July Influences - The Healing Month.

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The expression this month is HEALING. 

The question is: Will you go inward to heal or will you succumb to external triggers? 

The Tarot card is the Hermit IX – Law of Wholeness. 

The 9 is a wholeness number as is the 3, so think 3 + 3 + 3. The three 3’s represent the wholeness of you, the wholeness in relationship and wholeness in the world. Oftentimes, the focus is on two of the components while missing one completely or gaining each only partially.  In these cases, you’re missing the magnificence of the magic, abundance and freedom that is always available to you. 

The Hermit requires you to complete this cycle of wholeness with all 3 components as you complete your cycle of beginnings and endings. This card requires a great deal, but also gives in equal measure. 

You seek wisdom within and gain powerful spiritual guidance. 

You desire a loving relationship and accept intimate love beyond measure. 

You reach for your harvest and allow the bounty of the entire universe into your life. 

Bottom Line for July: Get healing. Go inward. Seek your divinity within.  


Overall, July is lunar. It’s all about the Moon as the Sun’s in Cancer, the Moon’s natural sign, for most of the month.  There’s a Black Moon on July 31st as there are three New/Full Moon cycles in the US and there are two eclipses.   

Hello Bella Luna. 

How about other influences? 

  • Saturn Rx continues his travel with the South Node (I really wish this blend would let up)

  • Mercury stations retrograde for most of the month (July 7 – 31st through Leo and back into Cancer on the 19th). Oh, the joys of communication, technological and travel mishaps. 

  • Chiron positions retrograde on the 8th, where he’ll remain until December 13th. He joins Jupiter Rx, Pluto Rx, Saturn Rx, Neptune Rx and Mercury Rx. The only outer planet NOT retrograde is Uranus. 

For those keeping track of the retrograde status of the Outers: 

  • Jupiter Rx (Sag)April 10th– August 11th

  • Pluto Rx (Cap) April 24th– October 3rd

  • Saturn Rx (Cap)April 30th– September 18th

  • Neptune Rx (Pis)June 21st– November 27th

  • Chiron Rx (Ari)July 8th– December 13th

  • Uranus(Tau)August 12th– January 11th

Week 1: 

On the 1st day of the month, Mars enters Leo and the fiery planet loves the fiery sign. Mars in Leo makes sport out of fun, seeks joy and loves the adventure of personal expression and drama. Yes, lots of drama. You have gentle energies surrounding this fire, so hopefully you can stay off the emotional roller coaster. 

Remember the relationship energies of the last week of June to take stock of how you’re navigating these influences. 

  • Breathe and chill if you’re getting caught up in the illusion of boundaries 

  • Dive deeply within if your tripping over the fears of being in true alignment. 

  • Get to work if you’re retreating from the world too much to avoid confrontation. 

You want to retain your balance as you enter this beautiful ecliptic and healing energy this month. 

It’s super delicious, so you want to gather every last drop of it.

New Moon:

Hooray for the summer eclipses! 

The first one reaches its maximum point on the 2nd at 3:23 pm EDT and it’s a Total Solar Eclipse as the Sun, Moon and Earth are in complete alignment. It’s not visible here in America, but will be in some parts of Chile and Argentina. I’ll be writing more on the eclipses in my July 2nd post. 

For this post, I want to separate out the New Moon from the ecliptic energies so you can discover the impact of each. 

This Cancer New Moon occurs a few minutes before the eclipse at 3:16 pm EDT and brings all things loving to you.  The Moon – your heart. She breathes into you with her fullest expression as the Sun blends with her perfectly at this moment. Your being and your heart beat as one for this stunning moment of perfection. Breathe into her. Breathe into you. Bask in her love of everything YOU. She’s sweet and tender in her embrace. Sink into her. Know her bounty. Feel her love. She’s supporting you at all times, but you feel this synchronicity right now. 

The eclipse comes along and asks you to do healing. It’s all about ritual and intention. Follow your instinct and see what resonates with you. The Sun is in its peak potential, but your sight is blinded, so trust your heart. 

The Cancer energy is also about the past and family, so dive deeply into each to see what comes up for healing. Stay with it and ride the wave. Use this opportunity to take stock and assess your life experiences and ensuing patterns. See what you want to change. The Solar eclipse gives you the power to make change happen in your life, so take advantage.  

