“OMG!!  I can't wait to talk about these!!,” I hear from my social media maven, Kelly Paull, when I send her visuals for our next meeting.  

This is incredible. I’ve been working diligently on my messaging for almost a year and I’ve never gotten an enthusiastic response - always helpful and supportive, but not enthused. 

I sit back and smile. 

I smile, because, hey, when someone you respect greatly gives you the high sign, it feels amazing. 

I smile with relief knowing I can now start moving forward. 

I smile as I know I’ve finally nailed it. 


This has been a journey - a LONG one - one years in the making. 

Successful business strategist – check. 

Children’s book author – umm…perhaps due to her kids? 

Astrologer - maybe it’s a mid-life crisis. 

Psychic, intuitive, meditation ritualist – she’s gone totally bonkers. 


I can ‘hear’ the responses. 

But. I. Had. To. Do. It. 

I had to pursue my calling. 

It was way bigger than me. 

It pulled at me no matter the circumstance. 

It pushed me with unbelievable pressure.  

Now as I help you achieve your calling, I can speak from my own experience about the journey. 

It’s winding, messy and complicated.

It rends you and rips at the seams of your life. 

It pulverizes you down to your core to demonstrate your worthiness. 


As it’s vastly important to your heart and soul, none of this matters in the least

Your calling is bigger than you. 

Your calling is as unique as you.

It’s beyond rewarding. 

It’s totally energizing.  

It transforms your life. 

With huge relief and energy, I roll up my sleeves and shout this from the rooftops.  

I help you know your full potential, realize your unique gifts and achieve success by living your true calling. 


Come in - let’s talk.

Let’s get you on your way!

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Wishing you passion,