June 2019 New Moon - Just Say YES


The New Moon on June 3rd at 6:02 am EDT occurs as the Sun blends with Gemini at 12.33°. The Sun, representing your being and the Moon, symbolizing your heart, are awash in Gemini’s substance. 

So, what’s the deal with Gemini? 

Gemini is all mental and can be signaled with the moniker intelligence. Gemini is an air sign and like air, is ever-changing, flowing and facile. Going with the flow, Gemini loves to say yes. Gemini provides so much opportunity for you to say YES. 

Gemini communicates, learns and explores to the distraction of all else. There is tremendous potential to finding the truth in this sign, and truth that liberates can stand any amount of questioning. Turning the question over and over and looking at it from many different perspectives gets you to its essential core.  

Gemini symbol, the Twins, depicts the never-ending search for completion. Gemini has the most tolerance to handle the wholeness of life. Gemini allows opposites, so can handle the essence of the dark as easily as the essence of the light. 

Bottom line: Gemini wants to say yes, strives for the truth and yearns for wholeness. 

Hmm…interesting with the New Moon configuration. 

A New Moon (or dark moon) signifies the still point where the nothing in expression represents the potential of everything. This is the point when everything is possible. 

A New Moon is excellent for manifesting your wishes, dreams and desires. 

The issue typically is; “What do I wish, dream or desire?” If you don’t know, a great question to ask is: “What else is possible?”

This is the single best question to ask yourself. Ask this question during this New Moon and then make it a habit. 

Gemini is the best during a New Moon as Gemini can handle exactly where you are, accept this point and appreciate its value. There’s no need to start from a blank slate. 

So, asking yourself to say YES is one part of Gemini’s gift, but the others involve getting to the truth and striving for wholeness. 

Gemini loves to ask questions, so you can take advantage of this power to ask a few of your own. Perhaps these can involve what truth can be revealed about you at this moment? How do you understand yourself in wholeness?  

This New Moon offers so much opportunity to become self-aware and accept every aspect of yourself to change your life for the better. 

Other cosmic influences also affect this New Moon and they all represent aspects of your heart.

Venus, especially in her own sign of Taurus, is all about what you value and desire. Pluto is about transforming yourself to get to the core of you and this core involves your heart’s wisdom. Then, there’s the Moon, of course, but let’s describe Venus-Pluto first. 

Venus in Taurus harmonizes Pluto in Capricorn giving you a great glimpse into the things you value most. Pluto loves to dig deep and Venus thrives when she gets you to view yourself in the mirrors of your life. What reflections are your intimate, friend and business partners showing you right now? Venus shows you as Pluto says, “Yeah, keep looking until you find the truth.” 

Now for the Moon, she represents your disposition, intuition and how you like to be treated. She also indicates how you treat others. 

Gemini allows you to turn intelligence into wisdom by connecting the mind and the heart. You can also look deeply at every aspect of your heart by turning your mind over and over to see through the lens of truth.

Then and only then, can you achieve wholeness. In this wholeness, you can fully and completely say yes to you. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 


As always, wishing you joy,