Venus enters Cancer on the next day and she becomes soft and loving as well. She slows down, becomes patient and affectionate. She’s been mental, social and fickle these last few weeks, so welcome the placement of the love, peace and beauty to the Sun and North Node (soul destiny). 

Happy 4th of July! 

The stars always give you peeks into important energies before they come fully upon you, so it’s not a coincidence that Saturn Rx opposes the True Node on this day. Capricorn is serious, structured and traditional and Saturn is about leadership, responsibility and authority. 

The destiny of the United States is tied to these ecliptic or nodal points through its Cancerian Sun and with its ruling planet of Jupiter also in Cancer and its placement of Pluto in Capricorn. These eclipses affect the country in significant ways. 

Also, the birth of the USA is in its reckoning as it approaches its Plutonian return in 2022. Here’s a glimpse into the future of the country’s foundation and as a reigning leader of the world, the entire world will be affected. 

This is a good reminder that you have chosen to be here at this time and in this place. Additionally, you have elected to participate in the world. Wherever you live, it’s the place of your choosing. You’ll be riding the worldly waves of change throughout the early 2020’s. 

Many of those on the spiritual path speak of not being able to read the news or be knowledgeable of what’s going on in the world. If this is temporary, that’s fine.  If it’s chronic, however, it’s just plain bullshit. Yes, you may be pursuing spirituality, but you are human and have an obligation to step up and actuate in this world. Knowing the world stage is just as important as knowing the etheric energies. There’s no real separation. You’re living an illusion if you think otherwise. 

So, notice the happenings of this day in the world, but also observe any pulls and tugs in your own life. There’s profound strength and transformation energy here, but there’s also limitation and struggle with power and control. Watch how you relate to others in forms of structure and authority in your life. Are you typically too disciplined, controlling or rigid? Or are you usually too loose, indulgent and lacking fortitude? 

This is all coming up for balancing at this time. The energies of 2019 and particularly this month are supportive for releasing and healing. You have the opportunity to let go and rid yourself of beliefs, emotions and behaviors that no longer serve you. As you do your individual work, it helps everyone on the planet. So, yay. Let’s all seek healing this month. 

On the 7th, Mercury begins his tricks again as he stations retrograde in the sign of Leo. He stations retrograde at 4.27 ° Leo and zips into Cancer on the 19th and remains retrograde until the 31st at 23.58 ° Cancer. He’s been so naughty, going out of bounds in his own sign of Gemini and wreaking havoc on the mind for weeks on end and here he is again. This time, however, he’s in Leo (until the 19th), so he wants you to reevaluate your thoughts and beliefs about joy, trust and personal expression. 

He’s also going to ask you to review leadership, status and your position in the world. How authentic are you in your life? How aligned are you to your soul’s purpose? How much joy and trust do you have in your heart? Open to yourself fully as these energies are heaven sent to help you do each. 

Also, are your external expressions in resonance with your internal world? If not, now is an excellent time to get into alignment. 

Week 2: 

The second week begins with Chiron stationing retrograde on the 8th at Aries 5° to 1° until December 13th as he positions direct once again. 

Chiron, the wounded healer, usually can heal everyone except himself, but in retrograde, he has the opportunity to create awareness for self-healing. He’s able to access and release spiritual wounds and in Aries, it can be like a spiritual detox. Aries has the ability to shred the past and start anew. 

Aries is the sign of awakening and allows for the awakening of everyone right now. This is a wake-up call to live your life fully and to stay in your individuality. This is the moment for you to be brave enough to recognize your true self, embrace your true potential and strive for your true mission.    

There are 3 other aspects in ‘support’ today: Venus excites Uranus, the Sun and Jupiter Rx adjust themselves and Mercury Rx blends with Mars. 

For the positive influence, Venus-Uranus has you looking for new love, excitement and change in relationships as you’re willing to take risks, be creatively innovative and seek interesting and eager people. 

For the trying forces, firstly you experience heightened mental activity either in rapid response, aggression or impulsive nervousness with the Mercury Rx-Mars blend. Mercury Rx is not really able to gain forward ground, so frustrates Mars. This will be more explosive than the blending in mid-June with the retrograde status and the fiery Leo sign. Stay patient. Breathe.

Secondly, the Sun-Jupiter Rx quincunx, makes you restless and this restlessness makes you want to say YES to too many things. It pushes you beyond your limits. Practice discernment. Do physical activity. Disconnect to remove temptation.  

