June 2019 Full Moon - Dreams

Full moon June-913475802.jpg

There are bookends to this Full Moon that override the energies of the mysterious one. The Moon is powerful with a capital P, but alas, even she can be outmaneuvered by other planetary events. The Full Moon with the interplay between Gemini and Sagittarius occurs on June 17th at 4:31 am EDT. 

Let’s give the Moon her due and look to her as emissary to bring her into the fold of all of the activity surrounding this Full Moon. Her light fully shines with Jupiter’s help as he blends loosely with the Moon to pull on the Sun. 

The Sagittarian quest to find the significance of life is close to your heart at this time. There’s heart yearning to reach for your dreams as your mind opens to all possibilities.   In other words, the wonder of Gemini tugs on the magic of Sagittarius to give meaning to your life in new ways. 

The big guns of 2019 are significantly influencing this Full Moon as Jupiter Rx challenges Neptune at 11:21 am EDT on the 16th and Saturn Rx excites Neptune at 7:46 am EDT on the 18th. These energies open the possibility of miracles and ask what you’re doing to embrace them. 

Other forces involve Mercury, coming back into bounds in the afternoon on the 17th as he blends with Mars to oppose Saturn Rx and the South Node as well as toning Neptune.  

So, lots of activity. 

Let’s break it down. 

Jupiter Rx-Neptune => This is a test of faith pure and simple. What are your deeply held beliefs? How do you philosophize about life? What do you dream about in the quiet moments? Looking at this in a straight-forward manner is all about possibility, but the aspect is now distorted with the retrogrades and karmic influences. How can you gain awareness and perspective on your belief system, creative pursuits and intuitive imaginings as they’re negatively impacted by fear, doubt and confusion? 

Saturn Rx –Neptune => This is about spiritual and intuitive discipline. How do you give breath to your inner life? How have you incorporated spiritual practice into your daily routine? What rituals do you do to enhance your creativity? This is a supportive combination. You actually can lean into these energies to help you. 

Mercury-Mars <-> Saturn Rx-South Node => This is a frustrating combination as Mars adds action, energy and drive to your thoughts, feelings and motivations as Saturn holds all forward momentum on hold. There is just no way to move ahead with this grouping. Alleviating this somewhat is the Neptune atonement, making you dreamy imaginative and creative. It also appeals to your gentle and compassionate nature. 

My recommendations for the Full Moon are: 

  • Open your heart. 

  • Entertain a small group of people. 

  • Spend time in silence for reflection. 

  • Make romantic plans with an intimate partner. 

  • Set wishing moments.  

  • Take a yoga class. 

  • Make time to be creative. 

  • Meditate about your closely-held dreams. 

  • See your favorite healer.

  • Journal about the meaning of life. 

  • Revisit your intentions. 

Bottom line: If you can soften into your heart space, there is beautiful support for all of your dreams with this Full Moon. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

As always, wishing you joy,