Pop UP: Why Should You Care About the Cosmos?


“What do you want to explore next?” I ask during a meditation in my latest FB Relax challenge, “Dive deeply into your heart and let’s review different topics.” 

We continue to breathe into the heart and allow her knowing to rise to the fore. 

I can feel the connection and the wisdom ripening in the heart. So, through this connection, I talk about each area. I then speak the word succinctly and clearly to allow its resonance to flow. 







Cosmic power. 




I ask everyone to weigh in on what they’d like to discover. 

The most popular answers are intuition and cosmic power. I’m a bit surprised. Of course, there are selections for other areas, but the most popular are intuition and cosmic power. 

I’m thrilled, of course, as these are both in my wheel house.  

Let’s survey each. 


I’m unfolding an approach to intuition that makes sense given its varying layers. Seriously, I can always do a beginner’s intuition and in fact, have a course on my shop already. But there’s texture and honor I want to add to the different entry points depending upon a person’s current connection. So more to follow on intuition. 

Cosmic Power. 

Yeah, I’m all over cosmic power. 

Actually, I’m lousy with cosmic power.

There are so many freely given options, you can pick and choose what works for you: 

  • Monthly influence blogs at the beginning of each month. 

  • New and Full Moon blog messages on each of those days. 

  • Announcements of the daily highlights on my FB Kaleidoscope page. 

  • Meme recommendations for every New and Full Moon.  

I’ve also begun my IGTV channel (@intuitiverevealer) with a Monday reveal for the week and a What’s up for the Weekend? on Fridays. 

I do Follow the Moon posts and talk about the Crystal Magic to support the planetary energy. 

Each of these options creates awareness and with awareness, you can decide whether to lean into star power. 

As you become aware of the energy, you learn how it affects you. Here are a few examples: 

  • It may give you relief to know you’re not crazy with your insomnia, it’s actually Mercury being naughty and way too active. Be patient for one day as everyone is in the same boat and relief is almost here. 

  • It may allow you to hold back on reacting to a family trigger as the Moon is confronting the family energy and just wait a day. Take a breath and then respond. Phew, needless fight avoided. 

  • It may urge you to do all of those pesky administrative tasks because Saturn wants you to get to work and Mercury is supporting him right now. Today is the day, make those calls, schedule those appointments and files those papers. Today is the easiest day to get all of that crap done!

  • It may allow you to make romantic plans as Venus is central to all energy and she wants you to enhance the love in your life. 

  • It may bring you success to know the right timing to ask for a promotion or to raise your rates. 

Those a just a few examples of the 100’s of messages I’ve given over the years. The stars are literally lighting the way for you and can make your life easier.

Awareness of the effects is the first step. The next one is knowing how to actually use the energy to bring it into your life.  

My Cosmic Connect group ($39), where you release and manifest, clears your energy during the waning Moon and creates your desires during the waxing one. This brings the energy of the cosmic realm into your personal life by helping you clear unwanted thoughts, feelings, beliefs or patterns and creating joy, passion, abundance and freedom. This group is amazing as you work with the 8 different phases of the Moon, instead of just the New and Full ones. I also teach you about crystals and Goddess energy to ramp up the star power. 

I have a secret Cosmic Ninja group (by invitation) that meets 5 times per month to perform deep and sacred ritual around the cosmic happenings. The power here is beyond imagining. 

Suffice to say, I am all over the cosmos. 


Why do I spend so much time and effort revealing the cosmos to you? 

Seriously, I spend an inordinate amount of time deciphering, revealing and opening the energies of the cosmos on a monthly, weekly and oftentimes daily basis. 


Imagine having a power pack available to you anytime you want it. 

Envision a group of supporters standing at the ready to give you exactly what you ask. 

Delight in a bunch of workers giving you energy, drive and ambition to achieve your greatest objectives. 

Lean into loving, compassionate and dreamy influences to gather love and light into your life. 

This is what the cosmos provide – to you. 

Every. Single. Day.  

Actually, this doesn’t even come close to what the stars do for you as it’s so much more. 

It’s beyond imagining. 

It’s beyond envisioning. 

It’s beyond delighting. 

It’s infinite. 

It’s magical. 

It’s powerful.  

And the stars are here all of the time just waiting for you to tap into their potential.

So, the question isn’t why should you care about the cosmos?

The question is how can you not

The cosmos are here – waiting. 

Just. For. You. 

Will you say YES? 

Yes to magic. 

Yes to support. 

Yes to power. 

Yes, yes, yes.

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 


As always, wishing you joy,