June 2019 - Say I DO to YOU

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The expression this month is SAY I DO TO YOU.

The question is: How can you shift your perspective to see yourself as a brilliant, beautiful and magnificent gift to the universe? 

The Tarot card is the Ace of Crystals – Brilliance.

Life is a kaleidoscope of ideas and shifting your perspective just a tad makes everything look different. You have this ability to see things from different points of view. Use your imagination and be open-minded. Spin ideas around and see things through multiple perspectives. The brilliance of your mind emanates a light that is inspiring, clarifying, stimulating and revolutionary to others. Your natural brilliance shines through to help you believe in your unique genius and produce from it.

Bottom Line: These last weeks have been a cacophony of mental activity and the next few are no different. Align your mind with your heart to drop into your knowing to allow your thoughts to transform your love for yourself. 


The Mean Node is still conjoined with Saturn at 19° Capricorn and underlies the energies of the entire month. This is all about choice and with the softer energies of June and 2019, the choice is easier now than it will be later. 

I’ve titled the month “Say I Do to You” for a reason. This is about making a choice to CHOOSE you. 

So, let’s find out how can you just that. 

Week 1: 

As you skid out of May, take a breath. Thankfully, these first few days of June are fairly quiet. The New Moon is the biggest configuration of the week. Let’s see what she has to say. 

The New Moon 

The New Moon occurs on June 3rd- 12.33° Gemini - at 6:02 am EDT. The Sun meets the Moon to say, “Hey, let’s begin our monthly cycle once again.” As with any New Moon, it’s a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and original initiatives. 

In Gemini, it’s all about the mind and the ever-changing nature of it. The mind is facile, inquisitive and adaptable. Gemini loves to explore everything. It’s curious, open-minded and quick to gather information. 

In a New Moon configuration, there’s the opportunity of the new. So, what NEW thinking can arise at this time? What NEW interpretations do you have? How can you welcome a change in perspective? 

The afternoon adds additional input as Venus tones Pluto both in the earthly energies of Taurus and Capricorn. Venus in Taurus wants you to embrace love in simple and natural ways. Pluto in Capricorn wants you to adopt an authentically healthy image of yourself. How can you do this easily, simply, immediately?   

What do you value about yourself? Make a list. 

No, I’m totally serious – go get a pen and piece of paper and make a list of your gifts. If you won’t do it by yourself, join my Permit Yourself free FB group and we’ll do it together. Click here to join.

This is a thing. 

Let’s go. 

The next day, Mercury enters Cancer. This is a relief as the zany, crazy guy (out of bounds and in his own sign) has run amuck these last few weeks. In Cancer, he brings sensitivity and makes the emotional realm accessible to the mind. Ah…here’s a whisper and a sigh. You have the chance to listen, hear and respond to the nudging of your intuition. Take this breath as it only lasts a few days. 

The only downside is you may be overly sensitive or be thinking untrue thoughts about your place in the world. Drop into your heart if your mind has run amuck. Don’t buy into crazy thoughts today. 

On the 7th, Mercury is active once again as he excites Uranus. Oh, just what you need! They’re are both in softer signs, Cancer and Taurus, respectively, but they’re still themselves. So, new ideas, discoveries and insights flash into your mind at the speed of light. Take a moment and jot some notes as some of these flashes are brilliant. Stay out of the ‘I don’t belong. I’m not good enough. I don’t have what it takes,” doubts. Uranus is pushing you out of your comfort zone. Let him, but embrace the new. Lean into your future. Let your mind flow effortlessly. Let it keep turning until you get to a picture that feelsright. This is an exercise to connect your thoughts with your imagination; your mind with the heart; your sense of wonder with logic. 

Allow the connection – it’s where the magic resides. 

Week 2: 

There’s a lot of astrological activity this second week as you’re building up to the Full Moon on the 17th with its bookends of the big guns of the year, so take heed.  

The week is fiery with the Sun and Mars as central figures, but it’s also Gemini and Cancer – so the fire is dimmed a bit. It’s more stoic, rigid and cold, then emotional, chaotic and fiery. Is this good or bad? 

You decide. 

The week starts slowly, so enjoy. (By the end of the week, you’ll forget about this respite.)

On the 8th, Venus enters Gemini and the next day, the Sun squares Neptune. 