You have opposing forces upon you the next day. Don’t fall prey to the trap of defensiveness, denial or giving into impulse.  It will erode the beauty of the Chiron station. 

The Sun opposes Saturn Rx on July 9th. There’s a power asking you if you’re positive about the choices you’re making right now. This combination prevents you from moving forward, literally limiting any and all movement. You won’t be able to see this force other than knowing it’s there as you’re just plain stuck. The traffic cop leaves you feeling alone, distant and cold. It dissipates your energy in order to have you reassess, take stock and garner resource to take your next step. This is a pause moment. See it as such and gather yourself. This is pure perfection for the next two aspects coming upon you on the 11th.  

On this day, the Sun tones Neptune Rx and Mars confronts Uranus giving you a deeper and wider understanding of your place in the world as you strive to break free and express your wild and crazy side. Oh, yum. 

The lovely watery energies of the Sun-Neptune Rx combination support the manifestation of your hopes and dreams and the earthly-fiery blend of Mars-Uranus provides the opportunity for you to actually realize them. Super yum. 

Because, the 14th? It’s not so yummy with the Sun opposing Pluto Rx making everything seem out of control, imbalanced and of crisis proportions. Stabilize yourself through breath and by embracing change. This is a glimpse of the Full Moon in a few days. Any changes may be chosen or just be upon you. If you’ve been doing the deep work, you’ll have more choice. If not, the change may be surprising. Either way, how you respond is up to you. You have the strength to deal with anything life throws at you. Know this to be true. You’ve got this. 

Full Moon

Happy partial Lunar eclipse and Full Moon on July 16th as the eclipse reaches maximum point at 11:08 am EDT and the Moon reaches her apex at 5:39 pm EDT. The Full Moon and partial Lunar eclipse are about 6 hours apart with the eclipse happening before the Moon reaches exactly full. The other influences are the same, so let’s explore each lunar happening with the overall astrology. 

This is a strong pull between the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn. It’s even more pronounced as Cancer’s natural state is the Moon and the ecliptic intensity this month. Also, Venus, Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx add powerful force to both lunar points on this day. 

First, the eclipse. 

In a lunar eclipse, the Earth gets between the Sun and the Moon, so the Moon is in the Earth’s shadow. She requires you to get past anything that’s been holding you back; in other words, “eclipse it”. Reach into your shadow, shed light and let it go. 

Second, the Full Moon. 

Cancer wants you to max out your heart space with love for yourself and others and Capricorn urges you to be true to yourself out in the world. The underlying foundation is embodying your inner power in order to express your inner authority out into the world. 

Third, the powerful influences. 

Pluto Rx blends with the Moon, bringing emotional dramas, power struggles and obsessive behaviors into the Sun’s shining light. This light is hidden by the Earth, however, so any triggers may not be obvious on this day. You’ll have to look back over the last 6 months to find the true meaning of your feelings. 

Venus opposes Saturn Rx as he kisses the South Node (this kiss has been ongoing since April and will get lift off at the beginning of November). This combination makes you feel alone, bereft and lost. It makes you question your financial structures and creates doubt about your own value. It brings all of your relationships, past and present, into the fore asking you to accept your part of responsibility for any difficulty.    

Venus asks Jupiter Rx for adjustments as she passes the 150° point with this gaseous giant. You will recognize the imbalances in relationships and finances, however, you’ll have the charm and good fortune to ride the wave of this configuration.  

Expect secrets, buried memories and forgotten traumas to be revealed during this Full Moon/Eclipse. What you do with them is up to you. 

For history buffs, this is also the 50th anniversary of the USA space landing on the Moon by Apollo 11. 

I love how the Moon is acting out on her anniversary!

Week 3: 

The Venus-Saturn Rx opposition hits exact on July 17th, but you’ll have already felt its effects during the Full Moon. 

On the 18th, Venus tones Neptune Rx allowing you to relax, dream and create or find romance with another. It’s also a good time to be in service for a worthy cause. Overall, this provides breath and relief to the other energies right now. 

The next day, Mercury Rx enters Cancer once again as Pluto Rx enters his own nodal descent. Your thoughts are more heart-centered or emotional, depending on your ability to deal with feeling uncomfortable and insecure. Pluto asks you to seek transformation, to deal with yourself honestly and to embrace your wholeness. This ultimately will make you feel loved, supported and secure, but the process will be anything but. 

