September Full Moon - Heart's Kiss


The Energies

There’s a HUGE elastic band pulling at you. It wants you to make major strides in your life. It’s nagging you about all of those things you haven’t done yet. It’s adding confusion and doubt into the mix.


Your mind’s running rampant with thoughts, uncertainties and criticisms. It’s giving you grief at every turn. It’s assessing where it thinks you should be against where you actually are. It’s comparing you to others.

To what purpose? 

The lesson is to let your heart lead and your mind follow, but before you get there, you have to quiet your mind, connect to yourself and open your heart.

Here are recommendations. Pick one or two.

Quiet your mind

-     Unplug from technology 

-     Journal your thoughts

-     Listen to music 

-     Talk to a close friend 

-     Go for a power walk or run 

Connect to yourself 

-     Meditate

-     Breathe  

-     Do yoga  

-     Take a bubble bath

-     Walk in nature 

Open your heart 

-     Give and get hugs  

-     Watch a romantic movie 

-     Write a love letter 

-     Look at old photo albums

-     Volunteer your time 

Improve your ability to listen to your heart and your life will be better next year. Practicing now, while the energies are supportive, will make it so much easier in 2020. 

This is also a fabulous time for healing. 

Ways to get healing: 

-    Talk to a therapist

-    Sit in a sauna

-    Commune with nature

-    Sink deeply into a yoga class that pushes you

-    Get acupuncture, shiatsu or Thai massage 

Once you feel cleared, imagine your big dreams. Reach for lofty heights. Then, breathe, sink in and connect to your desires. 

Listen to your heart’s wisdom.

The Astrology

The Moon pulls at you until 12:35 am EDT on September 14th as she reaches her fullest point. With Virgo (the naggy one) and Pisces (the lofty one), it’s a battle about accepting who you are deep inside versus who you are in the world. 

The Pisces-Virgo duality is always about acceptance – of you, your circumstances and the world. As this happens every year, what’s the big deal now? 

The big deal? It’s a doozy.

Actually, there are two. 

1. Jupiter, the King of the Gods, is squaring the Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus combination in Virgo as well as the Moon-Neptune blend in Pisces. Mercury’s in his own sign, Jupiter’s in his own sign and Neptune is in his own sign. Eye-Kurumba. 

So, a huge fire ball inspiring your life’s quest is battling with your identity-will-mind in opposition to your heart & imaginative dreams. 

Who wins? 

2. Your Saturn-karmic wounding mix is soothed by Mars, representing your drive and ambition, allowing you to pursue actively releasing, healing and clearing. The karmic reckoning is also excited by Pluto’s drive for transformation. The effects of healing are at a premium right now. 

Deep healing methods: 

-    Delve into past lives

-    Go into the Akashic records

-    Follow crystalline and ley lines to the Earth’s chakras

-    Meditate, journal and do ritual

-    Sit with your favorite reader or healer

The gift of this Full Moon is you being pushed beyond your limits. Standing on the edge makes it almost impossible for you to deny your wounds and avoid healing. 

So, dive in.

Ask yourself difficult questions, explore your issues and get relief. 

Your mind may be freaking out, but your heart’s rejoicing. 

This is your heart’s kiss.

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 


As always, wishing you joy,