Venus in Gemini feels fickle as she wants to have variety in social, romantic and friendly encounters.  Be social, have great conversation and lots of fun! It’s a Saturday – have a blast and then actually plan to lay low the next day. 

On the 9th as the Sun challenges Neptune, here’s an opportunity for you to take it easy, rest and relax. It’s a weekend, so just kick back and allow any confusion or disappointment to flow right by. Do this to get ready for the day ahead. 

On the 10th, you get a glimmer of 2020 with the Sun shining his light onto Saturn and Jupiter simultaneously as he asks Saturn for adjustments and pulls on Jupiter.

Let’s start with the good news – Sun-Jupiter – opportunities for success, good fortune and easy wins abound. Sun–Saturn…hmmm…here’s a balancing act between self-esteem and self-discipline. With the south node still here, you’re looking beyond the present. You’re responding to the effects of everything you’ve ever experienced throughout history. Jupiter can help. Jupiter can make it easier to flow through this. Jupiter can support you as you roll up your sleeves and get to work. Yup. Work. The only antidote for this configuration is hard work, effort and discipline. 

Remember this is a glimmer of 2020 and right now, Jupiter and 2019 are super supportive. Move to the other side; don’t deny, ignore or push off. Go through. Remind yourself - sometimes the only way is through. Make this your mantra. 

A few days later, you cheer as Mars comes back into bounds on the 12th before he takes center stage on the 14th with 3 difficult aspects. 

But first, on the 13th, the Sun asks Pluto for adjustments. If you haven’t hit the relief valve over these last many months, this is a tipping point. (If you’ve been reading these posts, hopefully you’ve been heeding the advice and won’t get whacked.) This is about personal power and the feelings of domination and manipulation. They’re a bit out of control now, so just let go, allow, breathe. There are absolutely no answers, no particular right and wrong – there just is. It all just is. Accept this and move on. 

‘Cuz here comes Mars the next day – thank God he’s in Cancer and back in bounds, but he’s still Mars. He tones Neptune, but opposes Saturn and once again asks Jupiter for adjustments. As you strive desperately to achieve unrealistic expectations, you experience a combination of stimulated creativity, imagination and magnetic attraction with pent-up frustration, resentment and anger. Oh yippee. 

The kindest things you can do for yourself are either enter into physical activity, begin a self-improvement activity or fight for those less fortunate. If you’re feeling particularly out of control right now, do all 3. 


Because here comes the 3rd week.

The crescendo of the month. 

Week 3: 

There’s no question what to highlight this week with Jupiter squaring Neptune and Saturn exciting him as they both bookend the Full Moon on the 17th. It’s a trifecta as Mercury zips along adding his own brand of complexity. Thank fully, he comes into bounds on the 17th.  

Let’s start with Mercury. On the 16th, he’s not the star of the show by any means, Jupiter and Neptune take center stage, but Mercury adds mental stimulation, so let’s take a gander. 

Mercury lends isolation and sadness as he asks you stick to the original plan. He doesn’t want you to falling into the trap of dogma and to allow exaggerated beliefs get the better of you. Sounds easy, right? 


There’s a tangle this week that just doesn’t stop. 

The main event on the 16th is Jupiter confronting Neptune. You experienced this in January and that month wasn’t bad, so what can go wrong? 

Hmm…that’s the question. 

Everything else is different. June 2019 is NOT January 2019. 

January was super smooth, harmonious and easy. It was about dreaming big and opening to possibility. Seems like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? 

Now, there are retrogrades and karmic reckonings complicating your hopes and dreams. Now, it’s about staying the course and not getting off track. Who’s been thinking about big dreams, hopes or aspirations? It’s taking everything and more just to remain in place. 

Yeah – that’s the thing with retrogrades. And karmic reckoning? That’s a THING. There are no words for the impact of the karmic configuration. Right now, there’s only keeping your head down, staying focused and healing as much as humanly possible.


But, the healing offered this year is INFINITELY more than will be offered next year or for the next few for that matter. 

This is the reason the month is titled, “Say I DO to You.” It’s about commitment. It’s about choice. It’s about a lifetime of committing to the choice of you. 

Let’s take a look at the Full Moon. 

The Full Moon

It’s a sea of red and red means oppositions, squares and difficulties. But it’s the Moon and she’s all about love, so let’s hear her words. 