On the 21st, your closest relationships will be taxed as Venus opposes Pluto Rx. Talk things out, give yourself space, remember you love and respect each other. Pluto Rx is giving it to you right now by telling you your significant other is hungry for power, too controlling or too rigid in his or her requirements. Breathe. Get perspective. Open your heart to yourself and your intimate partner(s). Don’t slip into the trap of blaming others for your lack of inner authority. Claim your power on your own, not by bringing others down. Stay in your own lane. Stand in interdependence. It’s the leaning, enabling and apologizing stances that create turmoil. 

On this same day, the Sun blends with Mercury Rx on the cusp of Cancer into Leo. This is one last breath this year to express your thinking in Cancerian ways. Mercury blends with the Sun frequently, but this is a helpful moment to align your heart and mind. Cancer has a way of doing that for you. 

Week 4: 

The Sun enters Leo on the 23rd for fun, laughter and joy. The Sun is at home in Leo giving heightened fire to this giant fiery star. It’s a time to step into the spotlight, express yourself and your leadership capabilities. This is a time of passion, creativity and generosity. Open heart, full trust and grand gestures abound. 

On the 25th, Mercury Rx kisses Venus and Mars tones Jupiter Rx. High energy, romance, sexy passion, fun social engagements and good fortune. This is an excellent to ask for what you want as you’ll get it. Be charming, effusive and engaging. Ask for that raise or that favor or that date. Yes, yes, yes. 

On July 27, Mars asks Saturn Rx for adjustments. How frustrating! You’ve most likely given your power away by taking on too much responsibility that isn’t your own or someone else is travelling in your lane taking credit or claiming ownership. In the first case, allow others to stand on their own two feet and meet their own responsibilities.  

In the second, define your lane, embrace your right to take up space and align with your unique gifts. Allow others a pass as they’ll flame out by the end of the year. Integrity is the rage of 2020, but not this year. This year, they’ll get away with it. Let it go. Find an outlet to release your pent-up energy. 

On the 28th, Venus enters Leo where she’s enthusiastic, inspiring and gregarious. She has a temper as she’s dramatic and swings with the highs and lows of life in full temper. She has style and flair and is driven by creativity. She knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to make it known to others.

The next day, the Sun squares Uranus, bringing change – unexpected and new. Uranus always creates chaos and positive change, but you may not be aware of the positivity in this change. Be flexible and accept any change as ultimately it will be good for you. 

On the 30th, Mars and Neptune adjust each other making you supremely indecisive. This is a fairly fast-moving transit, so if you’re typically decisive, allow it to move through and you’ll be fine. If you’re indecisive, however, you’re paralyzed even more during this transit. Don’t make any decisions right now. They won’t be fruitful. 

New Moon/Black Moon:

On the last day of the month, there’s another New Moon, making this a Black Moon, but not according to the UTC calendar as the timing is 11:12 pm EDT making it an August 1st New Moon on the official calendar.  

This New Moon has less impact than the one on July 2nd as it’s not an eclipse. There’s break-away pressure as the Sun-Moon combination in Leo are in a tight orb squaring Uranus. Venus, kissing the Sun-Moon, also squares Uranus. You yearn for freedom, independence and excitement in your relationships. Keep your heart and mind open to change and watch a new path open before you. 

Mercury stations direct once again stabilizing conversations, travel events and technological workings. You’ve made it through another Mercury retrograde cycle. Phew! 

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Magnesite. 

This stone stimulates love of self and others. It helps with unconditional love in difficult relationships, seeing the wholeness of others and keeping objectivity and a positive attitude. 

It’s an excellent meditation stone as it’s soothing and relaxing. It quiets your mind while activating your heart. 

Although calming, this stone is transformative as it turns your weaknesses into strengths allowing for big change in your life. 

Magnesite influences positive achievement in getting what you want and need. It unlocks your creativity and imagination, so is excellent to use under Neptunian forces. It enhances psychic gifts and aids in visions. 

This multi-tasker aligns you with your needs and desires, nudges you to love yourself and boosts your self-esteem. 

It brings you to your authenticity in gentle ways as it encourages you to be honest with yourself and allows you’re the genuine version of yourself to surface. 

This stone helps you create the life of your dreams. 


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,