the mean node aspect occurs in a few weeks. (It depends on what you use for calculations. I say, let’s use both in the Year of Neptune.) 

On the 26th, Mercury goes out of bounds until June 17th. He joins Mars in the out of bounds category for the next few weeks. Your thoughts and will are both zany now. Mars dissipates energy in the sign of Cancer, but Mercury’s in his own sign. Mercury is all that right now.

On the 30th, here’s yet another test for your mind as Mercury squares Neptune. Welcome the confusion, doubt and suspicious thoughts. Neptune, once again, wants you to drop into your heart and use your intuition. What is your inner knowing telling you right now? This is what’s true. Your mind is playing tricks on you. Ignore it. Follow the guidance within. 

Adding complications to this day, Mercury asks Saturn Rx to make adjustments. He desperately wants good judgement, sound decision-making and serious commitments, but questions every one of these. Saturn Rx drives you to review all of your choices and Mercury oob serves to push you out of comfortable thoughts. Once again, drop into your knowing. 

Venus is also here adding complexity. She’s naughty today as she excites Neptune, giving you sex appeal, allure and magnetism. She amps up the volume on your attractiveness. This all sounds great, right? But, she’s also doing it with everyone else. If you have questions about a certain someone, don’t make any rash decisions today. They’re going to be at their best too. If, however, you’re in committed relationship, have sexy fun. 

On the last day of the month, Mercury opposes Jupiter for another round of taking stock. Review your dreams and plans and get into the details on important projects or decisions. It’s a good time, but check the facts and review the parameters. Make sure it’s not too good to be true. 

Also on this day, Venus tones Saturn allowing caution and reservation in your relationships, business commitments and finances. This combination calls for a sensible approach in all serious endeavors. 

The month is really all about the heart even as Gemini gets full impact the 3rdweek. If your mind is quiet at the beginning of the month, it won’t be at the end. The trick is to allow your heart to reign regardless of the strength and dexterity of your mind.  


Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Peach Selenite. 

Peach Selenite is a supportive and uplifting stone for when you’re feeling uncomfortable, out-of-sorts or generally a little low. This stone provides clarity, love and emotional understanding to let go of your past and embrace your future. It aligns all of your chakras, dissolves energy blocks and adds special focus on the sacral chakra for forgiveness and healing.   

This compassionate stone brings a higher level of self-awareness to give you a different perspective and to gain new insight on past events. Use peach selenite to forgive yourself and others for any mistakes, disappointments or transgressions. 

It also gives you the motivation to make a change, transform stagnant energy or develop a new habit. Use this stone to help you ignite your passion and will to level things up. This is the year – take full advantage. 

Lean on peach selenite to provide compassion, empathy and acceptance in all of your dealings – with yourself and others. 

Listen and see with your heart. 

 Thank you for reading and sharing with friends.

Remember, you are loved beyond measure,