August Full Moon of Love Layering

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The Full Moon on August 15th reaches her apex at 8:31 am EDT with the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo. 

The Full Moon is always about opposites as the opposing forces of the heart meet up with the core requirements of being you. During his Full Moon, Aquarius pushes you to go beyond your normal edges, to dissolve any boundaries and to act in complete individuality. While Leo wants you to be fully yourself, express your truth and stand in your power. These are the common elements; the differences lie in the pursuit of your authenticity. 

Aquarius doesn’t mind excluding or even offending others, while Leo wants everyone to adore him. Aquarius doesn’t care what others think and Leo is completely awash in wondering. Aquarius is distant and Leo loves closeness. 

Look at all of these differences and we haven’t even added the Moon versus the Sun yet. Let’s do so now. 

The Sun has a natural affiliation with Leo as he shines brightly in the sky. Direct, brilliant, powerful, central to all others, essentially the life force of everyone. The Sun is the key to your self-expression and in Leo, this expression is personal, deep and vulnerable. 

Leo puts himself out there in dramatic fashion to see his own appeal through other’s eyes. If met with adoration, Leo is happy, sunny and joyful. If not, Leo is so hurt, he becomes boastful and arrogant to hide his true feelings. Poor Leo! 

The Moon is mysterious, nurturing and loving. She’s the yin to the Sun’s yang. She’s your heart and the key to your emotional satisfaction. She mirrors your cosmic soul and drives you to take care of yourself. In Aquarius, she’s questioning as she urges you to get to the core of your heart’s own wisdom while shredding all conventional and collective beliefs. 

There are additive factors making this Full Moon all about love and its layering. The airy sign of Aquarius puts your heart into the mental realm and as Mercury comes to square Uranus (2° orb), this increases your mental activity even further. It may bring an exciting and fresh perspective or it can add anxiety making your mind run amuck. 

Unsettling is the underlying motivation of Uranus. He wants to push you out of your comfort zone to enact change. He loves to shake things up and has recently come off of a relationship love shake-up from the beginning of the month. 

So, what do you think about love? This seems a ridiculous question, but as we delve deeper, you’re going to find it’s actually not.  

The other factor of this Full Moon is its central focus – Venus. Venus is at the heart of this Full Moon signature as she’s at the exact degree of the Sun; both opposing the Moon. The Sun could blind Venus, but in Leo – she’s not blinded. When Venus is in Leo, nothing can dim her light – not even the Sun. Who’s Venus? 

Venus is. 







Venus needs other to express herself as she’s about giving, sharing, exchanging, cooperating and comparing. She requires mirrors and in Leo, those mirrors are central to her need. 

Let’s add the Moon to the equation – who is the Moon? 

Moon is. 







The Moon engages your heart and your ability to take care of yourself. She adds security by representing the comforts of hearth and home. She doesn’t need any mirrors, in fact, wouldn’t even recognize what they are. She’s about you and only you. 

Let’s engage that overactive mind you’ve got running right now. Let’s explore each word of Venus and the Moon together – the results may surprise you. (Uranus is giddy at that prospect). 

What are your thoughts about romantic and intimate love? What nurtures you? Have you ever combined these thoughts to reveal your needs in relationship with other? 

What is beautiful to you? Design, minimalism, organization, creature comforts? What elements of beauty make you feel safe? There are studies that minimal input relieves stress while art and nature lifts the heart.  

Ripening your intuition relies on meditative practice which brings inner peace. How do you develop your inner life? How reliant are you on your intuition? How strong is your Moon expression? Imagine the peace of knowing – just the simple art of knowing without dithering, questioning or doubting? How peaceful would your life be then? 

What role does money play in you feeling supported? How are you supported in other ways? Do you value those ways as much as you value money? Can you think of money and support as an interconnected web of the universe? Can you value each on the same level? 

How can you compare value that you show others to the value you show yourself? Do you value your own needs in relationship? How about in business? Do you meet your needs on your own? Will you give yourself permission to nurture yourself? Will you value yourself enough to perform self-care rituals? 

Finally, self-worth and self-love go hand-in-hand. Enacting self-love brings your self-worth. Self-love is the yang action to the yin of self-worth. You can’t gain self-worth by relying solely on others – there’s a necessary internal process. The Moon supports you more than any other being. 

Look at all of these layers of love. 

Use your brilliant, questioning mind to bring a fresh perspective to how you love yourself and others. 

What a gorgeous Full Moon!

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 


As always, wishing you joy,