New Black Moon – July 31st - It's Reset Time!

New moon-513958177.jpg

There are two New Moons in the month of July, not according to the official calendar due to GMT time, but for the U.S. – there are two New Moons in July. The second New Moon is called a Black Moon (not a Blue one as Blue Moons are two Full Moons in one month). 

The Leo New Moon on July 31st occurs at 11:11 pm EDT. This lunar signature has less impact than the prior eclipses. That’s okay – we’ll take a less potent lunar power. Less potent doesn’t mean without energy – there’s energy here and lots of it. It’s a reset, but it’s also filled with gratitude and joy. 

First – the reset. 

The cusp of July and August has an ending and a beginning as all cusps do. However, this cusp signals the cutting of any loose ends. It’s a time for you to let go of any energy, pattern, person or circumstance that no longer fits the new you. That’s the important piece – the NEW you. 

The newness comes from the Uranus energy involved in a tight orb of the Sun-Moon blending.  This gives you the urge to dissolve convention and to live by your own terms. Uranus is the key to your aliveness and with the Leo influence being energized by the Sun-Moon, Venus and Mars right now, your vitality is at an all-time high. 

Additionally, Mercury stations direct once again. Yay! You made it through another one. Communication, technology and travel will be smoother now. 

Also, Mercury shifting on this Black Moon day provides a change in attitude, perspective and thinking. Let your thoughts move into the new. Where your thoughts go, your life follows. 

Second – gratitude. 

Part of the cutting is being thankful for all of the gifts the past has given you. You are in the right body, at the right time, in the right place. You’ve been born to do what you are stepping into at this moment. Be thankful for everything in your life. Use the Sun-Moon combination in Leo to open your heart and trust these happenings in your life. 

Third - joy. 

Leo is a fiery, cheerful and creative influence. Your heart can be joyous, your will generous and your being warm and inviting. Generosity abounds under the right conditions and as long as you feel autonomous in your relationships, you’ll be happy and celebratory on this day. 

Go for excitement, be unpredictable and even feisty in expressing your gifts. Be a conduit of love – in relationship and to the world at large.  

Express yourself – fully and authentically. Be filled with the drama of you. 

Go big on this day. Celebrate yourself and others. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 


As always, wishing you joy,