TIPS: Eclipses – Intention & Healing

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The stars in the sky move in elegant dance every day and the eclipses involve a 6-month and 18-month cycle that gives you the ability to make headway on your potential pathway. 

Eclipses ask you to set your intentions and then gain healing to remove any blocks impeding you from attaining them. 

So, potential pathway, here you come!

How great is that? 

Each eclipse brings release and healing as well as a boost of power that lasts 6-months. They amp up the Moon’s power from a period of one month to six! 

A six-month power pack instead of one. 

Sign me up!

Let’s look at the astronomy and then dive into the underlying meanings.  


Eclipses come in pairs every 6 months – one solar and one lunar. 

The solar is during a New Moon as the Sun-Moon combination aligns perfectly with the Earth, making the Moon exactly in between the Sun and the Earth. 



The lunar one happens on a Full Moon as the Sun opposite the Moon gets blocked by the Earth. 



Types of Eclipses 

Only read this section if you’re an astronomy geek. For all others, skip to ‘Meanings’ section. 

There are three types of solar eclipses: 

o  Total-  Occurs when the Moon completely covers the Sun, as seen from the Earth. 

o  Partial-  Occurs when the Moon only partially covers the Sun. 

o  Annular– Occurs when the Moon appears smaller than the Sun and passes in the center of it to form a ring of sunlight around the Moon. 

There are three types of lunar eclipses: 

o  Total– Occurs when the Earth obscures all of the Moon’s surface. 

o  Partial– Occurs when the Earth obscures part of the Moon’s surface.

o  Penumbral- Occurs when the Earth’s shadow obscures part of the Moon’s surface.

Total eclipses are more intense than partial or penumbral. 

Solar eclipses act as Super New Moons and lunar eclipses act as Super Full Moons.


New Moons are the perfect time to set intention as they hold all possibilities in existence at once. There is no imprint of energy other than pure potential. So, every month, you have the ability to lean into the New Moon’s influence to set wishes and dreams and then power them up during the first two weeks of the lunar cycle. 

A Solar eclipse brings the Sun’s energy force to the Moon igniting it to power any and all of your wishes or dreams. 

A Total solar eclipse is even more powerful with the perfect alignment of the Sun-Moon-Earth. As the Moon blocks out the Sun’s light, she takes all of the Sun’s energy into her to strengthen all of her natural intensity. You can act on your internal yearnings and hearts desires in ways that a regular New Moon or even partial eclipse doesn’t access.

You also have the lineup of the Sun-Moon-Earth to bring your heart into perfect alignment with your mind and will. Aligning your mind, heart and will is one of the weightiest influence you have at your fingertips.  

There’s a two-week period between the eclipses and with this pair, it’s the Solar eclipse on July 2nd and the Lunar one on July 16th. The waxing lunar cycle builds the Moon’s energy making this period the best time to manifest and create your wishes and dreams. 

During this two-week period, review your wishes and dreams to define your intentions. Look over any past ones and realign these with your current thoughts, feelings and activities. 

Then before the Full Moon, do ritual to fire up your intentions and set them in a special place to breathe and grow over the next 6 months.

At the Lunar eclipse, during the Full Moon on July 16th, dive deeply inward to see what comes up for healing. A lunar eclipse is the perfect time for releasing and this is different than with a regular Full Moon due to the Earth blocking the rays of the Sun from reaching the Moon.  

The Earth absorbs the Sun’s rays, hiding the Moon from her usual reflection as during a typical Full Moon. During a regular Full Moon, it’s a great time for celebration, but with the Earth’s block – celebration is not on the menu. 

It’s a time for reflection, soul-searching and releasing. The ecliptic alignment, once again, makes this a particularly powerful time for healing and release. 

Think about it. 

You have a super power-packed moment during the Solar eclipse/New Moon to set intention, 2-weeks to power them up and then an immediate release mechanism to remove any obstacles or blocks. 

This is why I LOVE eclipses. 

18-Month Energies

Now, the eclipses come in sets that stay in a particular zodiac signature for 18 months, giving you approximately 3 ecliptic cycles to work on certain energy. 

In 2019, it’s the energetic duality of Cancer-Capricorn. I’ve been belaboring these definitions for these last many months, but in case you are new to the following, here goes. 

Cancer is yin and all about the heart. She’s soft, tender, kind and loving. She wants you to love and nurture yourself and others in healthy ways. She’s how you take care of yourself in quiet moments. 

Capricorn is yang and filled with ambition. She wants success, responsibility and authority. She’s how you act in the world. 

Harmonizing this work-life balance is at the crux, but the underlying influence is allowing Capricorn to outwardly express your inner Cancerian authority. 

What to do: 

July 2nd:

  • Journal your wishes and dreams. 

  • Review past intentions and refine them.

  • Perform a New Moon meditation by lighting a candle or incense, holding a crystal and doing a guided meditation about opening your heart or clearing your mind. Go to @intuitiverevealer IGTV channel for either one.

Between July 2nd– July 16th: 

  • State your intentions. 

  • Do a heart activation with your intentions anytime. 

  • Beautifully write your intentions and then place them in a special jar or container. 

  • Activate your intentions through guided meditation by sending them into the universe. Follow me on FB @kecfreedom as I’ll be doing this with you. 

  • Once you’ve activated, put them in a special place. 

  • If you have an altar, place them on your altar. 

July 16th:

During the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, sit quietly and scan your body. See what thoughts, feelings and beliefs come into your space. 

  • Reflect on anything that arises. Say, “I welcome you. What message do you have for me?” 

  • Listen with your heart. 

  • Becoming aware is the first step to release. If you desire, get a reading or get on someone’s healing table. 

  • This is an excellent time to clear the pathway for your intentions. 

Eclipses give you amazing power to activate all of your wishes and dreams. Once you begin working with them, you realize they’re like a secret weapon. 

Say YES to you by leaning into the ecliptic forces. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

As always, wishing you joy,