August 2019 - Create Your Dream Life.



Overall, fun, lightness and fire reign at the beginning of the month with a practical landing of this bountiful energy at the end. This is a yummy month if you can avoid slipping into nervous tension and maneuver your relationships in healthy ways. Think about what you want, have fun to fuel your intentions and then make them real as the month comes to a close.

Excellent days: 7, 8, 11, 24, 26, 28

Days to tread softly: 4, 9, 15,16, 23


Open your mind to reach your full potential. Your mind creates your reality, so make your mind work for you this month. 

  • Welcome opposing information.

  • Use both sides of your brain - thelogical left-side and the intuitive right-side .

  • Be filled with wonder to use your imagination.

  • Let your creativity flow.

Dream big and make it real. Dream big and make it real. Dream big and make it real. 

Make it your mantra. 

Weekly Energies:

Week 1: 

On August 2nd, there’s opportunity for new, exciting and fresh relationships that may be lasting if you approach them with a clear mind and open heart. 

You welcome the new as normal drives you crazy. It seems boring and tests your patience. If you’re in a long-term relationship, shake things up in fun ways. If you’re railing against constraints with others, do something different together. (Venus square Uranus)

On August 4th, there’s a push and pull in roles of leadership or positions of power. Check yourself at this time if you’re bristling against authority. Focus your energies on physical outlets or dive deeply into work. (Mars quincunx Pluto Rx)

There’s a windfall for you on the 7th. Your self-confidence rides high as you welcome big opportunities. There’s possibility for financial gains and material growth. Broaden your horizons, travel or pursue spiritual growth. Enjoy - this is yummy! (Sun trine Jupiter Rx)

Week 2: 

The next day, your luck continues as good cheer, optimism and love abound. You also have good luck in investments with purchases and the overall value of your fixed assets. (Venus trine Jupiter Rx)

Additionally, it’s a great time to prioritize responsibilities, assess where to put your efforts and redefine what success means for you.  (Sun quincunx Saturn Rx)

On the 9th, assume responsibility for your role in relationship, however, take a balanced approach to not overstep and accept another’s responsibilities. (Venus quincunx Saturn Rx)

The good luck charm is back! Things will power up now that Jupiter is stationing direct on August 11th. Have you been holding off on any launches, new initiatives or getting projects under way? You can almost hear the firing pistol! Get ready, get set – GO!

There are 4 other star events on August 11th with Uranus stationing retrograde being the other big gun for the day. It occurs late in the evening at 10:30 pm EDT, so may be reflected the next day depending upon the time zone. Uranus wants you to be uniquely you and with Taurus, you have the opportunity to make any positive change stick in the long-run. Be yourself! 

With Mercury entering Leo on this same day, you can use this energy to think on a grand scale, to be goal-oriented and to act with confidence. You can be persuasive and convincing, so plan on asking for what you want on this day. 

Balance high ideals with reality, get feedback about efforts you make for others to involve them in your vision. Demonstrate genuine self-acceptance to avoid being unapproachable or difficult to understand. Expand your love expression. 

Be authentic. Take strides to gain independence and freedom. Express your true desires. Explore new ways to do things.(Sun & Venus quincunx Neptune Rx)

On the 14th, seek pleasure, peace and creativity. Have fun in romance and sexy fun. Meanwhile, enjoy ways to pursue healing by being honest about your fears and disappointments.  Embrace positive self-esteem as you reexamine things you’ve been ignoring. Be patient with any healing discomfort and allow yourself to grow in healthy ways. (Sun conjunct Venus and then both quincunx Pluto Rx)

Full Moon:

On August 15th, the Full Moon is all about love. Your thoughts, emotions and drive yearn for big love gestures, while your heart asks, “Really? Right now? With this person? In this way? Ummm…maybe not. Let’s not do this today.” 

So, love - how do you really feel about it? 

Your knee-jerk reaction is “Of course, I want love. I love to be loved.” But, do you really want the ‘big, dripping-with-gestures, sloppy-with-kisses’ kind of love? Or do you want that ‘chillin’, kick-back and coolly-collected’ love relationship? It’s an interesting question. 

Also, how is your love relationship with money? 

