New Moon August - Purest Version of You

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The Sun and Moon share a kiss at 6:38 am EDT on August 30th in the sign of Virgo. Although they may have wanted privacy, they get a party instead, sharing this sign with all of the other personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars. 

It’s a party for five in VIRGO. 

Let’s talk about all Virgo’s gifts and the ways she challenges you. 

First, her gifts. 

Virgo is pure perfection as she’s in service to the world. She wants to help others through her skillful craft, work ethic and genuine dependable nature. She grounds Leo’s idealistic tendencies through practical means.  She has the inclination for healing and is deeply connected to spirit. 

She gives you the ability to observe yourself with meticulous honesty and assess where you are on your life’s journey.  

Now, her challenges. 

Virgo is nervous and I mean really nervous. She nags you until you make everything perfect. She’s relentless in her pursuit of perfection. She’s incredibly critical and filled with self-doubt. 

Her gifts and challenges are amplified by the energies of 5 planets. 

Sounds fun, right? 

Virgo encompasses all of your personal aspects and attributes:  

-    Sun– your identity, vitality and reason for living. 

-    Moon– your heart, self-care and how you rejuvenate yourself.  

-    Mercury– your mind, perceptions and how you communicate with others. 

-    Venus- your love life, your finances and your value system.  

-    Mars- your energy, passion and ability to get things done.

Your vitality, heart, mind and will are under Virgo’s perfectionist influence. They’re in perfect alignment with each other. 

Uranus trines the party. The beauty and simplicity of Taurus relieves Virgo, yet Uranus wants to start something new. There’s harmony with the purity of Virgo as she would love to begin with a clean slate. You have the ambition, mental facility, desire, passion and yearning to reach for the best version of your life. 

You also can revive your quest for releasing your karmic relationship patterns as the Saturn-South Node combination tones Venus. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. 

You have BIG dreams and illusions of grandeur as Jupiter adds tension by coming into square with Neptune. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for the 3rd round of this configuration.  

Make the impossible real to create magic in every area of your life. 

New Moon Recommendations: 

-    Think of fun things to do with your significant other. 

-    Schedule time just for you in the next few weeks.

-    Explore volunteer opportunities. 

-    Welcome new relationships into your life. 

-    Go to a spa or take a yoga class to relieve tension. 

-    Let go of negative people or circumstances. 

-    Fall in love. 

-    Offer your mentoring services.  

-    Develop a new health routine.

-    Review your finances and take steps to increase your bottom line. 

-    Register for a class or workshop.

-    Meditate and incorporate this healing into your days. 


Open yourself to the joys of incorporating magical ways into your daily life.  

Happy New Moon!

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 


As always, wishing you joy,