Happy Summer Solstice!


“Oh, the Full Moon isn’t on the solstice? I thought it was,” one client says the other day. 

“Why is the Full Moon on Monday and the Solstice on Friday?” another client asks in session yesterday. 

“So, what exactly is the solstice?” a client asks via FB messenger this morning. 

When I get repeated questions about the same subject, I write a post, so here’s the answer… 

The Solstice is about the Sun and the Full and New Moons are about the Moon. So, the Summer Solstice happens when the SUN moves into Cancer (the winter happens as the Sun moves into Capricorn.) For the southern hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite, but let’s stay on the northern hemisphere to keep it clear. 

This year, the Sun moves into Cancer on Friday, June 21st at 11:54 am EDT. So, Happy Summer Solstice! 

It’s the longest day of the year. Hooray! Glorious daylight – yum, yum, yum. 


Pagan rituals abound even now. CNN has posted an article about celebrations in Sweden, Greece and Eastern Europe. Click here to read.

Go to Stonehenge on the summer solstice with thousands of others to ring in the harvest celebration of the Sun. There’s also the Glastonbury Festival (this is totally on my bucket list). 

The celebration in Wiccan tradition is all about the God and the Goddess. It’s the union of the feminine and the masculine. 

This year there’s more to the Summer Solstice as the ecliptic nodes are in the signs of Cancer (soul destiny) and Capricorn (soul karma). 

This is the tiniest glimpse into the ecliptic energies ramping up in July. Then, the Capricorn (male/yang) asks Cancer (female/yin) for understanding, acceptance and appreciation. Here, the feminine gets a voice through Cancer, as the male shines his light onto her through the Sun.  

Performing ritual of the unity of the feminine and masculine is absolutely divine today. (Yes, I will be doing exactly this in my Cosmic memberships.)


There are other planetary aspects hitting on this same day. Neptune turns retrograde an hour or so before the Sun enters Cancer on Friday - 10:36 am EDT to be exact. 

Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces at 18.43° where he will travel back to 15.55° until November 27th. He’s super powerful in his own sign as he’s been since 2011 and will remain until 2025. In other words, you’ve grown use to this energy. 

Neptune in Pisces is dreamy, imaginative and creative. He’s also crazy intuitive, yet fuzzy and cloudy. He puts a veil between you and reality.  As he’s center stage this year, any movement on his part has a big impact on the stars (and thus you).

This year Neptune is being vexed by Jupiter and stimulated by Saturn. He’s being asked to power up your intuitive nature, amp up your creativity and boost your feminine side. 

He’s requiring you to develop a spiritual routine, to incorporate spirituality into your days and to define your own lane in life. 

As he turns retrograde, Neptune wipes the veil clean to allow you to see things as they truly are. This alone would be enough to drive you a little crazy right now, but there are other contributing factors. 

The Moon is in Aquarius as Neptune turns and the Sun moves into Cancer. She’s also void of course. This energy feels disassociated, bereft and aloof. Your heart is being left to its own devices. 

The Cancerian Mercury-Mars blend pulls at Pluto in Capricorn.  Ugh. Forces opposing each other – your mind and will are opposed by power and potential manipulation that’s outside of your control.  

Also, Jupiter is close enough to his opposition of Venus to add to the mix. This is a positive feeling of good luck, social fun and romantic frivolity. Well, yay! This energy is completely in line with the celebration of the summer solstice. 

There’s a trifecta with Jupiter-Neptune-Venus that brings feelings of insecurity, embarrassing situations and tendency for over-extension.  

Discernment, definition and determination are called for right now. 

However, take a moment to celebrate the bounty of the season, the festival of light and the apex of the energies. 

The light is longest in the sky today. 

Sing. Dance. Play. 

Take care of yourself today and let others know you love them. 

And, let’s gear up for the eclipses. It’s only a handful of days until you begin another cycle. Yum. 

Happy Summer Solstice!

As always, wishing you joy,