Full Moon & Solar Eclipse July – Healing. Power. Love.


It’s fitting the Lunar Eclipse is part of the Full Moon signature on July 16th as this signature is all about the healing power of love. At 11:08 am EDT, the lunar eclipse reaches its maximum point while the Full Moon reaches hers about 6 hours later at 5:39 pm EDT.  

The stars of Venus, Saturn Rx, Pluto Rx and the Nodes are adding significant fuel to this already amped up configuration. Venus opposes Saturn Rx and the South node while the Sun opposes the Moon and Pluto Rx. 

There is just so much here. 

Let’s talk the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer is the Moon’s natural state, she’s at home here, but is in the opposite sign of Capricorn during this Full Moon. This happens every year, but this year, the eclipse adds tremendous weight. 

Cancer holds the energies of the Sun, North Node and Venus right now. Cancer likes to experience emotions and is a wonderful mix of nurturance and power.  This sign is also feminine and expresses the soft, easy going and sensitive side of this gender. Affection, loyalty and protection for love, children and family reign in this sign. Being at home wherever you are, feeling safe – emotionally and physically and healing are strong. Intuitive awareness is as well, so take a deep inhale for everything Cancerian during this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse.  

Capricorn likes to succeed through work and builds structures for support. She stands up for you and helps you think before you act as well as learn from your mistakes. She’s the logical, determined and faithful energy pushing you to do the right thing. She provides order, commitment and ambition to any person or situation. She’s the force propping you up to get to work, make effort and get results. This all seems rigid and cold. It’s not as Capricorn also has a cheerful, intuitive and funny side. Capricorn is female and her attributes reflect the wholeness of the feminine.   

Capricorn doesn’t understand the Moon – even a little bit. The only thing they have in common is the feminine aspect. The Moon is a feminine planet and Capricorn is a feminine sign. They can relate over the yin, the divine and the heart of the feminine. 

The Moon is the heart and Capricorn gives all of her heart to any task, duty or responsibility. So, here is common ground. Yet the outer planetary forces of Pluto Rx and Saturn Rx are skewing this commonality. Pluto Rx is in Capricorn as she has been for the last 11 years. Pluto Rx transits along its own nodal axis as well as conjoining with Saturn’s issuing a warning flare about power, security and control. This highlights the 2020 signature. 

This glimpse into 2020 is such a gift. It doesn’t feel like it right now, but it is truly a gift. Today, Capricorn’s flavoring is sprinkled with the Moon, the South Node, Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx. The Moon’s pass through is quick, yet powerful. The South Node’s pass through, however, is between November 2018 and May 2020, and Saturn’s is December 2017 through December 2020 and Pluto’s is 2008 through 2024. These signatures are here for the long haul.

With all of this planetary power here during this ecliptic cycle, it feels exactly like what 2020 is going to be for you. Stop and take notice. See what comes up during this lunar signature. 

This eclipse is all about - Healing. Power. Love. 

In other words, you have the healing power to love – deeply and completely. 

You also have love as its own healing power. There’s that yin and yang influence of the Full Moon. Whichever way you look at it – healing, power and love is available to you right now. 

This is also available to Mother Earth as she’s in alignment with the Sun and the Moon and is in fact, between the two for the eclipse. She receives all of the Sun’s energy to project onto the Moon, where its shadow is helping to uncover anything hidden or buried in the past. It’s all coming up for healing right now.   

Venus in Cancer blends with the North Node or your soul’s destiny as she opposes Saturn Rx and the South Node or your karma in Capricorn. Venus reveals the value set for your true destiny. Venus asks you to know your core values and to revolve your life’s purpose and intimate relationships around them.  What are your values? Your priorities? Your desires? In addition to your values, Venus wants you to review your finances and your responsibilities in love. 

Venus feels isolation and discomfort while she opposes Saturn Rx. This signature asks you to shed all external input and go deep within to find yourself in ways you typically cannot with other’s views obscuring your understanding of self. 

Venus also asks Jupiter Rx for adjustments so you have the ease of support as you recognize the imbalances in your love life and financial standing. All of your past comes to the fore for awareness and healing. Lean in and say YES. Let it all go now while it’s as smooth as it can be for you. 

With Pluto Rx kissing the Moon, feelings of fear and insecurity are unavoidable bringing enough discomfort for you to seek change in the areas of your life requiring it. The cosmic mirror of your soul holds up to Pluto’s intense exploration of the deep and hidden. 

The synchronicity of this Lunar Eclipse converging with the beginning of the journey for the Moon landing is meaningful. The start of the journey for Apollo’s mission signifies the beginning of your own personal journey. To be successful, allow yourself to explore, discover and heal your hidden secrets, your deep wounds and your soul trauma. 

This is big stuff, but do it now while the stars are helping you. They won’t continue to do so forever. 

Say Yes.  

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends.

As always, wishing you joy,