September 2019 - Love Letters



September is moving! 

There’s lots of energy available to get you back into anything you’ve put off these last few months. 

It’s also a great month for love – getting to the root of what love means to you, how you express it and ways you wish to receive it. 

Follow your heart this month as it’s wiser than your mind. 


Excellent days: 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 12, 13, 17, 18, 28

Days to tread softly: 10, 14, 24, 25, 26, 29


-     Use these delicious moving energies to write a love letter to yourself. 

-     Get to work. Launch that new project. Begin something brand new. 

-     Schedule healing for the later part of the month. It’s a great time for letting go. 

Weekly Energies:

Week 1: Great Mental Prowess

The personal planets are moving through the sky in lockstep as the energetic party continues in Virgo.  There’s support on the first day of the month as the earthly energies bond the past with the future. 

Take a walk down memory lane to remember what you liked and disliked about your past relationships. Bring forward what you enjoyed and disregard what you didn’t. You can effect positive change in your love life by parsing down to the good. (Mercury trine Uranus Rx, Venus trine Saturn Rx)

Your mind is in high gear to create a mental power trifecta on the 2nd, 3rdand 4th. Use your mind to solve puzzles, think critically and plan strategically. If you don’t benefit from this overabundance of power, you’ll fall into nervous anxiety. That would be a shame, because this mental prowess is amazing. (Sun conjunct Mars, Mercury conjunct Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury) 

If you’re feel like having fun, that’s available too. Under this energy, seek lots of activity with friends or pursue passionate romance. Get lost in the activity with people you trust. This is not the time to rely on people you don’t know or can’t count on – they may take advantage of your generosity.  (Venus square Jupiter, Venus opposite Neptune Rx)

You’re motivated to get to work and just in time as this energy coincides with getting the kids back to school. With your newfound time, you can catch up on paperwork, pay attention to details and concentrate on planning, scheduling and goal-setting. Yum. (Mercury trine Saturn Rx, Sun trine Saturn Rx, Mercury square Jupiter)

The last day of the first week, your mind clouds, but it’s a great time for love, romance and joy. Dive into love, passion and intimacy. Go with your feelings instead of your thoughts. (Venus trine Pluto Rx, Mercury opposition Neptune Rx) 

Week 2: Successful Energy

You feel lucky on the 8th and 9th having good fortune, success, charisma and influential power. Your strong mental prowess continues with additional ambition, force and efficiency. So, go for it in business on these days! (Sun square Jupiter, Mercury trine Pluto Rx, Mars trine Saturn Rx)

The next day, there’s confusion and discouragement, as well as a big push toward your soul purpose. Get out of your head, ignore other’s promptings and dive into your heart.  Retreat from the world and pursue your creative and spiritual side to gain the awareness and understanding you seek. (Sun opposition Neptune Rx, Jupiter quincunx True Node)  

The surge of good business energy comes back in on the 12th. Start a new project, take a risk and make strides toward your goals. The only caution is to use planning and forethought as there is a tendency for impulsivity. (Mars square Jupiter) 

On the 13th, the day before the Full Moon, your relationships get a boost of heartfelt communication in the forms of appreciation, love notes and gifts. You feel passion, intensity and power. (Mercury conjunction Venus, Sun trine Pluto Rx)

The Full Moon – Meaning of Love

The Full Moon grows to her highest point just after midnight, at 12:35 am EDT, on September 14th. The Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces is about acceptance for who you are and for your position in the world. Pisces is amplified by the Moon’s kiss with Neptune in his own sign and the tension created by Jupiter. Think of a rubber band pulling at the Sun-Moon opposition and with Jupiter, it’s the biggest rubber band in the sky. Everything self-acceptance comes up for review. 

How do you relate to others in service to the world? What are your routines for work, play and good health? Who do you commune with when seeking solitude? How do you invest in yourself to gain skill and competence? When do you practice divinity in daily life? Where do you gather yourself? Pisces is dreamy, creative, imaginative and Virgo is practical, organized and earthy. This opposition always offers an opening of Heaven on Earth and with Jupiter – it’s all about faith. Your belief in hope, light and love. Sounds lofty, right?

It sure is, but with this configuration, lofty is appropriate. 