At exactly 4:31 am EDT, the Sun in Gemini opposes the Moon in Sagittarius. This happens every year and involves understanding how to open your mind to wonder as you allow your heart to speak its knowing.  No big, right? 

The trick is to let yourself wander, imagine and dream without falling into doubt, confusion or fear. Can you let go of busyness, anxiety or self-importance? Can you release distraction and sit in silence to hear the whispers of your heart? Can you allow all thoughts, feelings and emotions to bubble up without judgement? 

This is the thing of monks. The Buddha. The Dalai Lama. This is transcendental meditation and I have to say I’ve got so many people telling me they can’t meditate even for a New York minute. 

But, if you can. Drop in. Drop into your heart, hear and follow its knowing – that’s the goal of this year.  This Full Moon is absolutely magical for it. 

For everyone else, get into practice. It’s really the only way to survive what’s next. 

(Sorry – soap box. I’m literally doing everything possible to help you connect – FB groups, Insta reveals, blog posts, monthly memberships, my reading room, my online and live classes. Seriously, this is what I’m all about. I want to help you, but you have to say YES. You have to say YES to connecting to you. Your heart is screaming for you to listen. She wants to have a voice. Can you say YES to your heart? Soapbox out.) 

What’s up with Neptune and Jupiter & Saturn? The first aspects hit exactly in January and now once again this month. They will hit again in the autumn, but this one is about adjustments and refinements to the January impact. The fall will be about release. 

Okay, firstly, Jupiter square Neptune on June 16th at 11:21 am EDT. In January, you’re asked to change your perspective, open your heart and discern your truth.  How’s that going for you? Have you taken these last handful of months to listen to your heart and its knowing? 

Honestly, these last several weeks, it’s almost been impossible as you’ve been tested and tried with LOTS of mental activity. Now, there’s the added delusion of the karmic impacts. 

But, this is the easiest is going to get – for the next few years. It’s only going to get harder from here. 

Your faith is being tested. Your beliefs about your resources are being questioned as they may have been overly optimistic. Your illusions about romantic, serious or close relationships are being shattered. 

The theme of the year is discernment and there’s no better barometer than your heart’s knowing. 

Now is the time. Wipe away the rose-colored glasses and take a serious look at yourself and your life. What’s working for you? What isn’t? What changes should you make to realize the life of your dreams? 

Your heart knows. Take a moment to listen. 

Because - here’s Saturn. On the 18th after the Full Moon, he stimulates Neptune at 7:46 am EDT.  This is a supportive configuration, but it’s still Saturn. He says, get to work, be disciplined, make headway in your spiritual pursuits. He’s super earthy, so he’s not all Kumbaya and visioning during the lunar cycles. He’s about making it real in practical terms, creating form and structure. He wants you to have goals, set deadlines and develop routine to achieve them. This is a huge opportunity to dive deeply into healthy spiritual practice. 

Do you have one? Are you incorporating spirituality into your daily life? Have you embraced the spiritual aspects of you and woven them into your days? 

2019 is the year to do this. Your spiritual practice will make these coming years so much less difficult.  

Also on the 18th, Mercury blends with Mars in Cancer with the opportunity to align your heart and mind, but also with the opportunity to go totally mental. It could be for good; solving puzzles, thinking critically, arguing your case to defend yourself and others. Of it could be filled with nervous anxiety, difficult conversations or even open hostility. 

On the 19th, Mercury then opposes Pluto as will Mars the next day on the 20th. 

What an ending to this fraught week of astrological events. Ugh.  

This is literally a battlefield. A battlefield for your mind and will. Your mind plays games, invents threats and creates intimidating prospects while your will is wrecked. Honestly, you’re going to want to win, but there’s nothing to win. There is no success, only failure as powerful forces are working against you. Nothing will be brought to fruition right now.

So, go inward, seek healing, take a breath and use your mental prowess and force of will to get to the bottom of things. Do research to uncover secrets about yourself that may even be unknown to you. Wring out the last vestiges of transformation. Let your heart be the only one running the show. 

Summer Solstice

Neptune turns retrograde as the Sun enters Cancer on June 21st. Happy Summer Solstice.  Annually, this is a time to celebrate the union of the God and Goddess in Wiccan tradition and for practical purposes, it’s a wonderful time to appreciate the union of the feminine with the masculine. 

