July New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse - LOVE ALIGNMENT

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The New Moon on July 2nd is also a Total Solar Eclipse only minutes apart from each other. The New Moon hits exact at 3:16 pm EDT and the eclipse reaches maximum point at 3:23 pm EDT.  

The New Moon has other configurations adding to its energy, however, other than Mercury square Uranus, they include the Jupiter-Neptune and Saturn-Neptune big gaseous guys that have been within configuration for months. You’ve gotten familiar with these energies for the past handful of months and they’ll be around until mid-autumn. 

These are the influences asking you to remove your rose-colored glasses and take honest stock of where you are in your life. They test your faith, yet ask you to take the plunge into spirituality in ways you haven’t to date. 

The easiest way to do this is to drop into your heart and ask for its knowing. Follow your heart’s wisdom, yet that’s been trying for you over the last handful of weeks with the karmic energies of Saturn-Pluto in your soul’s history. Yuck. 

Guess what? Here comes the New Moon in Cancer and the Total Solar Eclipse. Hallelujah. 

Cancer, the gorgeous nurturing heart-centered energy. Yum. Cancer helps you open to your heart and with the eclipse, aligns your mind, heart and being into one perfect edge. Wrap the Sun-Moon combination around you to step fully into yourself as you have the opportunity to completely embrace yourself in deep and total self-love. 

Taking in the Mercury-Uranus configuration (although not exact - it’s within 2°)you have the opportunity to be inventive, creative and intuitive. You want new viewpoints and fresh perspectives. Use this as you answer the following questions: 

How can you show love to yourself? 

  1. Say YES to you by giving yourself permission to explore you

  2. Make a list of things you love

  3. Tell a friend or your partner about your 3 favorite things

  4. Make a commitment to take time just for you

  5. Choose one or two of your favorite things

  6. Arrange for support and make time in your schedule

  7. Make the appointment(s) to schedule into your week

  8. Tell someone else how you liked to be loved

  9. Let them show you and then ask them too

  10. Show them in the way they like to be loved

Opening to love to you and to others is so Cancerian. Let the New Moon show you how. Ask for her support. Follow her guidance. Be in love with yourself and with others. 

The eclipse asks you to do further healing as you set intentions for the next 6 months. In Cancer, it’s about loving yourself deeply, family, roots and your past. As you show love for yourself, you’re opening to loving others more deeply. You’re also available for yourself in new ways. 

This eclipse helps you lean into your instinct and trust your heart. With the Moon, it’s a yin energy and lets you let go, release and heal. With the eclipse, it amps up the Sun’s power giving you the ability to make change happen for you now. It’s yang and making things real in your life. 

Ooo…that’s amazing. You have the ability to create change – actual lasting change. 

What do you want to change? What intentions do you want to set and amplify in the next 2 weeks? 

Step into your intentions. Set guideposts for your life. Create a roadmap to live to your highest potential. 

Happy New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse!

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends.

As always, wishing you joy,