May New Moon - Exhale.


Everyone’s been holding her breath for the last few weeks just trying to get through all of this heavy energy. 

I’m happy to say, you can take a breath this weekend. 

Saturday May 4th is the next New Moon with the Sun and Moon kissing each other at 14° Taurus at exactly 6:47 pm EDT. 

Ahhh…Taurus, ruled by Venus, asks what do you value above all else? Values and intentions are up for review right now. This comes as no surprise as you’ve been jostled, pushed and pulled these last few weeks. Things have surfaced, feelings have churned and doubts have agitated. 

But here comes Taurus – for a breath, a brief respite, a settling in. You sigh – a perfect exhalation giving you a moment of relief. 


Here’s a whisper amidst the grinding burden of heaviness.  

Who’s whispering? Who is Taurus? 

Taurus is earthly, dependable and comfortable. Taurus provides safety and security. She loves luxury, the senses and ease. She’s simplicity personified. 

This is going to feel really good after these last few weeks! 

There are other energies surrounding this New Moon that create dramatic swings. There’s Mars yanking on Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx on one side and Mars opposing Jupiter Rx on the other. 

Mars is crazy making with Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx accentuating all of your doubts and fears while Jupiter’s tug provides faith and optimism. 

I recommend diving deeply into your heart and embracing the essence of this New Moon. She offers the possibility of simplifying, getting to the core substance of your life. 

What matters? What doesn’t? What’s real to you and what isn’t? 

Above all else, I recommend enjoyment – quiet, comforting, satisfying enjoyment. 

Pause a moment with loved ones, intimate friends or loving family. 

This is a wonderful moment of reprieve. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 


As always, wishing you joy,