This is the tiniest glimpse into the ecliptic energies ramping up in July. Then, the Capricorn (male/yang) asks Cancer (female/yin) for understanding, acceptance and appreciation. Here, the feminine gets a voice through Cancer, as the male shines his light onto her through the Sun. 

Neptune adds to this mix as he stations retrograde. He’s boosting the feminine as he asks you to trust yourself, rely on your intuition and define your own lane.  (Here’s another posting for more on your own lane.) 

This would be a curiosity if Neptune wasn’t center stage for the entire year of 2019. Neptune has decided to be central to the height of the year as well - at its most abundant point. 

The summer solstice is about heart. Light. Joy. Celebration. 

Simply put – love. 

How can you love yourself fully?  

Week 4: 

Venus enters the fray this fourth week of June and it’s appropriate as love and commitment are its central themes. 

On the 23rd, Venus opposes Jupiter tugging on your discipline – can you make good choices right now? Will you overindulge, slip into laziness or lethargy? If you’re on vacation, enjoy. It’s a weekend here in America – so be lazy – relax and just chill. Just remember, tomorrow it’s back to work and real life.  

On the 24th, there are 3 aspects involving Venus and Jupiter. Venus asks Saturn for adjustments, Jupiter asks your destiny for them too as Venus confronts Neptune. Oh – this is the perfect trifecta. 

Okay, Venus-Neptune absolutely destroys any boundaries you have in relationship. Done. Gone. This includes romantic, friendship and business ones. This transit provides a foundation for the other two aspects, if you take them together and say YES to their transformative qualities. 

At the highest level, this trifecta obliterates your boundaries giving you a yearning for tenderness and affection. Then all of your relationships and your role in them come into question. You’re asked, “How do you know you are a gift in this relationship for just being alive and being you?” 

There’s no need to do anything, prove anything, produce anything. You are a gift without performing. Your destiny beckons you to be truly who you are. That’s it. Just be you. In your total perfection and imperfection. You are perfectly imperfect. Oh, and your significant partners are as well. Be at home in your own skin. Be emotionally safe with others as you’re exposed to the core. Belong in this beautiful collective of imperfection. 

Yeah. Not asking too much, right? 

The alternative is falling into the trap of being so vulnerable and needy that you confuse all of your relationships and either throw yourself into work to avoid everyone and everything or lash out at others to the same effect. 

If you’ve committed to yourself and listened to your heart these last many weeks, you have a HUGE opportunity of releasing outdated karmic patterns and finding new relationship with yourself and others. 

Or you can continue repeating these same patterns, over and over. Solidifying their effects on your life. 

The good news is Mercury enters Leo on the 26th bringing joy, fun and frivolity to your thoughts. Here’s some relief. Or Leo adds to the ego, providing separation, boastful pride and arrogant judgment of others. Let Leo lift you up. Leo is a leader, let him lead you. 

On the 27th, the last 2 aspects of the month involve Venus asking Pluto for adjustment and the Sun exciting Uranus. Step into your confidence and self-esteem to be honest about what you fear in relationship and what you’d like to change. This is an excellent time to start something new, do something different and shake things up. Discover new parts of yourself and let them drive your expression with yourself and others. 

This is your time to be uniquely you. 


You’re at the ½ way point of the year - how are you doing in your healing, revealing and discerning of YOU? Are you choosing yourself? Loving yourself? Making a commitment to have your very best life? 

Are you living fully? 

Do you accept yourself completely? Allow yourself to be totally and beautifully you? 

Do you know your magnificence? Feel your uniqueness? Give yourself permission to be authentically, unapologetically and unstoppably you? 

Let’s go. 

Permission - now. 

Commitment – now. 

Life – now. 

The time is now to say I do to you. 

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Ice quartz.  

This stone feels similar to Nirvana Ice quartz, but is softer in attunement to your higher level of awareness. Naturally formed ice quartz shifts barriers, opens consciousness and aligns with exciting possibilities. 

Ice quartz lets you access right timing by giving you the gift of patience, peace and stillness. When the time is right, the universe aligns appropriate support and scaffolding to achieve your dreams. 

Ice quartz allows you to emotionally heal, let go of past life entanglements and cure the need to repeat unhealthy patterns in this life. Regarding relationships, this stone accesses emotional independence and autonomy. 

Open to a new way to interact in relationship, especially with yourself. 

Grab a piece of naturally formed ice quartz to help you choose YOU. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

Remember, you are loved beyond measure,