Tips: Say YES to You


“I know I’m crazy and this is the very worst month to do this intensive,” I say to Greg at the beginning of May, “But, I so want to do this and I’ll just have to figure out how to fit it in.” 

Greg nods as he knows I’m going to do the intensive and will work magic to get through the month. 

I persist though as I want validation, “If I expect my clients to say YES to themselves, I need to model it as well.” 

Rationalizing even more, I add, “Also, this class will deepen my healing ability and I want to take advantage of these healing energies, so now is the time.” 

I think he tunes out as I continue about how healing this year’s energy is for people who seek their highest potential as he’s heard it again and again.  

Also, come on, I’ve already signed up for the class, so it’s definitely going to happen!


“2019 is THE year for healing,” I say to my VIP’s in class the other night, “the energies are super supportive for gaining awareness by saying YES to you. If you take advantage this year, the next few years will be so much easier.” 

Everyone nods as they’re heard me say this in one form or another these last months. 

I continue with the importance of saying yes and we return to the class. 


“You want to figure out your customer journey,” my social media maven, Kelly Paull, says to me the other week. “You do so many things, your potential customers may get confused. You want to make it clear to them how you can help.” 

I respond, “I reveal people to themselves by showing them their highest potential. I then help them get there.” I think this is so obvious, yet I bet if I asked 15 people what I do, they would have 15 different answers. (Hence, my work with Kelly).

“What is the FIRST thing someone needs to do to come see you?” Kelly asks. 

The lightbulb goes off – finally!

“People need to say YES to themselves. That’s the very first thing that needs to happen,” I respond. 

“Then, you need to tell them that and if 2019 is so great, you need to do it sooner rather than later,” Kelly continues as she’s heard plenty about the magic of 2019 these last few months. 


So, here I am with repeated conversations about saying yes and this New Moon’s energy is ALL about it. Obviously, I seem to wait until I’m smacked in the head to write about something. But I can wait no longer, the cosmos have conspired. NOW is definitely the time to tell all of you. 

What do I mean about “Say YES to yourself?” 

It completely depends on how you’ve already said yes to yourself.  Read the questions below to see which ones speak to you. These questions prompt you as you may not even be aware where you are in your yes.

Make note of the YES answers within the layers. If you have mostly yeses, move to the next layer. Once you reach more No’s than Yeses in a layer – stop there. That’s the layer you want to start with (and yes, they absolutely build upon each other.)  

Layers of YES

Yes to You

Are you fulfilled by your current circumstances? Do you remember to put yourself first at least some of the time? Have you given yourself permission to take time just for you? Do you even know what it takes to replenish and rejuvenate yourself? 

Connect to You

Do you accept you need quiet time for reflection?  Do you recognize you deserve space just for you to explore your wishes and desires? Do you remember who you are – a confident, intelligent, funny and independent person? Do you know how to reconnect with the awesome person you are? 

Be Uniquely You

Do you have clarity for your life mission, heart’s desires or soul’s purpose? Do you feel joyful and inspired on a regular basis? Are you passionate about achieving your life’s goals? Do you feel powerful, yet comfortable in your own skin? Do you believe you are unique with wonderful gifts? Do you know how to rediscover your gifts? 

Commit to You

Do you know how to commit to yourself and live life fully every single day?  Do you know how to love yourself as much as you love others?  Have you shouted yes to your destiny and cleared the pathway to realizing it? Are you enjoying an abundant, harmonious and magical life – under your own power? 

Wherever you are is pure perfection. Be proud that you’ve read this far and are seeking answers.  

Because your tips to say YES for each layer are listed below. Select your layer and read that section. Reach out with any questions. 

To Say Yes to You

  1. The first step in everything is realizing you need to be at the first step. So, recognize you have a problem and that problem is you’re not selfish enough! Seriously, you want to recognize you have needs. Accept you have needs separate from everyone else. 

  2. Next, you want to prioritize yourself into the mix –whether that’s the family or work mix. You’re now a line item in the mix. Look at your calendar, your family or work schedule, do you have time just for you? (Working out and doing nails don’t count if those are a chore for you. A hair appointment doesn’t count either – that’s just basic maintenance. Oh, and neither does puttering around the house and straightening things out.) 

  3. Now, you’re going to want to figure out what you want to do for yourself. (At first, you may want to nap or escape in some way. Perfect - do those things, but then remember those are not sustainably fulfilling.) 

  4. To determine what you want to do you need to give yourself permission to try things, explore and dabble. Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve been a priority, you may not have any idea what you want to do. That’s okay and totally normal (welcome to the club!). 

  5. Finally, you want to schedule your newfound activity into your life. You may need to get childcare or have someone else cover that extra load at work. 

These are the first steps to saying YES to yourself. You’re committing to spend time and resource on yourself. Good for you!


To Connect to You: 

  1. Know your inner life affects your outer world. In fact, 90% of life is lived below the water line with only 10% showing above. Make time and space for yourself to explore what’s beneath the surface. 

  2. Survey ways you can pause and reflect during your days and weeks. Yes, meditation is the best way, but there are others – yoga, fitness, cooking, art, gardening – anything you can do to reconnect with yourself. 

  3. Choose happiness and joy versus duty and responsibility. Your heart knows how to do this, so you want to hear its knowing. Tapping into your intuition is an excellent method. There are many great ways to develop yours, but the first step is to let your intuition know you’re listening. 

  4. Find self-care methods that speak to you specifically to help you remember who you are and embrace her. She’s magnificent! 

  5. Prioritize and figure out your own lane. This will make you passionate, inspired and joyful as you open to your own path. 

You’re establishing the connection you had before life got in the way. The ways may seem new to you, but they are effective. Once you start connecting, you’ll notice signs and signals from the world and may want to explore your inner realm more fully. Welcome this – it’s something new just for you!


To Be Uniquely You

  1. Go to someone who can reveal your life mission, heart’s desires and soul’s purpose. This is the quickest and most effective way. 

  2.  Once you know the answers, create joy in your life by choosing it. Spend time with people who give you joy. Yes, that means shifting away from those who don’t or at least, shifting your reactions to them. 

  3. Eliminate obstacles and blocks that stand in your way. Seek support to help you – this is big stuff. 

  4. Realize you have unique gifts and learn exactly what they are. Celebrate your gifts by sharing them with others.  

  5. Embody your newfound power. Be comfortable living your life out loud. Expand your edges, you need a bigger container for all of the abundance, joy and passion in your life!

You’re making strides in becoming uniquely you. This is amazing. Applaud yourself. You’re creating magic in your life.  


To Commit to You

  1. Say “I commit to living my life fully” every single day. Seriously, wake up and say this every morning. You can also add, “I’m so lucky to be living my life!”

  2. Give yourself permission to learn new things to experience your life’s path. Also, permit yourself to be a beginner as some things may be new to you. 

  3.  Make regular time to reflect, meditate and connect. You need this quiet time and space to recommit to you at every step. Saying yes is a regular thing – make it a habit. 

  4. Do relationship work to open your heart to trust and love with others. Open yourself to loving you – and really knowing it. Allow yourself to practice your newfound power and gifts with others. This will support your relationship work.

  5. Recognize clearing your pathway to your soul’s destiny, soul path and soul’s purposes is a life-long adventure. Allow yourself to have fun with it. 

You are becoming authentically, unapologetically and unstoppably you. Cherish you. You are a treasure to this world. 


2019 is the year for healing. 

This is the year to say yes. 

No matter what layer you’re experiencing - say yes to you. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

As always wishing you joy, 




P. S. I have solutions for every layer. If you want more information, just reach out. I’m here for you.