What do your finances look like right now? Do you attract, make, manage and grow money in healthy ways? Do you understand abundance? Do you know the relationship between self-love and money?

All of these questions arise today as well. Look carefully and explore fully. Healing is always available at the Full Moon. 

There’s a pull and tug between your desire for independence and freedom with your need for affection and adoration in love and with money. (Venus conjunct Full Moon signature)

Week 3: 

The next day, you have a chance to gain fresh perspective and have original breakthroughs, however, there could be shocking news or a big change of plans. Stay calm and go with the flow. This will alleviate any underlying tension and anxiety. (Mercury square Uranus Rx)

On the 18th, Mars enters Virgo, making you want to get to work. You have lots of energy for details, analysis and doing the right thing. 

August 21st is all about work and filled with good news if you exercise good judgment.  Be practical in negotiations, business dealings and signing contracts. Act in disciplined fashion as you carve any big projects into manageable pieces. 

On the personal side, maintain inner poise for outer health by avoiding nervous behavior leading to self-indulgence. Then, after you put in a full day’s work, get ready to socialize and have fun. (Venus enters Virgo, Mercury quincunx Saturn Rx & trine Jupiter Rx)

Week 4: 

Happy Birthday Virgo! 

The big question on the 23rd is ‘Are things way out of reach?’ Your practical nature takes center stage today after a month of Leo’s gregarious and bountiful nature. Your ideals and imagination may have been working overtime, so take stock now and reassess. Don’t promise more than you can deliver. Get grounded, tidy things up and lean into your organized and reliable side. It may feel uncomfortable today, but ultimately will serve you well. (Sun ingres Virgo, Mercury quincunx Neptune Rx) 

After the ‘touch down’ of yesterday, the 24th invites celebration, passion and inspiration. Go with the flow of life as you open up to trusting yourself and others to make good decisions. (Venus conjunct Mars, Mercury quincunx Pluto Rx) 

On the 26th, have fun, go shopping, fall in love! There’s the possibility of a financial windfall – it could be in the bargain bin or a surprise influx of cash. Your popularity is high, so go out and make new friends. (Venus trine Uranus Rx)

On the 28th, you want to take risks to start new projects or a new type of self-expression. Your instincts are strong, so go for it! If you’re feeling it, ask for that promotion, sell that product or start that relationship. (Mars trine Uranus Rx)

The next day, Mercury enters Virgo to join many other planets making you appreciate precision. You suddenly want to get to work, deal with details and organize your administrative tasks.  You move from the lightness of Leo into the dryness of Virgo. It may make you unimaginative, but it will urge you to be practical and careful in your business dealings. 

New Moon:

On August 30th, there’s a party in Virgo during the New Moon occurring at 6:38 am EDT. Virgo is everywhere. She’s a mutable sign that makes everyone a little crazy! She loves perfectionism and can be persnickety, making you jittery and somewhat anxious. To avoid being nervous, lean into your work, develop skillful craft or volunteer to help others. As I tell my clients, keep Virgo busy and you’ll be much happier! 

(Every personal planet is in Virgo – that means the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. The Sun is your identity, the Moon – your heart, Mercury – your mind, Venus – your love life and finances and Mars – your energy and ability to get things done.)

Also on this New Moon, you’ll have increased intuition, flashes of insight and brilliant revelations. You can dream up new inventions or take on difficult study right now. It’s a big day for brain power.  Stay out of anxiety and you’ll enjoy this surge. (Sun trine Uranus Rx) 

Monthly Stone:

Gain power in the stone of the month: Manifestation Crystal. 

A manifestation crystal is a pointed clear quartz enclosing another smaller quartz within it. It’s a rare crystal used to manifest a new reality – by dissolving or magnifying various aspects of your life. 

Aligning the mind, heart and will is necessary for manifestation with clarity and power. 

This rare shaman stone is said to be of pure vibration, bringing joy, creativity and light to its user. The younger crystal is enclosed by an older one combining young, vibrant energy with wisdom and remembrance. There’s a balance between yin and yang, of childlike wonder and knowing.                                            

Enjoy this crystal in this month of synthesizing the new with the old and the fiery creative influence with the earthly practical one. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,