Also on this day, your mind and heart enter the love sign, centering your thoughts and feelings around romance, commitment and abiding love. Your thoughts and heart also seek beauty, harmony and peace. (Mercury & Venus enter Libra)

This is an excellent day to write yourself a love letter. It’s a great exercise plus it will help you during the last week of the month. 

Week 3: Make Positive Change 

On September 17th, allow the new as your mind seeks fresh ideas, different perspectives and brilliant insights. Your mind is more future-oriented than usual right now. (Mercury quincunx Uranus Rx)

The tide turns as Saturn stations direct on the 18th at 4:47 am EDT. Since April, you’ve been held back by limits and constraints, some in the external world and other’s in your own mind. Either way, today you feel lighter, more optimistic and ready for the next phase. This day portends a major transformation in your life, so now is the time to make important decisions about family and career. 

On the 19th, you can get to work or seek fun and lively entertainment. It’s a good day for either. In work, your goal-oriented energy, ability to compromise and leadership skills initiate a major transformation project. In love, there’s excitement in romance and passion in your love life. Hubba, hubba. Oh, happy day! (Venus quincunx Uranus Rx, Mars trine Pluto Rx)

The third round of the 2019 Jupiter square Neptune trifecta hits exact on September 21st. During the first round in January, intuiting your truth is helped by the supportive energies of the month. Big dreams, unique possibilities and fulfilled destiny reign in January. At the second round in June, each of these come under review as Jupiter is retrograde. Deep introspection, tests of faith and apparent loss of belief make you par down your dreams and possibilities to those aligned directly with who you are at the core. Throughout the summer, you’ve been asked to commit deeply to each of your dreams. 

Now, you have the possibility of realizing those dreams if you believe enough in them and yourself. This round asks you to examine how you trust yourself, take risks and live on the edge. 

Week 4: Reach Back to Stay on Track

On the 22nd, seek an advisor for all communication and negotiation activities as communication is more difficult now than at other times. A good choice is to work alone to get serious results. (Mercury square Saturn)

Happy Vernal Equinox! The Sun enters Libra on the 23rd alleviating the mental activity and dropping the energy into the sea of love. Unfortunately, Mercury is super active this week keeping your mind at center stage. 

Every equinox is about balance and this one is about balancing the mind and the heart. Give your heart a voice. Quiet your mind and listen to your other senses, especially your 6th one!

The next day, relationships are challenged by miscommunication and confusion. Stay steady, take deep breaths and don’t let small things blow up into big triggers. Remember why you got together in the first place.  (Mercury quincunx Neptune Rx)

Or you can focus on your future by making good decisions on next steps.   Visualize your potential path, invoke positive thoughts and make strides. Use your energy for your own pathway and ignore the pesky challenges in relationship. (Mercury sextile Jupiter)

On the 25th and 26th, more stress is added to relationships based on your own fears and feelings of aloneness or abandonment. Unfortunately, you can’t just shrug these off as they may be deep-seeded. Use these energies to dive deeply into the root cause(s). You have the opportunity for healing, but only if you allow yourself to be brave. (Venus square Saturn, Mercury square Pluto Rx)

The New Moon – Relax into Fun

On September 28th at 2:27 pm EDT, the New Moon meets at 5° Libra making you yearn for peace, harmony and compromise.  This is not available, however, as there’s added anxiety, tension and confusion in relationship and in not being able to figure out what you want.  You have a tendency to swing from one option to another under this influence.  (Venus quincunx Neptune Rx)

However, you’ll feel good if you relax into entertainment and fun. There are happy feelings, good luck and generosity in the air, so go with it. Shake off the fuzziness and have a great time! (Venus sextile Jupiter)

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Emerald. 

I love emerald as it’s so light-hearted and fun, yet packed with love, abundance and power. It’s known as the stone of successful love, how cool is that? And it helps bring you prosperity and compassion. 

It’s a heart chakra stone and represents the Goddess Venus. Venus is all about love, relationships, beauty and finance, so this stone aligns perfectly. 

The green in the crystal helps with renewal and growth. It’s also a fortune teller as it reveals the truth of any circumstance. This multi-tasker restores self-esteem, promotes self-love and boosts your healing at all levels. 

Emerald is filled with life and encourages you to enjoy your life to the fullest. It aligns with integrity, so will be a great stone for 2020. Work with it now to get the feel for all of its gifts. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 


Remember, you are loved beyond measure,